Review – The Fighter by Harper Bentley

What Worked For Me:

Harper Bentley is a new author for me but I’m happy to say that The Fighter will not be the last book of hers I will read.  While slow to grab my attention, once it did, I very much enjoyed this book.  Our heroine, Laney, is a fun and outgoing woman who finds herself attracted to the new man in the building, the delectable and broody Heath.  She first catches a glimpse of him in the gym of their building but after a run in with him in the elevator she decides he is not the guy for her, no matter how much her body wants him.  This works for him since he is pretty sure she is involved in the shenanigans of her family that have brought his brother low.  He’s determined to bring her family down but that does not stop him from wanting her…and wanting her badly.  No matter how these two fight it, sparks keep flying and eventually one thing leads to another…yeah, you know how it goes.  While predictable, this plot played out quite charmingly and beautifully.  These two have some seriously powerful feelings for one another and the eroticism behind closed doors was so hot I’m surprised the apartment building didn’t burn down with these two in it!  This author has an amazing gift for writing some super sex scenes and I loved it.  Watching these two build a relationship was fun, especially since we get to see it play out among an apartment singles scene (think parties, hotties, elevators, gym visits). There are a few angsty moments thrown into the plot and a pretty fun roommate of the heroine I wouldn’t mind seeing have her own story told in the future.  The plot moved along at a steady pace and was easy to follow and not bogged down with incessant details that can take away from a story.  Overall, this book was a fun and delightful way to spend an afternoon and I very much look forward to the next book in this series! 

What Didn’t Work For Me:

The book started out slow and didn’t really hook me until about 25% in.

Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes…especially to my friends who love stories featuring underground MMA fighting.

Final Star Rating:


Tour Titles 3

When I find out the hard-bodied, tattooed god from the gym lives down the hall from me you’d think I’d be thrilled, right?

Um, how about not.

Heath Noble, construction project manager, MMA fighter and resident hottie, seemed charming at first. But after introducing myself, it was all goodbye Mr. Nice Guy, hello Sir Jerkface.

I don’t know what his problem is but guys who look like him are usually jackholes anyway, so I’m out.

Except he won’t let me be out.

Now I’m sure he’s hitting on me and I’m as confused as ever.

But I know people and I’m not fooled.

I’ve got to find out what his game is before the line between my suspicion and my attraction to him becomes blurred and I do something stupid like fall for him.

Because I’ve done stupid before and I’ve only ended up getting hurt.


The minute I find out who Laney Kyle is I want her to pay for what the Kyles have put my family through.

I’m only here to get my brother out from under the Kyle’s hold by fighting in an underground ring run by her family. And if I can take all the Kyles down while I’m at it, well, so much the better.

But I have to be smooth. And believe me, I’m all about being smooth.

Or so I thought.

She’s got me so tangled up I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore.

And by the time I realize she’s an innocent bystander, I know I’ve lost her.

Now I’m going to get her back.

But she’s not giving me the chance.
Two people plus one apartment building equals one big messy situation.

And love, as usual, will just make everything messier.

Welcome to the High Rise where tenants get a new lease on love…

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USA Today Best Selling author Harper Bentley writes about hot alpha males who love hard. She’s taught high school English for 23 years, and although she’s managed to maintain her sanity regardless of her career choice, jumping into the world of publishing her own books goes to show that she might be closer to the ledge than was previously thought.After traveling the nation in her younger years as a military brat, having lived in Alaska, Washington State and California, she now resides in Oklahoma with her teenage daughter, two dogs and one cat, happily writing stories that she hopes her readers will enjoy.


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