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Sameera lives a simple and fun life that she has structured with utmost care ensuring that she was focused on work and also keeps in touch with the classical dancer in her. Sameera has endured tough times in her life at a young age and wonders if she could ever hang on to anything that makes her life perfect.

Nick is a successful businessman who went to high school with Sameera, back when they lived in India. He re-enters her life in a very dramatic fashion taking her by surprise and in no time expresses his love for her. He wins her heart with his enigmatic but sweet gestures. He convinces her to move in with him.  Nick gives her the confidence and support that she needs to overcome her doubts.

Sameera starts to feel like Nick is the secret to happiness, she finds out that there is a search underway for her. Nick tells her that an Indian royal family is trying to locate her family. Fully convinced that it was a misunderstanding she ignores Nick’s warnings about the people that were searching for her and travels to India for a family emergency.

A member of the Royal Family that has been searching for her, meets  Sameera as soon as she reaches India. Nick follows her to India a short while later and asks her to marry him to which she agrees whole-heartedly. The story ends on a happy note but with an open question around why Nick’s extended family in India is looking for Sameera’s family.


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Nick reached out swiftly and put his arm around my waist from behind. He pulled me back towards him in such a way that, I ended up sitting on his lap with his arm wrapped around my waist. Surprised by his sudden move, my arm involuntarily slid around his neck, as if to stop myself from falling backwards.

I immediately became aware of his heavy breathing and looked into his eyes with a puzzled expression. His eyes were dark and unreadable. I sat without making a move looking into his eyes and felt the burn on my waist from his grasp. My heart was thumping uncontrollably in my chest. My heavy breathing was the only sound I could hear as my heartbeat deafened me.

Almost in slow motion, Nick reached out and touched my cheek with his fingertips before running his fingers through my silky dark hair. He gently ran his thumb on my quivering lower lip, as his palm caressed my jawbone. He leaned forward and gently brushed his lips on mine looking into my eyes. I tightened my hold around his neck and pulled him closer. He trailed his lips lower and brought his lips to my neck. He planted light kisses along the width of my neck while moving slowly. He set fire to my collarbone with his stubble while he drew a cooling track with his tongue along the way. My body arched towards him and my head fell backwards giving him room to move his lips along the length of my neck. I reached out to run my fingers through his hair in response to the thrust from his tongue on my neck. He took in a deep breath against my neck and as he reached my ear lobe, he whispered in a very hoarse voice, “I wanted to do this at your front door”.

“Nikhil”!! I said my voice barely audible.

Reacting to the enticement in my voice, he gasped and buried his face deeper into my neck hugging me tightly.

As our breathing stabilized, I gently pushed myself away from him to look at his face. I rubbed his stubble with my thumb and smiled at him. He looked at me with his dark eyes filled with lust, as he slowly reached up and brushed my lips with his in a slow and sensual movement. My hold on his hair tightened as he planted very light kisses on my lips. The flurry of kisses set my heart throbbing harder against my rib cage.

“Nick….” I said against his lips and my voice trailed off as I heard familiar voices approaching the front door.

Nick and I both jumped at the realization of Nate and Srini at the front door. I stood up to get out of his embrace to get the door.  Nick held my hand in his and said in a hoarse voice “I want to know what you were going to say, Sameera”.


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P.G. Van lives in San Francisco and she published her first novel, Destiny Decides.. in October 2015 and cannot stop writing. She loves to spend time with family and is a strong believer of retail therapy (mostly shops for boots and purses!!). She enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance.

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