Review – Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille

There isn’t much I don’t like about Ms. Castille’s writing, and  Barely Undercover (Legal Heat Series, Bk. 2.) was no exception. Our hero, James is scorching hot and I really liked him.  He walked away from our heroine, Lana, a few years ago to take an undercover assignment and it has badly hurt Lana, more than the poor girl was already damaged.  There were some moments of sheer insanity when I wanted to punch James straight in the junk (men are so damn clueless) and my heart broke for Lana, who was a strong and amazingly resilient character.  These two have had some pretty traumatic events take place in their pasts and it has made them gun-shy about a commitment to each other but they can’t deny that they burn for one another whenever they are close.  You can expect some pretty explosive sex, so hot that my fingers singed holding my reading device.  Their chemistry is combustible but the feelings they have for one another are beautiful and moving.  I had a few laugh out loud moments and a few other moments that brought me to tears.  There is a seriously twisted bad guy and a plot twist that shocked the socks right off my body.  I have to admit, I cringed at some of the violence in this book, so if graphic violence isn’t your thing, this book may not work for you.  I think it added to the plot more than it took away from it and further grabbed your attention and sucked you into the story deeper. You can expect to be intrigued by some of the secondary characters, as well.  There were a few that I am dying to read their stories, particularly Ryder, a member of the MC club James belongs to.  Overall this was a great book, full of twists and turns, lots of suspense, a pretty original plot, and a beautiful happily-ever-after.  This is a series you don’t want to miss and Barely Undercover is a solid 4 star read!

Barely Undercover (Legal Heat Book 2)

Date of Publication:

December 3, 2016

With passion at full throttle, there’s no turning back...

Legal Heat Series
When private investigator Lana Parker follows a dangerous biker into an underground sex club, James Hunter is the last man she expects to see. But there he is, all dark looks and chiseled charms, ready to break her heart all over again.

Danger is the name of the game for an undercover cop. And the last thing James wants is for the fiery beauty to come anywhere near the notorious biker gang he’s trying to take down. Yet Lana has no intention of giving up her case, which means he’ll have to keep her close to keep her safe. A risky proposition–especially when their blazing sexual chemistry reignites an unforgettable passion.

But when a dark terror emerges from the past, Lana goes on the run…and James gives up everything to save her. Backed into a corner, Lana must face her fears, including the one thing that frightens her most…her overwhelming feelings for the man whose searing glance sparks her most hidden desires, the man she should not trust, but cannot resist.

Warning: The book contains violence, heavy swearing, motorcycle sexytimes, bad-ass biker naughtytimes, and an exceptionally hot hero who will get down and dirty anywhere but under the covers.

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Blog Tour – In Your Arms by Shannyn Schroeder

For Your Love #2
Shannyn Schroeder
Releasing Dec 27th, 2016
Zebra Shout


Sean O’Malley has never tried to hide who he is. He shows it in the motorcycle thrumming between the legs of his tight jeans…the shaggy hair that falls in his gorgeous eyes…the wicked gleam in his smile when he asks Emma out for a drink. Sean is a rebel, a bad boy, and a ton of fun: exactly the kind of guy she’s sworn off forever.
Emma isn’t just the prim kindergarten teacher she appears to be. And somehow Sean can tell. As soon as he pulls up to her overheated car he knows that a fast bike and a cold beer
will fix her rotten day better than compliments or a bubble bath. Her straitlaced exterior and her wild heart light him up. But Emma wants to escape her past and settle down—and if her desk jockey dates don’t understand where she comes from, at least she doesn’t worry about them bringing her back.


One weekend of intense connection can’t change the paths Sean and Emma have chosen. But with a little space to be themselves together, maybe the rest of the world can wait…


He took the quickest shower possible and ran his hands through his hair. Back in his bedroom, Emma sat in the same spot on his bed, scrolling through her phone.

“Telling all your Facebook friends about the great guy you met?”

She looked up and around the room. “Who would that be?”

He grabbed his chest. “You wound me.” He keeled over on the mattress.

She poked him with her foot. “Seriously, as great as you are—and compared to some guys I’ve known, you’re ranked near the top—but I don’t do Facebook.”

Sean let her words sink in. She hadn’t talked much about herself last night; neither of them had. Hearing how he compared to her past boyfriends or hookups, or whatever, helped. “Near the top, huh? I’ll have to see what I can do about that.”

She smiled.

“You’re really not on Facebook? I’ve never met a girl who wasn’t.” Hell, most girls couldn’t wait to log on and change their status. They went straight from meeting to “in a relationship” within a night.

She shrugged. “I used to be. Then a couple of years ago, my college adviser pointed out that principals and eventually parents would be looking up my social media.”


“My mom has a habit of posting some inappropriate stuff. Stuff I wouldn’t want my boss to see. Or the parents of my kids.”

“If you’re not on Facebook, what are you doing? Sending out messages for a rescue?” He sincerely hoped not. He didn’t think he’d done anything to warrant a rescue call.

“I was on Pinterest.”


She turned her phone to face him. “It’s a virtual bulletin board. I collect recipes of stuff I want to try. Sometimes books.”

He took the phone and scrolled. “Yeah, shirtless dudes are really recipes. Aren’t you worried about your boss seeing that?”

She reached for her phone, but he pulled it away.

Emma slumped back, not engaging in his game. “I guess you didn’t notice the words ‘secret board’ above that one. No one can see that board or what I have pinned to it except me.”

He handed her the phone. When she took it, he whipped off his shirt.

“Want a picture for your secret board?” He flexed and posed, and Emma doubled over laughing. “What are you saying? That even though I’m better than the losers you know, I can’t compete with your eye candy?”

She laughed harder, and Sean felt like he’d accomplished something. If he got nothing else done for the day, this would be enough. He’d seen her smile, which was pretty great, and she’d snarked at him jokingly, but her laugh was fantastic.

With a hand on her chest, she inhaled deeply. Then she raised her phone. “Hold still.” And she snapped a picture of him.

“Wait. I can do better than a sneak shot.” He crawled closer, straddling her outstretched legs as he did. He lifted an eyebrow. “How about a smolder?”

Another peal of laughter had him joining in and almost falling on top of her. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard with a girl, especially in bed. It was a good feeling. Sean rolled next to her and they caught their breath, sides touching, and even though they were both fully clothed, something sparked between them. God, he loved it when the chemistry was hot.

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is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary
romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the Hot
& Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends finding love. Her new series (For Your
Love) will release this summer with the first title Under Your Skin. When she’s
not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to
bake cookies.


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