Review – Submission Is Not Enough by Lexi Blake


Let me start by saying if you want to know what this book is about, please scroll down and read the blurb, because this review will not even remotely tell you about the book.  Wanna know what I thought and how it made me feel?   I’m your girl!  This book made me feel like a survivor of a shipwreck who is rescued after years of solitude.  I felt EVERYTHING!  Love, hate, happiness, fear, resignation, rage, calm, out of control, turned-on (yeah, even stranded, I’m sure we would still feel that), and finally greatfulness.  At this beginning, I was so frustrated, not just at Theo, but all the characters around him.  Theo has been through a life-changing and traumatic event that his reaction is completely normal, even if I didn’t like it.  Everyone coddling him? Yep, understood and still didn’t like it.  Erin and her lack of fire and sass…understood and I still didn’t like it.  I put this book down in out of sheer aggravation only to pick it up two seconds later because I HAD to know what happened next.  I was convinced I wouldn’t NOT like this book.  Then came the changing of the tides and the way Theo, and alternately everyone around him, decided on a different course of action.  At first, I was disgusted.  How can this be happening?  How can they suggest THAT?  Finally, once it was laid out I accepted that this may work.  WOW….mind blown.  I love the chemistry that Theo and Erin have, even while trying to find their way back to what they had, recognizing that there are just some things you can’t come back from.  It’s crazy hot and wicked sexy.  Theo, who always came off as more beta male than alpha, completely becomes the dominant man he is and I cheered!  I was in love, once again with this book and these characters.  Then the suspense and the evil creature known as Hope (probably one of the most evil and vile characters I’ve ever read in my life) makes her presense known and I’m literally hanging off the edge of my bed for the rest of the book.  The plot is a delicate and detailed web that all of our characters begin to naviagate….trying to heal Theo, trying to support Erin, trying to protect Theo’s son, trying to find Dr. McDonald, trying to figure out who is playing for the bad guys or the good guys.  There is so much going on you would think this book would confuse you but it doesn’t.  This book entertains you from the first word until the very last and lets you feel everything  you can imagine you would feel (as I said, shipwreck survior).  There were parts that made me flat-out uncomfortable, I won’t lie, but I wouldn’t trade a second of this literary experience.  The best part?  I’ve always known Lexi Blake was an amazing writer.  But Submission Is Not Enough is more than a book….it is a masterpiece, one that will stand the test of time and leave you feeling breathless and complete every time you remember the experience of reading it.  They say all things get better with time and experience, but truthfully, if it Ms. Blake gets any better than this, I’m not sure my heart or body could withstand it!

*Reviewers Note:  This book is best read in order of the series.  While some would argue that you could possibly read it without reading previous books in the series, I would not suggest or recommend it as this storyline played out over several books in the series.  Besides, why wouldn’t you want to start at the beginning of such an amazing journey?*

Would I Recommend This Book: Yes, yep, absolutely.  Pick up the whole series, start at the beginning and hold on.  You will LOVE this book if you like suspense, hot erotic romance, healing, and second chances.

Final Star Rating: 5 doesn’t do it justice.  I rarely ever award more than 5. 5 is completely unfair to rate this book.  It deserves 10.



SubmissionIsNotEnoughNewA fallen hero reborn

Theo Taggart lost everything the night he died. His family, his beautiful Erin, and worst of all, he lost himself. A twisted doctor brought him back from the brink of death, but reprogrammed his identity to serve her will. Rescued by his brothers, he must fight to reclaim the man he was and the life, and love, that were stolen from him.

A love worth fighting for

Erin Argent thought she’d lost Theo forever. When he walked back into her life, it was nothing short of a miracle. Months of torture and conditioning at the hands of Dr. Hope McDonald have done damage to Theo that may never be mended. He has no memory of her or the life they shared. Breaking through to him, and helping him rediscover all he lost, will be the toughest mission she’s ever faced. Luckily for Theo, Erin loves a good fight.

Their reunion under siege

Unfortunately, Hope is far from done with Theo Taggart. Obsessed with her prize experiment, she will do anything to get him back. If the only way to finally break him of his past life is to kill Erin and his son, then she’s only too happy to oblige…



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Theo took the stairs as quickly as he could. He knew where he was going, but he wasn’t going to think about it. For the first time since he’d gotten home, he didn’t care about his past or figuring out who he’d been. He wanted. He wanted something right now and that felt good.
She’d been right. There wasn’t a place for guilt here.
He strode up the stairs, her weight comforting in his arms. Yeah, he wasn’t going to think about that either. He was going to enjoy it, not wonder why his body remembered her when his mind would not.
“Hey, is everything okay?”
Damn it. Case was standing at the top of the stairs, obviously having come out of the privacy rooms. His wife was at his side, her face flushed. Mia had sex hair. Good for them. Red was about to have sex hair, too. Lots of filthy sex hair. “Everything’s great. Night.”
Case put a hand on his shoulder. “Whoa. I thought you were going to take this slow, brother.”
“If you don’t get your hand off him right this second, Taggart, I am going to ensure that you never have children,” Red said, her eyes narrowing on his brother. “You won’t be able to cock block anyone because you won’t have a damn cock. Am I clear?”
Case’s hands came up immediately as though he knew that tone and was not going there. “Trying to help.”
“Three is clean and has plenty of condoms. We’re taking a monitor turn up here. I checked all the rooms.” Mia grinned at him. She actually was helpful. “Have fun and we’ll see you at home.”
He didn’t bother to look back. Case could give him a lecture later. He wasn’t waiting anymore. He’d waited forever. Even when he couldn’t remember her face, he’d known she was there. He’d felt her, or rather he’d felt her absence.
Could he truly be with a woman whose name he couldn’t think without hurting her?
It didn’t matter. He wasn’t making those decisions tonight. He was enjoying her. His sub. He was bringing her pleasure and he probably should do a good job of it because his sub was fucking mean.
And fragile. He’d seen the moment she’d thought he was rejecting her. He’d watch her skin flush and her body start to turn in on itself. She was such a mix of strength and need. It was intoxicating. He wanted so badly to be the man who gave her what she needed.
Affection. Pleasure. Comfort.
Love—he wasn’t thinking that word tonight. Nope. Pleasure was way better.
He kicked out lightly at the partially open door number three. It looked like Mia had done her job. The room was perfectly clean, the lighting soft and romantic. The best thing about this room though was the complete lack of any of his friends or family being here.
It was him and her, and that was exactly what he wanted. No Ian. No Li. No Kai asking them hundreds of questions. Him and her and the night.
He tossed her on the bed and stood back, looking down at her. “Tell me why you thought I was rejecting you.”
The instant she hit the bed, she was up on her knees. So graceful. So deadly. What the hell was this woman like out in the field? She moved like a predator, but the look on her face was pure sarcasm. “Uhm, your words. That’s what sealed it for me. ‘I don’t want to do this’ is generally considered a rejection.”
Somehow she managed to put an unsaid “dumbass” on the end of her sentences. Not all of them. She’d been perfectly sweet most of the night, but she could turn it on when she wanted to. “I didn’t mean that. When I said the words, I watched you change. Why? You’re good at slapping people down. I wouldn’t have said that until today.”
“Because I’ve been careful around you,” she admitted.
“Why? You think I’m delicate?”
Her lips curled up. “I don’t think you’re delicate. I think I’m a lot to take, but I also am starting to believe I was wrong. You like me rough.”
“I like you a lot.” More than he could ever tell her.








NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


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