There Are Changes Coming….Stay Tuned!




I’m blessed and happy so many of you have stayed with me and have been waiting patiently for me to update the blog.  After much contemplation, I have decided to take the blog in a different direction.  What does this mean?  Well….here is a sneak peek of what is in store beginning in January 2019.

1. I have engaged a professional to help me revamp and redesign the blog.  It will be completely overhauled and will even be given a new name.

2. I will still be reading, reviewing, and promoting books but this will no longer just be a book blog.  It is going to become a lifestyle blog.  So, you will still get your book fix but I will be blogging about a little bit of everything.  Beauty products,  household items,  family and friends, recipes and travel. This are just the beginning of some the things I will be sharing.

3. Any new products I try or recipes I create will not only include a review but I will include links and even do giveaways relating to those posts.

4.  Nothing will be off-limits but EVERYTHING will be written tastefully and respectfully but most of all, truthful from my point of view.

5.  Did I mention giveaways and freebies?  Yes?  Well, lets state that again because trust me, it’s worth repeating.  There will be massive amounts of giveaways,  freebies, and contests galore!  Books, skincare, make-up, accessories, and even electronics are some of the giveaways you can look forward to.

6. Guest bloggers will be joining me to tell you about their favorites things, products they recommend, products they don’t recommend, places they’ve traveled they think you should visit, or just simply stopping by and sharing words of encouragement and empowerment.

During this transition, I want to hear from you!  Please tell me what things you would like me to talk about, products you want me to try and review, trips I should take, foods I should try, books I should read.  Anything and everything, all topics are welcome.  Please email me your suggestions to so I can add them to my blog bucket list.  Vendors and distributors….if you have a product you want me to try and promote and talk about, your input is welcome and appreciated to!

This is just a small taste of what’s to come.  I have so much planned and I’m so excited to be taking on this new endeavor.  I hope you will continue to stay with me and join me on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest and inspire you to be the best YOU!

See you in January!  I can’t wait to unveil all the goodness coming your way!

Best Wishes and I’ll see you soon!