REVIEW – Mastering Angela by Tara Rose

Mastering Angela


When Angela Davidson asks Doms Nash Stonecraft and Ian Malloy to train her as a submissive, she gets more than a flogging demo. She’s in danger of losing her heart to the two charismatic, sexy Doms. But what will happen when they discover her secret?

Nash Stonecraft doesn’t fall in love. When you love someone, they die. After losing his parents at a young age and having to manage his family’s business ventures on his own, Nash lives a life of mystery and intrigue, including running a private BDSM club in his home. But he’s lonely and unfulfilled, until he meets Angela.

Ian Malloy has been unlucky in love, and he hopes Angela will change all that. But can he share her with Nash without jealousy ripping him apart?

When a fake ghost hunter searching for buried money on Nash’s property shows up and Angela gets caught in the crossfire, both men might lose her forever.

What Worked For Me:  This trio is dynamite.  Nash is more of a loner, preferring quiet solitude at his home and BDSM club rather than flitting around town.  Ian is social and very personable.  Angela is their perfect partner…she quiet and distance because of being cheated on repeatedly by her ex boyfriend but is very social and a gossip (not a malicious one, mind you).  They complement each other on every level.    Watching Angela learn to trust Nash and Ian after years of unfaithfulness by her ex is satisfying and heartwarming.  The men are smoking hot and sensual, if a little bit masochistic for my tastes.  I love the surprise pregnancy thrown into the mix, as well.  The storyline moved at a comfortable and fast pace.

What Didn’t Work For Me:   Angela was a touch impetuous bordering on bratty and not in a good way.   She often did without thinking and it made her come off as childish at times.  I’m also squeamish about knife play, even if the play doesn’t involve cutting the skin.

Would I Recommend This Book:

Highly recommended.   It is a fun, solid, hot, and entertaining read.

Final Star Rating:

4.5 of 5 Stars

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