Giveaway – Shameless Book Convention Goodies!

20171105_042259So, for the second year in a row, a few of us ladies here at Nice Ladies, Naughty  Books ventured to the Shameless Book Convention in Orlando.  This event is only a few hours from our homes so we treat it as a girls weekend….full of lots of fun with friends, tons of authors, and so many books it boggles the mind.

We had a great time meeting some of our favorite authors.  We had and even better time meeting some brand new authors as well.

And….I brought back goodies for all of you that I’m giving away!


So, want to see my favorite picture from the convention.  It’s this one…..


Trust me when I tell you, that’s a complete coincidence.  Vashti would never knowingly put her hand there.  It just sorta….slid down the poster.  I think there was some type of slick oil applied to the cardboard.  Strange….but yes, I still giggle each time I look at this picture.


This year was a big deal for me as I got to finally meet the one and only Chelle Bliss!  She is such an amazing author and I’m so privileged to call her my friend.  Meeting her was my big “wish list” item this weekend.  See….I got to check that one off my box!  She is absolutely the sweetest soul…EVER!!! Robyn even waited in line to get an autograph and meet all the awesomeness that Ms. Bliss (Mr. Bliss is pretty fantastic too).


Next up, I had to catch up with my girl, Mari.  If you have followed my blog you know that Ms. Carr was my first and only fangirl moment in all the years of going to conventions.  Every time I see her, I get goosebumps.  And that she remembers my face each time I see her…yep. She is awesome!  This year she was accompanied by her lovely daughter, who is just as beautiful as her momma.  It is always wonderful to catch up with her.

The girls and I spent a long and exhilarating day meeting all of our favorites.  Some things we learned this year:

  1. My cell phone should be attached to my body with some type of permanent device.  Thank goodness by girls were with me because…I’d still be looking for it.
  2. The VIP pass was totally worth it.  I shall never go to another convention without purchasing that little gem.  It made a huge difference!
  3. I love the other ladies….but we need GPS tracking devices or pretty leashes.  We kept losing each other.  There are some pictures of all of us together but yeah..again, we need GPS tracking.
  4. It’s possible to laugh for 48 consecutive hours.  Seriously, we had such an amazing time.
  5. Vashti is the biggest flirt I know…I want to be her when I grow up.  You don’t even know she’s doing it.  TV not working right….Vashti gets us free breakfast (I’m still convinced this man came to our room 5 different times to fix our problem just because Vashti was sitting so pretty and looking so innocent…or it could’ve been her underwear sitting on the bed we didn’t notice until after the fact).  Want more cookies….Vashti is your go-to girl.  She can bat those eyelashes and you can get anything.
  6. Robyn is crazy.  Girl likes to drive.  Everywhere.  With a smile.  In Orlando.  Doesn’t she deserve a medal?
  7. Diana is the most patient person I know.  I probably killed her in our bed.  Really…I’m sure I beat her to death with my constant pillow flinging.  And my tossing and turning.
  8. Authors are generous and amazing.  Truly.  So many contributed to the giveaway….and so many were lovely to talk to.

Here are some more pictures.


There you have it!!  We had such a great time. I highly recommend this convention if you are a lover of all thing books.  It is run flawlessly and a wonderful time is had by all.  I brought back so many goodies!  Paperback books, lots of promo and paraphernalia, and there is even a Kindle Fire included in this giveaway!  All of this comes in a tote signed by majority of the authors in attendance.  You can enter here:

Shameless Book Convention Giveaway

Hope to see you all next year!


Christina, Robyn, Vashti, and Diana



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