NEW RELEASE – Roped For Pleasure by Lacey Thorn

Roped for Pleasure Cover


River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

After a shooting involving her best friends and the detective who tormented them all, Tara is looking for healing. But she can’t forget, can’t heal, when someone is determined to keep reminding her, sending a picture to her phone every day. First, pictures of Detective Raymond Marino then graphic crime scene photos of women’s deaths. Is someone sending Tara a warning?

Kat’s brother and his two best friends have wanted Tara since they first met her. Charlie, Dasan, and Sam are determined to help her heal with as much TLC as she can handle. Three men set on giving her more pleasure than she’s ever known, as long as they rope her in before time runs out.

Tara headed to the den and the wall of movies Charlie kept there. It was dark, but she knew where the lamp was and headed straight to it. She leaned over the chair, groping for the lamp string, and felt hands close around her waist.
She inhaled a gulp of air, preparing to scream. Then his scent hit her. Charlie. Her fingers found the string, and light cast a gentle glow over them just as he tumbled her into his lap.
“Looking for something?”
There was no denying what she saw in his eyes this time. He wanted her. His look seemed to be asking her if she’d come downstairs searching for him. At the moment, she really wished she had.
“Movies,” she managed. It was hard to focus when she was draped across his lap. His upper body was still bare, and she could remember all too well the feel of his hair-spattered chest beneath her cheek.
“Are you sure?”
She nodded her head. Disappointment filled his eyes for a brief moment. He helped her sit up on his lap, making it easy for her to slip free and grab what she wanted. She surprised them both by doing just that, grabbing what she wanted.
She turned around, lifting her leg, so she could straddle his lap and face him. Slowly, giving him plenty of time to react, she lifted her hands to cup his face and leaned in. Holding his gaze with hers, she brushed her lips over his. Once. Twice. Then flicked her tongue out to trace over his bottom lip.
His hands had been clenched tight, resting beside her hips. But with a groan, he lifted them to touch her, pull her close. One closed in her hair, angling her head just as he took over the kiss, slipping his tongue inside and exploring her. It was everything she’d anticipated and more. She imagined his hands wondering over her body. Both of them naked with the smell of lust and sex in the air.
She pulled free, holding his gaze once more. Neither of them said anything for a long moment.
“What would you do if I kissed Dasan like this? Or Sam?”
“Do you want to?”
Honesty. It was always best. She nodded her head. Now seemed like a good time to test Kat’s theory, to see if Charlie was still into sharing with his buddies like Kat said he once was.
His smile was slow and easy. “I don’t mind if you want to kiss them. I don’t mind if you want to have sex with them. I just want to make sure you want me too.”
She lifted her brow. “What are you saying?”
“I think you know exactly what I’m saying,” Charlie answered.
“I want to be clear. Spell it out for me.”
Soft hands touched her shoulders, and she jerked a bit in surprise. Dasan was behind her. He was so quiet. She hadn’t even known he was in the room.
“He’s saying we’re okay with you wanting all of us. We’re not greedy. We like to share.” His lips found the shell of her ear and traced a path that had her shivering. “I’m right here if you’d like to give me a kiss,”he whispered.
She turned her head. He took possession of her mouth and owned it in that moment. He might be the quiet one, but there was nothing being held back while he kissed her.
“We heard about your friend River,” Sam’s voice spoke softly from just outside the circle of light. “Charlie thought maybe you might be ready to think about having something similar for yourself.”
She sucked in air when Dasan freed her from his kiss. She was panting, her breasts heaving as she reminded her lungs to work.
“And what if I’m not ready?” she finally managed to ask.
“Well, then,” Sam said as he sauntered over to stand beside them. His finger traced her lips, still dewy from Dasan’s kiss. “We’ll just do our best to persuade you.” He leaned low and touched his lips softly to hers.“We can be very persuasive,” he promised.
She was counting on it.
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