We Can’t Wait To Return To You!

You know how it goes…..sometimes life happens and unfortunately we are all put in this position at one time or another, where we have to deal with life and remove ourselves from our glamorous book worlds which give us so much peace and happiness.  Thankfully, this is only temporary!

While we love bringing you promotions, reviews, covers, and all the goodness we receive from authors,  time had to be spent concentrating on  our day jobs, health, our loved ones, friends and family, or just good old fashioned self-care.

We look forward to bringing you a whole new site design and brand new content so please bare with us while we plot, plan, and prepare a whole new blog for you to use and enjoy!  You can look forward to not only the latest and greatest author news but anecdotes from our lives, our trips, recipes (hey, we even have some authors who want to share some of their favorites too) and anything else that tickles our fancy.   We will also be re-visiting lots of old favorites that authors have been given their rights back to and we look forward to sharing those newly revived books with a whole new generation of readers.  In addition, we will be bringing you more pictures and commentary from book signings and author sightings and more one-one-one interviews from not only the newest voices in writing, but some of our tried and true comfort authors who never disappoint and still surprise us no matter how many new books they have written.  It’s going to be a whole lotta fun!

We look forward to returning to the author, reader, and blogger community we very much cherish and adore on September 1st.

Until then, keep on reading and enjoy your summer!

Much love from all of us at Nice Ladies, Naughty Books

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