Dreamcast and Giveaway – Reckless In Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

We were so honored to have Kari Lynn stop by and share with us who she pictured her hero and heroine of Reckless In Texas.  Thank you so much for sharing Kari Lynn!  

To celebrate the release of Reckless in Texas, we are giving away a copy!  For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and tell us who your favorite cowboy or cowgirl are and we will select one winner from the comments.  Good luck!

Meet the Characters


I know writers who can’t begin a book until they’ve found a picture of the actor or model who is their character. Some create entire collages of people, places and things to help them visualize their story.

My usual process is the exact opposite. I begin with a situation. Sometimes a single scene that springs into my mind in vivid detail. Reckless in Texas began with an offhand comment made by a rodeo clown—the guy whose job it is to entertain the crowd with jokes and such during dead spaces in the action.

I was working as an athletic trainer with the sports medicine team at the Pendleton Roundup and after the bull riding, Flint said, “I have got to be sure I turn my mic off when I get close to the bullfighters or this won’t be a family show anymore.”

My imagination latched onto that idea: what if you did give a cocky, profane bullfighter a microphone in the arena? And what if he used it to tease…hmm…how about a female pickup rider, who is all too aware that she is an oddity in the business and prefers not to have her womanly attributes pointed out while she’s working?

It wasn’t until long after the book was complete that I was watching NCIS: LA (I live with two males. I get to watch all the NCIS shows, Castle, cartoons and every re-run of Open Range and Lonesome Dove.) And suddenly, there he was.

Joe is Deeks (actor Eric Christian Olson http://www.ncislamagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/misc/eco_300.jpg ), complete with the shaggy hair, lean, graceful build and the ability to go from irreverent humor to sarcasm to intense focus in a heartbeat. Like a cop and every bull rider and bullfighter in rodeo, Joe knows the danger to life and limb is extremely real every time he shows up for work.

Hey, that and knowing he’s saving lives is what makes it such a rush.

But as you’ve probably noticed, he looks nothing like the guy on the cover of Reckless in Texas, which is a little awkward now that I’m pointing it out. There’s a perfectly logical explanation, though. If we’d dressed the model like Joe, readers wouldn’t have been able to tell this book is a western. Joe favors threadbare jeans and raggy t-shirts with the sleeves whacked off, and sometimes ties on a bandana headband-style to keep his hair out of his face. He doesn’t care if anything matches. As Violet observes, He looked like a color blind surf bum.

In the arena, a bullfighter has to dress for speed and agility, so forget jeans and boots. Joe wears football cleats, soccer-style shorts and a jersey plastered with sponsor logos. At his first rodeo in Texas, one spectator informs him, “You don’t look much like a cowboy.”

And she’s right. But he does look very fine.

Violet was inspired by the daughter of stock contractor, a friend of my husband’s, who worked as a pickup rider at her daddy’s rodeos for a while. They share the same coloring. But somewhere along the line, Violet grew up and became Lucy Lawless—aka Xena, Warrior Princess Check her out here. She is tall, strong, and physically fearless, handy attributes for a woman who hauls cowboys off the backs—and occasionally from under the hooves—of bucking horses. There’s even a line in the book where a friend teasingly calls her “Xena, Warrior Cowgirl”.

Now, imagine tossing Deeks and Xena together in a rodeo arena and watching the sparks and dust fly. That’s why this book is called Reckless in Texas.

 Still not enough?  Well then don’t forget to run out and grab you copy of Reckless In Texas, releasing on August 2nd.  Or, if you would like the chance to win your very own copy, comment on this post and tell us who is your favorite cowboy or cowgirl and we will select one winner from the comments.  Good luck!



Title: Reckless in Texas

Series: Texas Rodeo, #1

Author: Kari Lynn Dell

Pubdate: August 2nd 2016

ISBN: 9781492631941

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Violet Jacobs is fearless. At least, that’s what the cowboys she snatches from under the hooves of bucking horses think. Outside the ring, she’s got plenty of worries rattling her bones: her young son, her mess of a love life, and lately, her family’s struggling rodeo. When she takes business into her own hands and hires on a hotshot bullfighter, she expects to start a ruckus. She never expected Joe Cassidy. Rough and tumble, cocky and charming, Joe’s everything a superstar should be—and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he’s way out of Violet’s league.

Joe came to Texas to escape a life spiraling out of control. He never planned on sticking around, and he certainly never expected to call this dry and dusty backwater home. But Violet is everything he never knew he was missing, and the deeper he’s pulled into her beautiful mess of a family, the more he realizes this fierce rodeo girl may be offering him the one thing he never could find on his own.

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Kari Lynn Dell is a ranch-raised Montana cowgirl who attended her first rodeo at two weeks old and has existed in a state of horse-induced poverty ever since. She lives on the Blackfeet Reservation in her parents’ bunkhouse along with her husband, her son, and Max the Cowdog, with a tipi on her lawn, Glacier National Park on her doorstep and Canada within spitting distance. Her debut novel, The Long Ride Home, was published in 2015. She also writes a ranch and rodeo humor column for several regional newspapers and a national agricultural publication.


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