Review – Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe

What Worked For Me:
Let me be totally honest…Wes is my favorite Billionaire Bad Boy!  I’ve been patiently waiting for his book since book 1 and the wait did NOT disappoint.  Wes is captivating and cool and he was he completely charmed the panties off me (ok, not really, but my metaphorical panties did melt).  I loved him before I really got to know him but seeing how he was with Winnie…and then Lexi.  WOW!  This man is everything and more and Winnie is his perfect puzzle piece.  He becomes more than just a successful business man with Winnie.  He becomes a better man, a happier man, a more complete man.  But even better, right before my eyes, he became a father.  Winnie is stunning in her skills as doctor, mother, and then lover.  She is also a terrific friend to everyone but she humanizes someone who was seen as cold and aloof and that makes her one of the best characters I’ve ever read.  Winnie is a courageous and strong mother to her daughter Lexi and I love how protective and nurturing she is with her daughter, both sheltering her and giving her wings to fly.  Her relationship with her brothers is quite entertaining but the bond she has with her mom is heartfelt and poignant.  Overall, these two characters stand on their own two feet but they become an unstoppable force when they are together.  Their chemistry is explosive!  It singes the edges of your reading device and never cools off.  Most of all, this book has a strong emotional element, more so than the previous books.  Max Monroe wrote of a relationship between Wes and Lexi that is completely separate of that between Max and Winnie.   Honestly, Scoring the Billionaire is a twofer.  You see hero and heroine fall in love and you also see hero and heroine’s daughter create their own special relationship that is beautiful and full of magic.  We are also treated to glimpses into the lives of the characters from books 1 and 2, much to my entertainment.  Overall this book was well written, moved a steady pace, and kept me engaged from beginning to end.  This is one book I will happily read over and over again.
Would I Recommend This Book:  YES!  Especially if you like romances with combustible chemistry and deep emotional pull.  Don’t forget, this book will make you laugh too!
Final Star Rating: 5 stars….(10 if I’m being completely serious)


Two love-matches made.
One to go.

Even though two of his best friends have settled down, Wes Lancaster is determined not to get sucked into some siren’s web. As owner of the professional football team the New York Mavericks and wildly successful BAD restaurant, his lifestyle is full as it is.

Well, it was, until Winnie Winslow, the new, sexy, stiletto-wearing Team Physician trash-talks him in the locker room without batting an eye.

Now he can’t stop himself from wanting her.

The only girl in her parents’ brood of five, she’s as outspoken as she is beautiful and the kind of woman who holds her own—and then some.

Always competitive at heart, if he’s going all in for love…
Wes sure as hell wants a Win-Win.

Prepare to get a little dirty because this one might go into overtime.
Game. On.

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