Review – Remember When by RC Boldt

Remember When, Book 3 of the Teach Me Series by RC Boldt

Date of Publication: May 10, 2016

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What Worked For Me:

I have never read RC Boldt before but after reading Remember When, I will definitely check out more books by her.  Remember When is book 3 in the Teach Me series and while it can be read as a stand alone, I think more enjoyment would be had out of it if I had read the previous 2 books in the series.  Don’t let that fool you, however.  This was a very sweet and romantic book that absolutely tore at my heart over and over again.  Tate has never fully healed from her perceived “abandonment” by Miller, her high school boyfriend and the love of her life.  He joined the Navy and Tate never hears from him again.  Ten years later, their lives are now entwined closely as their friends are all “family” and there is no escaping one another.  Miller, for his part, feels like he was the injured party.  To him, Tate left him for greener pastures when he joined the Navy and never looked back.  But things are not what they seem and with the help of their friends (who I absolutely ADORE) Tate and Miller find that there may be a second chance for them after all this time.  It is very, very clear from the beginning of the book that, despite the bickering and hostility, they both have some pretty strong feelings for each other.  Some of the things they say to each other have me cringing but you can see through all this and realize these two are fighting a losing battle.  They have some pretty great chemistry and while this book has some awesome bedroom scenes, this story is about more than that.  It’s about forgiveness and moving on and finding it in yourself to reach for whatever happiness you can, while you still have the chance to do it.  Tate and Miller shine together.  I’m a sucker for long-lost love reconciliation stories and this book is perfect if you are in the mood for that type of romance.  And when the truth of all that happened in their past comes to light….I lost it.  I was so heartbroken for both of them, but most especially Tate, who lost so much in the blink of an eye.  It made reading their journey to healing and forgiveness even more meaningful, no matter how bumpy it got at times.  There are plenty of laughs to be had….some that had me in stitches quite honestly!  Really, this group of friends is hilarious!  I feel like I’m watching a sitcom….one that I very much want to be a part of!!!!  I can’t wait to read the next story in this series.


What Didn’t Work For Me:

Since I didn’t read books 1 or 2, I got kind of confused when stories of the other friends in this group romances were brought up. There were remarks made that I know had to involve those other books so I was left scratching my head, feeling like I missed the “inside” joke.  It was also obvious at the beginning that these two had scenes with each other in the previous book (or books) and I feel like I missed out on that.  I think those early interactions would have made this book even more meaningful to me.  At times I felt like I was tossed into the deep end of the pool and I don’t know how to swim very well.


Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes, to my romance loving readers who love sweet romances with lots of laughter and good friends.  Also, HIGHLY recommend this book to my reader friends who love first love reconciliation romance stories.  This one will knock your socks off!!!!


Final Star Rating:


The third installment of RC Boldt’s Teach Me series returns with two people who once had it all…

Over a decade ago, fourth grade teacher Tate Donnelly was attending college with the love of her life by her side. She had been certain, even then, that it was the forever kind of love. But she was proven wrong when he left her all alone to pick up the pieces of her life—and heart—when her entire world imploded.

Former Navy SEAL Miller Vaughn once had the love of a girl he thought would be his, and be by his side forever. Unfortunately, that only lasted until after he joined the Navy. Then she vanished, never to be heard from again. Throwing himself into his training, he vowed to become the best, toughest SEAL he could be, and never let a girl get the best of him again.

Years later, a man who resembles a boy she once knew reappears in her life. A boy she had loved with her whole being. A boy who had eviscerated her heart.

Though much time has passed, Tate and Miller still feel that same “pull” they did years ago. When truths about the past are revealed, will they both be able to move on from their painful past … or are they destined for heartbreak again?

Can they remember when their love was the most important thing in their world?

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There was no mistaking the glaring ‘Return to Sender’ stamps on the letters I held in my hand. Staring down at the letters I’d just retrieved from my mailbox in the commons area on campus, I couldn’t ignore the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Miller and I had begun dating during our senior year of high school and it had been nothing short of spectacular. When the popular quarterback of our school’s undefeated football team had slid into the vacant seat beside me in AP Biology, asking if I’d be his partner, I had been surprised, as the two of us normally gravitated in completely different circles. No, he wasn’t a dumb jock; I had noticed him in some of my other AP classes, but still. I had been the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook staff. Not exactly scintillating by high school standards.

We had grown closer, become friends, as we dissected animals and I’d discovered that we worked well as lab partners. Far better than I’d ever expected. We began studying for our tests and, little by little, I warmed up to him. When he’d asked me to go to the Homecoming Dance with him, I had been decidedly cautious.

“I don’t know …” I had hesitated. “Don’t you think you’d be better off taking Kalli? Or Stephanie?” I offered up names of the two extremely popular cheerleaders at our school. These were girls who showed absolutely no hesitation in fawning all over the tall, handsome Miller Vaughn with his sparkling blue eyes and dark hair. He was extremely muscular, even for a high school senior, and with his six foot three frame, he appeared intimidating to many.

Miller had given me a patient smile. “Tate, if I wanted to ask someone else to Homecoming, I would have. But I didn’t. I asked you.”

Looking up into his eyes, I had thrown caution to the wind. “Okay. But if it turns out to be like a scene from the movie Carrie, I’m going to be really pissed.”

His head was thrown back in laughter before gazing down at me with a tender smile. “Tate, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”

And he hadn’t. We had gone to the dance and he’d been a perfect gentleman, opening doors for me, holding my hand, his shoulders thrown back with pride as he walked into the gym with me on his arm. I’d had more fun than I had ever expected. And when it came time for him to bring me home, his soft lips pressed against mine in the sweetest kiss.

From that point on, we’d been inseparable. And by the time graduation came around, he had told me he loved me and wanted to be with me, for us to go to the same college. When we had both been accepted to UMU, it had seemed like it was meant to be—like we were meant to be.

Until the end of our freshman year.

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RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the coast of North Carolina but dreams of relocating to a tropical island. When she’s not writing, she can be found daydreaming of relocating to a tropical island, at the beach, going running with her family (and contemplating *gently* tossing her daughter out of the jogging stroller to reduce weight resistance), singing karaoke, harassing her husband or relaxing with a good book. And, let’s be honest. Most of those activities listed probably include wine or a good microbrew. Except for the running. In that case, the drinks come afterward. 🙂

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Release Blitz – Damaged by Jessica Blake


Christmastime in cozy Crystal Brook, North Carolina is for tree trimming and family dinners, not for falling in love. Besides, Gwen Lawrence doesn’t believe in love. Not since her heart was broken a year ago back in New York. She’s yet to recover and finds that love only taunts and teases but never fully delivers. So she keeps herself busy in a whirlwind of lattes and paperbacks via her new business – a hometown bookstore coffee shop – and avoids all chances of love… until Jason Adler arrives in town.

Jason, a billionaire real estate mogul, once did believe in love – until his wife divorced him out of the blue. No longer believing in a happily ever after, he is content to use women for one night stands and weekend flings. Until he meets his match in the headstrong, deceptively aloof Gwen, who isn’t impressed with what’s in his pocket or his pants. An unusual set of circumstances find them spending Christmas week under the same roof – Gwen’s parent’s house – and the holiday sparks start flying.

In the midst of a family holiday, can a Christmas miracle occur? Or will Santa only deliver heartbreak once again?


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Jessica Blake is the author of the hot alpha billionaire romance series, The Billionaire Prisoner, along with her friend Alice Ward.

Since she was a young college girl reading and writing romance was what she loved the most and she enjoys entertaining her fans through her books.

Living in Miami, she likes to sit by the pool with her laptop and write her next hot romance.

However, when she is not reading or writing romance, she also enjoys being with her beautiful family.