Getting Personal….Dixie Style!


Featured November Author Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a busy, busy woman.   Yet somehow, someway, we got this creative literary genius (seriously, I’d personally buy her grocery list, written on toilet paper, if she was so inclined to publish it) to sit down and answer some pretty personal questions with as much flair and sass as we’ve come to expect from her books.  So sit back and swallow whatever is in your mouth (naughty, naughty, that’s NOT what I meant but hey, whatever your pleasure) and get to know Dixie….Dixie Style!

1.  Boxers, Briefs, OR Bare?

Dixie:  BARE!!!

2.  Manscaping…leave the hair there because you needed to floss anyways OR clean-it-up, just don’t use my razor?

Dixie:  Clean it up, and I don’t care whose razor you use.

3.  Best End To A Date….get down and dirty OR thank goodness, I’m ready for my sweats and socks.

Dixie:  Get down and dirty, come on and make me sweat.

4.  Out With Your Bestie…..She started it OR you were totally the ringleader?

Dixie:  I was totally the ring leader. I admit it!

5.  OMG….My First Book Was Accepted!!!!  Piss my pants with excitement OR just piss my pants because I aged 10 years waiting for that damn acceptance letter and my bladder ain’t as young as it used to be.

Dixie:  OMG my first book was accepted, why do I feel ready for wild sex?

6.  In 10 years….eating cavier, escargot, and drinking champagne because you are a huge, NYT best-selling, movie-rights selling successful author OR if success means I gotta eat fish egss and snails I’d rather publish my grocery list and see if it sells.

Dixie:  If my success means I have to eat fish eggs and snails then hell yeah, I’d rather publish my grocery list and see if it sells.

7.  Real Life Menage….more meat for me, I will live on Red Bull and take my vitamins OR holy hell I can barely roll out of bed for coffee and you want me to wake up with what going where at the same time while not worrying about morning breath and how bad I gotta pee, and how am I supposed to say I think my laxative is finally working, hold that thought?

Dixie: More meat for me, I will live on Red Bull, Take my vitamins, put aside a couple of hours for the laxatives to kick in, and shows these two what a real woman is made of. Bring it on.

8.  Bad Reviews….wow, I guess I should think about how my work makes other people feel and try to do better next time because every review is a learning experience making me wiser and more mature OR find their house and put a paper bag full of dog crap set on fire by their front door then ring the doorbell and watch them put out the flames with their bare feet.

Dixie:  You can’t please everyone, the bag full of shit sounds like it would get the point across, but instead I would take out any extra frustration with exercise, specifically in bed. That way all negative thoughts are erased due to mind blowing sex,and my last thoughts will be to lay on my belly with my ass in the air for that negative reviewer to kiss it. (Grins the satisfied woman) What else really matters??? (Ummm, NLNB would like to remind her that if she ALSO does the dog crap trick and gets caught by her man, she could probably get a really great spanking for pulling that stunt…so the dog crap could really be a two-for-one deal)

9.  Facebook Generation….freaking genius and awesome and the best way to promote my work OR  seriously, you had to tell me what color your poop was and what you ate to make it look like that?

Dixie:  Freaking genius, awesome and the best way to promote my work and meet loyal reading fans who support hard working authors.

10.  Answering Stupid Questions at the mercy of a ruthless blogger….I love questions and she’s an angel OR damn it woman, do you WANT me to finish my WIP or not since you are like nagging me constantly on Twitter, Facebook, and your Blog for updates and when will it be out and oh, can I have an excerpt, and promo, and an ARC?

Dixie:  I love her questions, she’s half angel, half devil, and if you fuck with her you fuck with me. Don’t mess with this woman. It’s like waking a sleeping lion!  That’s how we roll!  Hugs Doll!!! (*BIG SIGH* She TOTALLY just melted my naughty little heart)

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Tia Rose Richman embraces the new woman she’s become after finally sticking up for herself in front of her coworkers. Giving in to her newfound sexuality and confidence while in Paris, she spends the weekend in the arms of a man she just met. When she returns to his hotel room, by request, she decides to put her new confidence to use, and climbs into bed with him. But the man is not Hudson Ross. It’s his twin brother, and she just allowed him to have his way with her most intimate parts.

She embraces the weekend in the arms of two brothers who make her feel beautiful despite her own negativity. Her last boyfriend complained about her weight and her insecurities. So when she returns to New York, why can’t she get Jagger and Hudson Ross out of her head? Can she survive the threat in the shadows and the persistence of two men who always get what they want?