REVIEW – Uncommon Passion by Anne Calhoun

Uncommon Passion Cover


After leaving a restrictive religious community, Rachel Hill is on a mission to divest herself of her virginity. Newly independent and struggling to establish herself, she’s not looking for anything complicated. She bids on sexy SWAT officer Ben Harris at a bachelor auction, confident he’ll give her the night of her life and nothing more.

But Ben is jaded and detached, living his life in an endless cycle of danger-fueled adrenaline jags, drinking, and sex. When he misses the fact that his bachelor auction hookup is a virgin, he’s shocked by his obliviousness, and by the risk she took. To make amends, Ben offers Rachel all he can: a no-strings-attached sexual education.

Ben’s lessons introduce Rachel to down and dirty passion, but she’s searching for something more profound than sex, and she’s willing to walk away to find it. Ben can’t get Rachel out of his head, but will he come to terms with his troubled past and learn to love?

My Review:

Wow! just Wow!,this is my first read by this author and if this is a sample ,then lead me to your books lady!

What a great read this turned out for me.It had everything that I enjoy in my romance reading.There was passion,sex,passion ,and did I say sex yet. What started out as a way to get rid of Rachel’s,the heroine,virginity,turned into every Sunday with hot as all hell Ben. Have I mentioned that I loved Ben, damaged asshat that he was.  This couple’s chemistry simply sizzled with each scene they were in.  Loved when Ben finally accepted and made peace with himself.   This book packed quite the punch and would happily rec to anyone who enjoys a really good romance.  Must say that the pairing of a SWAT police officer and a young woman who was born and raised in a Fundamentalist commune was a new pairing, but Anne Calhoun rocked this story.  5 of 5 stars.

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