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Cynthia Eden is the queen of romantic suspense and Taken is her crowning jewel.  I have to admit, the entire LOST Series has grabbed my attention and hooked me even further on an already addicting author, but Taken just puts Ms. Eden into a stratosphere all of her own.  Wrought with gripping suspense and explosive passion between our hero and heroine, I’m hard pressed to find any book that has kept me on my toes as completely as Taken has.  Our hero, Asher, is traumatized after a horrible event that took place during his teenage years.  He has come to LOST to help save the helpless and to give himself some control in a world he sees as out of control.  I loved Asher.  He is brave and strong and his views towards women are so heartwarming and beautiful.  Wanting to save them and protect them, he is even more sure of his new mission in life when he sees Bailey for the first time.  Having been the only survivor of a vicious serial killer, Bailey has sought the help of the LOST team, desperate for someone to believe her when she tells about the events of her own kidnapping and torture.  Bailey was absolutely perfect!  Stronger than I would ever imagine myself to be, braver than I know I could ever wish for, and absolutely perfect for Asher.  These two have some pretty instantaneous chemistry but the way Asher handles her, like a woman and not a broken doll, make him pretty much the most perfect man…ever!  The way Bailey views Asher, not as someone to be pitied for the past he has survived but as a protector who treats her as his  equal, well, it just makes Bailey even more magnificent in her survival…that she can see the good and helps Asher to heal too!  Both of them feel broken but it’s through each other that they learn the true meaning of love and healing.  As usual, Ms. Eden’s sex scenes are deliciously erotic without being over-the-top and taking away the focus of the book.  This couple falling in love made my heart flutter….again and again and again.  And the faith that Asher has in Bailey….it was so moving.  We have seriously twisted bad “guys”(yep, more than one and “guys” is a relative term), but the main one was someone I didn’t even consider.  The author wrote this book in a fashion to which I’ve come to expect from her…you never know who the bad guy is, you can never guess what is going to happen, and you are completely blown away when you finally get all the answers.  The plot was fast moving and overflowing with twists and turns where you least expect them. I was hooked from the very beginning.  We get a small glimpse of past characters, which is something I love in a good book.  I didn’t want this story to end and at the same time I was dying to know what happened next!  Ms. Eden’s penchant for weaving a beautifully written love story amidst tons of action and suspense is storytelling at it’s finest and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

This book is perfect for readers who love Romantic Suspense with characters who are survivors that find their happily-ever-after where they least expect it. Taken is absolutely NOT for the faint of heart, has a high body count, and is chock full of gripping tension!  I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends.  Seriously, if you read, put this book (and this entire series) at the very top of your list!

5 stars….A Top 10 Book of 2016!

*sidenote….this author included a sneak peak at the next book in this series.  GASP! SIGH!!  SHRIEK!  Is it completely rude to show up at her doorstep and offer to be her cook/housekeeper/childcare provider just so she can write faster and give me chapter by chapter updates?  I’m, of course, umm, yeah, I’m asking for a friend*

The hunt for a serial killer just got very personal . . . 
LOST Series #5
Cynthia Eden
Releasing Nov 29th, 2016
Avon Books


In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s latest novel, the Last Option Search Team (LOST) returns—and for one agent, the hunt for a serial killer just got very personal . .
HE SWORE TO PROTECT HER . . .Bailey Jones somehow survived her harrowing abduction by the infamous Death Angel. But while her physical scars have healed, she can’t stop wondering about a woman she helped to escape, who simply disappeared. When LOST agent Asher Young is assigned to her case, Bailey instantly feels an attraction to the intense ex-SEAL who seems to be carrying dark secrets of his own.


Asher can’t afford to let his growing feelings for Bailey distract him from his job. Only she can soothe his horrific nightmares, but the last thing he wants is for the demons from his past to ever hurt her. Bailey has gotten past his guard, and the emotions he feels for her—they’re as dark and dangerous as the past he doesn’t want to face.


When corpses begin surfacing—all marked with the same tattoo depicting the Death Angel’s calling card—Asher must race to stop a twisted killer who wants nothing more than to claim his next prize: Bailey . . . 


“Bailey Jones . . .” Asher said her name softly, as if tasting it on his tongue. “There are a few things you should know about me before we begin.”

            There are things you should know about me, too. But I’m not going to tell you . . . or you won’t help me.

“First, you don’t have to fear me. Part of my job at LOST—well, let’s just say Gabe hired me on because he wanted a bit more muscle. Protection is my role. I’ll keep you safe and track down any clues about that missing woman. On my watch, nothing will happen to you.”

She nodded even though—

            I don’t believe you. There is no safety. I learned that.

“And second . . . you don’t have to bullshit me.”

Now she blinked in surprise.

He laughed, a deep, rough rumble of sound that Bailey found she liked to hear.

“You think I can’t tell when you’re wearing a mask? You’ve got yourself locked down tight, under careful control, don’t you? But you don’t have to do that with me. I’m not one of the North Carolina deputies. I’m not going to judge you. And I’m not some lame-ass reporter who wants to splash your story all over the world.”

            I wear a mask all the time now because something is wrong inside of me. It has been, ever since that fire. That hole. That hell.

“So let’s put a no-bullshit rule in effect,” he murmured.

Her hands curled around the steering wheel. “Liking rules, is that more of a military thing again?”

“Wanting to break rules . . . that’s why I left the SEALs.”

He’d been a SEAL? She turned to look up at him. “Is there a rule number three?”

“We’ll get to that rule later . . .”

She started the vehicle. “I’ll follow you to your place.”

“Do you have any rules for me?”

            Don’t hurt me. Don’t judge me. Don’t pity me. Bailey cleared her throat. “I’m sure we can get to those rules later, too.”

He slammed her door shut. Through the window, Bailey watched as he strode away—not to another car, but to a shiny, big monster of a motorcycle. He climbed on, revved the engine moments later, and that rumbling growl filled the parking garage.

Asher slid the helmet over his head—a black helmet with a dark visor that completely obscured his face. Her heart beat faster as she stared at him.


That had been her first thought when she’d seen him in the conference room.

But he was on her side. Not a threat to her. He’d help her.

At least, that was what she hoped. Because if something didn’t change soon, Bailey was afraid that the deputies would be right about her. Her shrink would be right.

            I may go crazy.


Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance
and romantic suspense. She is a New York TimesUSA TodayDigital Book World, and IndieReader bestseller. Cynthia is also a two-time finalist for the RITA® Award (she was a finalist both in the romantic suspense category and in the paranormal romance category). 
Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written more than thirty

novels and novellas. She lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast.



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