REVIEW – Knots by Chanse Lowell

knots by chanse lowell


Jeanie’s life has been turned upside down. She’s lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she’s avoided, a man that was her husband’s best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her life. Mark isn’t like most men. His dominant nature helps him see a different side of Jeanie: a submissive woman with a deep capacity to love and please a man. But having a relationship with him so soon after her husband’s death causes strife with her in-laws; the only family she knows. Can Mark set her free, or will she walk away, missing out on the chance for an all-encompassing love?

What Worked For Me:

In one word I can sum up what really worked for me….Mark.  He was straight up delicious!!!  He was a friend, confidant, lover, and tutor.  He was the perfect balance of passionate sweetheart and raunchy sex fiend and it worked on so many levels, I can’t even describe them all.  He’s able to pull Jeanie out of her sexual stupor and help her find herself after being in a “vanilla” marriage that ended with the death of her husband, Mark’s best friend.  The love Mark has for Jeanie is timeless and deep and I felt with his every move the depth of his emotion he felt for Jeanie.  The love scenes were smoldering and out-right decadent, and definitely bordered on the kinky side.  The secondary characters in this book come in the form of the Finau family who were a fun-loving and close-knit group who we watched interact with Mark and Jeanie on their journey to happily-ever-after.  They are real and not-perfect, which makes them exactly that.  We meet Jeanie’s parents, which explains so much about why she is the way she is.  We also meet Mark’s mom….who I adored!

What Didn’t Work For Me:

Jeanie did not work for me.  She was annoying and whiney most of the time.  She was so unsure of herself, blaming herself for the death of her husband, who I gathered from the few details, died of a heart attack.  For hard limits….cooking.  She won’t cook because she thinks her unhealthy cooking for her husband killed him, which bordered on ridiculous.  She seemed glutton for punishment and so unsure of everything she did, I was left unsure of whether I merely didn’t like her or hated her outright.  She wasn’t selfish, just very insecure in her life, not just with Mark but everything.  Also…I love erotic romance and I am religious, but I can do without the religious discussions, spiritual role-playing and scripture quotes in the erotic romance books I’m reading.  Personally, it totally made me squicked me out.

Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes…to my BDSM loving friends

Final Star Rating:

4 of 5 stars 

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