REVIEW – Sleeves by Chanse Lowell

Sleeves Cover


Kel isn’t at all the animal locked in a cage that he appears to be. Secrets keep him there, hidden from those who hunt him. But what does a man do when he needs physical contact to survive, but can’t stand the burning pain that comes with another’s touch? He’s found a way to get a small fraction of his needs met at the nightclub, Sleeves. What happens when he lets in an unknown woman with a healing hand? Casey can see past the vulgar mouth to the affection-starved man hiding inside. When she does, all hell breaks loose, and the past finds him. Will he be able to avoid the agency, or will they add Casey to their twisted experiments? She entered the cage with him, and now it seems there’s no way out.

What Worked For Me:

Casey, our heroine, was fantastic.  She was smart, kind, comforting, and strong.  She was a total good girl.  Yes, she had her own dark secrets from her past and has struggled and made herself better but she is the complete opposite of our hero.   Kel, our hero…well, he shows us his tender side (see below), he’s gorgeous and built, and very confident (see below).  He has been tortured and believes his first true-love (he doesn’t call her that) has been killed by him.  Damaged soul doesn’t even begin to cover him.  The sex scenes were the best part of the whole book.  They were erotic and raunchy and absolutely perfect.  Even the tender love-making between Casey and Kel caused my pulse to race (and my panties to dampen).  Kel is also extremely protective of Casey (and his son he thought was dead) and it is beautiful to see such a damaged person care about someone else so much.  Overall, this was a graphic and raw book that had a lot of potential and I will try the next book by this author, just to see if the writing gets better.  I loved the surprise pregnancy thrown in as well (see below).

What Didn’t Work For Me:

Kel is Bad Ass…to the point I almost wanted to choke him out.  Seriously.  CHOKE. HIM. OUT.  And not in a dominatrix way, but in an  I-can’t-believe-you-said-that-you-total-douche-bag-she’s-too-good-for-you kind of way.   He cries way too much (once would be fine but he seems to have constant tear-duct leaks during the course of the book).   The way he talks to the heroine, well, that’s just not cool, no matter how understanding Casey seems to be.  Had a man talked to me that way outside of sex, trust me, he’s gonna be on the ground crying like a little girl.  The plot would’ve been very good had it not been so choppy.  It didn’t quite flow as smoothly as I like and a little more back-story would have been helpful in understanding Kel.  This had almost a futuristic feel to it, which wasn’t bad but it seemed to ride a fine line between futuristic and contemporary that leaves you slightly confused.


The heroine is without ovaries at the beginning of this book but because of an experimental serum injected into her, he ovaries grow back.  She gets pregnant (to her, and my, delight)  This gives you the feeling this book takes place more in the future than the present, especially with the advanced healing properties, and accelerated aging.


Would I Recommend This Book:

Possibly, to the right person who didn’t mind this type of raw and gritty read.

Final Star Rating:

3 of 5 stars 

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