New Release – Crossroads 6: Love Undercover by Dixie Lynn Dwyer




Sacha Smith is out for justice. They killed her partner and half of the undercover team. The rest are being held hostage and are about to be executed but she escapes with a microchip that can help take down the terrorists’ entire operation. She’s running for her life and needs to find someone she can trust to help her get these things to the United States, but she’s injured and stuck in a foreign country with no backup. She can’t trust anyone, not even her commander or her government because this mission was strictly off the books, unknown to anyone but her team and two other men. So she contacts the only man she knows she can trust, her brother Franco. She has a feeling she knows who he’ll call but she doesn’t have time to think about past emotions and a love triangle gone badly. She needs to survive, and saving the Unites States of America from another terrorist attack has just become priority number one.

When someone she thinks she can trust tells her that the three men who saved her are really working for the bad guys, it becomes a game of love undercover. She never expects to lose her heart or to love so deeply, but will she have to lose her life to save them?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Summer Series Showcase Week 5 – The American Soldier Collection by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

This Week’s Summer Series Showcase features Dixie Lynn Dwyer and her American Soldier Collection. We have all sorts of plans for this series all week long so just remember to comment daily on each new post to be entered into a drawing to win the entire series in e-book.

Book 1 – Escape From Obsession


Gia Marie Giselli’s boyfriend wanted to share her with his business partner, and she refused. She leaves New York the moment she gets a chance and heads to Houston, Texas. With the help of her cousin Teddy, a detective there, she finds a new home and tries to put her past behind her.

In Texas she meets Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister. Her world and impression of ménage relationships are turned upside down. They want her, and as they try to convince her that this relationship is serious, some jerk from work attempts to assault her, making all her fears of men resurface.

When they finally get through that incident, Gia’s past reemerges. Can the McCallisters keep her safe and convince her that true love and compassion don’t come in the form of fists, control, and fear?

Book 2 – Mastering the Art of Love 


Mariana “Sparks” Sparketta is alone in the world. She’s struggling to put herself through college. Working as a courier delivering mail and packages to corporate businesses in Houston, she becomes hungry for a better life and to fulfill her dream of one day operating an art gallery.

She takes a job as an escort for a legit businesswoman. The men she assists are intriguing. How cool is it to get paid for talking about art, a subject she loves so deeply? She meets Jax and Jameson Spaulding, two very wealthy retired soldiers who have invented things and also provide protection for important clients. She never expects that taking this escort job could cost her not only her heart but her life.

Book 3 – Amazing Grace


Two years have passed since Grace Thompson left her home and her family in Houston. One of her three brothers, Peter, convinces her to return home for her cousin Jamie’s wedding. Reluctantly she gives in. Things seems wonderful and everyone is happy to see her. A few days after her arrival, news spreads that a serial killer is on the loose and government officials believe it is the same individual who killed Clara, Grace’s sister, years ago. Grace is thrust into the arms of a special investigator, an ex-marine who is hired out by law enforcement and the government to solve difficult crimes and hunt down the killer.

Sandman Sandstone and his two brothers, Big Jay and Duke, are ex-military and involved in law enforcement and investigation in some way. When they help keep Grace in protective custody, she manages to snag their hearts, which they thought were cold and dead. As they work on exploring a ménage relationship with her, she becomes the high target of the killer that even Sandman and his team can not capture. Will the killer get to Grace, or perhaps force her to come to him as he begins to go after her loved ones, luring her into his trap?

Book 4 – Their Blue-Collar Girl


Lori Ann Shay, her sister Maggie, and nephew Ben have been on the run. They finally reunite with their parents and learn to live their lives without fear. But moving on is not so easy for Lori and her inability to forget she helped kill a man. When she meets Charlie, Dante, and Trevor Henley, sparks fly between them. But she’s scared and inexperienced, and these three brothers are intimidating, untrusting, and carrying around their own insecurities and fears. They must learn to trust one another if this relationship is going to work.

They’re jealous, protective, and possessive, and caught in the middle of a business deal that’s about to place Lori in the ultimate danger. Someone wants them to stop construction on their land. When they abduct Lori and Ben in a plan to kill them, can Lori help save Ben again and ultimately save herself? Will her soldiers get to her in time, or will tragedy strike again?

Book 5 – The Greatest Fight of All


Amelia Jennings fights for a new life. All alone, after losing her brothers and father to the consequences of war, she evades an abusive relationship. She fears military men, dominant men, and especially men who like to fight for a living, just like her ex-boyfriend.

As she tries to adapt to her new life, she attempts to avoid her best friend’s brothers, who turn her on in a way she definitely isn’t used to. Mènage relationships are common, but these particular men scare her and remind her of the past she is trying to forget.

The Haas brothers, Murphy, Waylon, Brody, Ricky are tough, set in their ways, and now interested in their sister’s friend. Amelia is the only woman to get under their skin. She fights them tooth and nail, evades their every attempt at seduction, and makes them want things and feel things they never thought they would. They want her in their bed, and they’re claiming ownership. Standing in the way of happiness is her past, and one man who vows to get her back.

Book 6 – Their Masquerade


Mariah Langcaster lost her brother, a Marine and undercover officer, to murder. His troop, four close friends, vow to protect her like a sister. Mariah doesn’t see L.T. Montgomery, Deacon Rayas, Quentin Hayes, and Axel Monroe as brothers. She wants them. But their continued denials send her further away, and into a danger none of them expected. She’s made her own vow. To identify her brother’s killer, an arms dealer, engaged in treason.

The last thing L.T., Axel, Deacon, and Quentin expect to find at the masquerade is Mariah. She’s gained the interest of some shady characters, and with masks in place, they could finally have the woman they want without the guilt they feel for loving her. The masks maintain their secrets, and it will take some serious investigative skills to figure out the good guys from the bad. One determined woman with enough inner strength and conviction to end a murder rampage and four determined Marines to prove their love once and for all. Anything can happen at the masquerade.

Book 7 – Their Sin City Showgirl


J.J. Jacobs is one sexy, undercover cop. A Vegas showgirl, she escaped death only to be hunted by the killer and his cohorts. Calder Murphy, Conway Lewis, Brook Lewis, and Lincoln Jones are retired Special Forces and set on keeping her alive, especially since others have failed her. She’s combative, untrusting, negative, and on the edge of a breakdown. She’s not convinced that they can be trusted, despite their military backgrounds, all those muscles, and take no prisoners attitudes.

Some sparring on the mat, combative personalities, sexual tension, and it’s the perfect combination for heated passion. But with her life on the line, and a need to capture a high profile killer, could their own fears and unwillingness to trust send her right into the pathway of the killer?

Book 8 – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


Ellie Morison has survived assault and the loss of her only family member, her uncle. Trusting men is complicated, and she avoids them by absorbing herself in her work. When she meets four brothers, things change. As one of their exes tries to stir some trouble, Ellie finds herself defending them, and the soldier, Hunter, an amputee with a look of anger and distrust in his eyes she can relate to and connect with.

Ellie finds herself starting to like the four men, Justice, Hunter, Mace, and Seno Lawson, who make her feel special and protected. As Justice investigates a series of murders, and suspects her latest client, a wealthy man who wants to bed Ellie, trouble emerges, and so does Ellie’s past, threatening to destroy any hope of a happy ending.

They are all survivors, but it seems their last fight may do them all in as a serial killer’s determination is relentless, and these five lovers are still holding onto their pasts instead of the promise of what could be in their future, together.

And Coming July 4th….

Book 9 – Password To Her Heart


Shawna James is struggling through life. Her only family, her brother Keith, comes to visit her when he gets involved in a mission gone awry. Shawna gets thrust into danger like she’s never experienced before. Even the fear she sustained most of her childhood with abusive parents doesn’t compare to being abducted by terrorists, held hostage in a Mexican make-shift prison, or having to kill in order to survive. Everything her brother has taught her comes into play, except falling in love with the five members of his team, including their gunnery sergeant. These men are older, risked their lives to save hers and Keith’s, and now she questions whether they want her out of loyalty to Keith, or if they in fact truly care. They need to prove it to her quickly, because the terrorists they helped her and Keith escape from want revenge, and they’ll take it by abducting Shawna once and for all.

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New Release – Sage’s Story by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


Sage Jones is an adrenaline junky. The rush keeps her heart hollow and allows her that slight sensation of feeling an emotion. She’s blocked off everyone, yet pretends to be just one of the girls. Until four sexy, hot men penetrate her heart, make her feel things that scare her, arouse her, and show her that not all men cause pain. She’s one tough woman, well trained by her family members, and it comes in handy one night when someone tries to abduct her.

Virgo, Dale, Quaid, and Matt London break down her defenses and show her that by their side is right where she belongs. But they’re not the only ones interested in Sage, and it’s too late when they realize the one they are hunting was amongst them, and someone they trusted in the town of Pearl.

Can the men get to her in time, or will Sage end up losing the battle once and for all?


“Where are you going?” Bryant asked with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“None of your business, thank you very much,” she said and then began to turn on her cowgirl boots when a strong arm wrapped around her from behind. The person lifted her backward. She twisted out, threw a right hook, and then shoved upward with her knee nearly making contact with her attacker. “Shit, Sage, you’re going to make contact with me one of these days and then I’m going to get mad,” Dalton reprimanded and he looked a little shocked at her quickness. With her hands on her hips she looked him over. “Well then, you should stop trying to sneak up on me before you get hurt.”

The hollers and oohs and ahhs went through the small crowd around them before Dalton pulled her into a hug.

“I just want to make sure you can handle yourself.”

“She looked like she handled things just fine.”

She turned around and was pleasantly shocked to see Matt London. His brother Quaid was already conversing with Kenny.

“Hey, so glad you and your cousins made it,” Dalton said, as Sage looked around for Virgo and Dale. Sure enough they were there, right by the big tree, and both watching her.

The men shook hands as Wyatt came over.

“Food is almost ready. We got tables set up all over the place.”

The men started to walk away, but she and Dalton stood there when Matt moved closer.

“You’re still training with Dalton and Hank at the dojo?” Matt asked.

“Can’t you tell? I want her to be prepared when she takes one of those fancy jobs in the city. A beautiful woman like Sage needs to be able to defend herself.”

If I decide to take a job in the city. Remember, I haven’t made up my mind as of yet.”

Dalton smiled. “No pressure here, Sage. I know for sure that there are at least five women who are hoping that you’ll stay close to Pearl.”

She chuckled and looked away as she spoke, her gaze landing on Quaid as he approached. “A woman’s got to have her options.”

Dalton waved as Marco called him over.

“Excuse me a minute.” He walked toward the others. Sage was stuck standing there with Matt and Quaid who immediately blocked her view of anyone but the two of them. These men were so big and tall, her head was nearly to her shoulders as she looked up. Matt was standing awfully close.

“You look beautiful as always, Sage,” Matt told her.

“Thank you, Matt. You look good, too. But I’m sure you already know that.”

He stepped closer, and placed his hand on her hip. She automatically placed her hand over his wrist, ready to remove it if necessary. She was always on guard and she didn’t like people touching her, especially men.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Matt asked as Quaid gave her body the once-over with his gorgeous blue eyes. Both men were to die for and those damn dimples were so appealing.

She went to speak but it came out as a gasp. Matt smirked, and it hit a nerve inside of her.

“Well, what did you mean, Sage?” he asked again, and she felt his thumb rub gently against her skin on her hip bone beneath her camisole.

She held her ground as she took a breath and stared up into his handsome face. “You know you look good, Matt. You always look on the prowl, yet you leave empty-handed.”

He squeezed her a little tighter, pulling her up against his rock-solid chest. She pressed her hands against his stone-hard chest and gasped.

“I’m not empty-handed now, Sage. Maybe I’ve just been searching for the right woman.”

They heard a roar of laughter and she squeezed from his hold and straightened out her blouse. She looked from Matt to Quaid, and damn, did he look just as hungry as Matt did. She needed to set them straight. She just couldn’t play any games.

“Listen, save it for the bimbos. I don’t play games.”

She started to walk away but Quaid stepped into her path. He reached for her shoulder and placed his huge hand on it. She instantly felt protected but also fearful. He was so big, his reputation mysterious and unnerving, and she wasn’t stupid. Both men worked for the government besides for the sheriff’s department. They made capable seem too weak of a word.

“Slow down. You have got a hell of a temper on you. Don’t you get rid of most of the hostility on the mats at the dojo?” he asked, and gave her a wink. She took a deep breath and stared at Matt, who now had one hand on his hip revealing his designer watch, and very defined forearms.

“I keep some on reserve for times like this.”

He slowly shook his head. Then Quaid moved his hand to her shoulder and neck. She tightened up.

“Quaid, don’t. Please let me go.” She stuttered her words. Although she knew in her gut that he wouldn’t hurt her, she just couldn’t let a man touch her. She was too fearful, even after all these years.

His other hand moved to her waist to stop her.

“I would never hurt you, Sage. We would never hurt you,” he added as Matt reiterated Quaid’s statement by moving closer and nodding his head.

“I believe you. But I like my space.” She stepped out of his hold. She reached up and rubbed her hand over the spot on her shoulder where Quaid had held her. She could practically still feel his warmth.


Matt stepped forward and reached out to her. He couldn’t resist. The need inside of him was overwhelming. The moment his palms pressed against her skin, he closed his eyes and tried to breathe through the desire. He couldn’t push her, rush her, or act like a caveman. But that was how he felt. He was possessive, and couldn’t even stand to think about her leaving right now.

He absorbed the sight of her perfect skin, the way her back arched and her thighs looked wide open. He needed to taste her and touch her. He hoped it was enough until she was ready to let them love her. She moaned as she continued to kiss Virgo.

“Your body is perfect, Sage. Absolutely fucking perfect,” Matt told her as he lowered down and spread her ass and pussy with his thumbs.

She moaned and pressed back against his hands. He licked underneath her. Her thighs tightened, and he felt them shaking under his palms.

“Oh God, Matt,” she blurted out after pulling from Virgo’s mouth.

Matt took that moment to press a finger up into her cunt from behind while she straddled Virgo.

“Oh.” She moaned and rocked her hips. He placed his palm on her left ass cheek, while he added a second digit and thrust both fingers into her pussy.

“Oh God, more, Matt. More.”

“Fuck, baby, you look hot. I love her breasts. Look at them sway,” Dale stated as he knelt on the bed watching her.

Virgo reached up and pinched her nipple.

“Virgo, oh.” She leaned forward to kiss him.

Matt continued to thrust his fingers into her pussy.

Quaid moved to the other side and caressed her hair from her face. “You’re gorgeous.” She was panting.

“I want you so badly, baby. You got my cock so fucking hard,” Matt told her as he leaned over her while he thrust his fingers, and as he kissed and licked her shoulder.

“I want you, too. Do it. I’m ready, Matt.”

They all stopped. Matt pulled his fingers from her pussy and she moaned.

“What did you say to me?” he asked her, and she turned to look over her shoulder at him as she held on to Virgo.

“I want you all to make love to me. I want to be with you. I want to feel that connection and show you that I want only the four of you.”

Matt leaned forward and kissed her. When he pulled away, he saw Virgo caressing her breasts and she held on to him.

“Like this. Take me like this, so I can hold on to Virgo. I want you all touching me. I need all of you touching me, and guiding me through this. Please,” she told them.

“Are you on the pill, baby?” Matt asked her.

“Yes,” she whispered and swallowed hard.

He leaned back, undid his jeans in a flash, and threw off his T-shirt.

“You’re going to be ours. No regrets,” he said.

“No regrets. Please, make love to me, Matt. Please.”

Matt aligned his cock with her pussy from behind and then slowly moved his palms up and down her back. She thrust back against the tip of his cock, and he slowly pushed between her pussy lips. She tightened up, and he clenched his teeth trying to not push in too quickly.

“Easy, baby. Let him in. Relax your muscles,” Virgo said and then pulled her down to kiss him. As her torso lowered, his cock pushed deeper. He rocked back and then pushed further inside of her.

“So tight and wet. Damn, baby, I’ve wanted you for far too long.”

“Oh.” She moaned, pulling her mouth from Virgo’s as Matt pushed the rest of the way inside of her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and slowly pulled out and then thrust back into her. She moaned and panted as he tried so hard to not hurt her and make this perfect. He cupped her breast and licked against her neck and ear.

“You’ve made me so very happy, Sage. We’re going to take such good care of you. You’re mine now.” He pulled out and then thrust back into her again.

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New Review – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Dixie Lynn Dwyer



Ellie Morison has survived assault and the loss of her only family member, her uncle. Trusting men is complicated, and she avoids them by absorbing herself in her work. When she meets four brothers, things change. As one of their exes tries to stir some trouble, Ellie finds herself defending them, and the soldier, Hunter, an amputee with a look of anger and distrust in his eyes she can relate to and connect with.

Ellie finds herself starting to like the four men, Justice, Hunter, Mace, and Seno Lawson, who make her feel special and protected. As Justice investigates a series of murders, and suspects her latest client, a wealthy man who wants to bed Ellie, trouble emerges, and so does Ellie’s past, threatening to destroy any hope of a happy ending.

They are all survivors, but it seems their last fight may do them all in as a serial killer’s determination is relentless, and these five lovers are still holding onto their pasts instead of the promise of what could be in their future, together.

What Worked For Me:

I love Ellie! She is a strong and brave heroine and is perfectly matched with Justin, Hunter, Mace, and Seno Lawson. They are aware of Ellie’s past and abuse and trauma and want to show her that not all men are like that. They become determined to break through the barriers Ellie has placed around her heart and be the men she needs.   I enjoyed reading about Hunter finding acceptance from Ellie for his disability and that she accepted him as he is. That was beautiful.   The love scenes were a mixture of fire and passion and soul deep, sweet loving. The chemistry of these 5 people is amazing and breathtaking to see. I absolutely loved this book. And the ending!!!! I did not see that coming. Huge shocker! The plot was easy to follow and fun and kept me entertained from the first page to the last word. Outstanding! 

What Didn’t Work For Me:

My comfort level tops out at about 3 men, 1 woman. There are 4 men in this story. While beautifully written, it did make feel slightly overwhelmed when they were all together making love. Still, this author knows how to make it work!

Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes to my ménage loving fans who love a little suspense and intrigue in their stories.

Final Star Rating:

5 of 5 stars

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New Release – American Soldier Collection: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Dixie Lynn Dwyer



Ellie Morison has survived assault and the loss of her only family member, her uncle. Trusting men is complicated, and she avoids them by absorbing herself in her work. When she meets four brothers, things change. As one of their exes tries to stir some trouble, Ellie finds herself defending them, and the soldier, Hunter, an amputee with a look of anger and distrust in his eyes she can relate to and connect with.

Ellie finds herself starting to like the four men, Justice, Hunter, Mace, and Seno Lawson, who make her feel special and protected. As Justice investigates a series of murders, and suspects her latest client, a wealthy man who wants to bed Ellie, trouble emerges, and so does Ellie’s past, threatening to destroy any hope of a happy ending.

They are all survivors, but it seems their last fight may do them all in as a serial killer’s determination is relentless, and these five lovers are still holding onto their pasts instead of the promise of what could be in their future, together.


Ellie didn’t know why she felt guilty and nervous or why she told the valet four times to get someone else’s car so she could wait for Justice. A series of thoughts went through her head. Were Luke and Renaldo involved in some sort of illegal activity? Was Justice angry with her for being there with them? But none of it seemed to affect her more than thoughts of whether or not Justice found her attractive or was jealous seeing her with two other men. Not that anything was going on, but by his and Vin’s expression, it sure did seem to look that way.

She couldn’t wait any longer without seeming like a woman with a crush on the sexy detective. Even his gun and badge on his waist aroused her. How silly. The fact that Justice was even involved in law enforcement should make her weary and stay clear. Paul was a correctional officer. He carried a gun. Hell, he used it to assault her that night. She felt the tears sting her eyes, and she swallowed hard as she got into her car.


She heard Justice’s voice as she closed the door. She pressed the automatic button to roll down the window. He leaned on the doorframe and looked into her eyes and then over the cleavage of her dress.


“Can you follow us out of here? It’s important.

She nodded and he stared at her a moment as if he wanted to say something and then didn’t. He walked away and she pulled out onto the main road and drove slowly until Vin passed her. She followed them about a mile or so toward another shopping center and into the back parking lot.

It was warm out. About eighty degrees as she exited the car.

Vin and Luke walked over. Vin smiled and then looked at Justice who seemed pissed off.

“How do you know Luke Phillips and Renaldo Sentinel?”


“What kind of business?” he asked, looking her over. His expression seemed guarded, yet his eyes showed his upset.

“You seem agitated at me. I don’t understand why. Did I do something wrong?”

“You tell me. We’re investigating the murder of a young woman. Phillips was one of the last people to be seen with her. He said she was a high-priced prostitute trying to land a wealthy man.”

Once again she shot from the hip, and was immediately offended.

“And what? You think I’m a high-class hooker who just finished servicing Phillips and Renaldo?” She raised her voice on the last syllable and Vin jumped in.

“No. Of course not. That’s not what my partner is insinuating, honey.” Vin placed his hand on Ellie’s shoulder and she stared up into Vin’s eyes.

“Well, what is your partner insinuating then?” She looked toward Justice, who ran his hand through his wavy blond hair. His blue eyes looked fierce.

“What kind of business are you doing with them?” Vin asked.

She explained about her company, about the designing, and about the new project as she reached into her car and pulled out her iPad. She showed Vin the pictures.

“You have to work with those men for how long?” Justice asked, sounding pissed off.

“I don’t know. However long it takes. Why? Do you think they’re involved with this murder? You think they killed this woman?” she asked, suddenly feeling very scared and nervous. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked from Vin to Justice.

Justice stepped forward and placed his hand on her left hip. He stared down into her eyes. “I’m sorry that I got angry with you. I’m just concerned. We don’t know how involved these two men are in this. It’s not your concern. As of right now, they’re not suspects, we were just questioning them as a lead in the case.”

He reached toward her face and cupped her cheek as Vin walked back toward his car. She looked toward him but Justice used his thumb to caress her chin, and she looked back up toward him, uncrossing her arms.

“When I saw you in there with them, it pissed me off. My brothers and I were kind of hoping to get to know you better.”

“Justice, I told you that I don’t date.”

“Why is that?”

She looked down and he used his thumb to draw her attention back toward him. She stared at his handsome face, his firm lips and couldn’t help but feel the attraction.

“I can’t explain it, but I just don’t jump into dating men.”

He stared at her and then smiled, moving his hand further behind her and against her lower back. He drew her against his chest and she placed her palms against his chest.

“You look gorgeous in red. The color suits you.”

“Thank you.”

He stared at her and he was so intimidating, so charismatic that she faltered under his perusal.


Hunter released his hold of her and for a moment she thought he didn’t want her. But then he pulled off his shirt and then his pants before sitting down on the bed. She caught sight of his muscles, the tattoos, and of course his leg. He caught her expression and looked hurt but then calm.

He started to remove the device and she watched him, knowing that she cared for him so much and that nothing else mattered more.

Justice placed his hands on her hips and slowly pushed her panties down. She stepped out of her heels as she stepped out of her panties.

“Are you on the pill?” he whispered into her ear, but now she was so caught up in watching Hunter, and then Seno and Mace got undressed and she was surrounded by perfection.

Justice gave her a squeeze as he maneuvered his fingers down her belly to her cunt. He stroked between her already wet pussy lips and she moaned.

“Yes. I’m on the pill.”

“Good. That means our first time together there won’t be any barriers. We want all of you. Every inch, Ellie. No holding back,” Justice whispered as he inserted two fingers up into her pussy, while he suckled a sensitive spot on her neck.

Ellie moaned and thrust her breasts forward, feeling them tingle as her nipples hardened. He walked her closer to the bed.

“We want this to be perfect for you, Ellie. Do you trust us to make this perfect?” he asked her and she opened her eyes to find Hunter, Seno, and Mace stroking their cocks and staring at her body.

“This already is perfect. You’re all perfect.” Her eyes welled up with emotion and Justice removed his fingers and turned her around.

She lay on the bed, and he caressed her thighs open.

“You are one sexy woman, Ellie. Every single inch of you,” Hunter whispered as he lay on the bed next to her and stroked a thumb and pointer over her nipple. She inhaled and held his gaze as Seno joined them on the other side.

She looked at Hunter’s body as Justice undressed and then moved back between her thighs. Then she looked at Seno who kissed her deeply on the mouth before making his way with his tongue along her throat to her other breast. She grabbed onto his head until Mace took her hand from above her and behind her head. Tilting back, chin lifted so she could see Mace, too, she watched in awe as he sucked her fingers one by one into his mouth, while his brothers suckled her breasts and pussy.

The moment Justice licked between her pussy lips she moaned aloud, feeling her body shake. She felt so incredibly alive and relaxed. She was shocked. There was no fear, only anticipation.

“So delicious,” Justice stated as he moved up between her thighs, kissing her belly, her ribs, and then her lips.

“She looks delicious,” Seno added, pressing fingers to her cunt while he pulled one nipple between his teeth.

“Oh God, this is incredible.”

“You’re incredible,” Mace told her as he placed her hand over his cock, keeping it covered while he held her gaze. She shivered and a small burst of cream secreted from her cunt.

“She’s ready.” Mace pulled fingers from her cunt, brought them to his lips, and sucked the glistening cream from them.

She felt her jaw drop and Seno chuckled. “Mace can be very naughty sometimes, Ellie.”

“Like you don’t want to be naughty with our Ellie?” Mace asked, still licking his fingers before he leaned down and licked her nipple.

“There’s plenty of time for that. Are you ready, Ellie? Are you okay?” Justice asked her. She looked toward him, feeling every bit of her about to snap and explode.

“Yes. Please, Justice, make love to me.”

“With pleasure.” Slowly, he pressed the tip of his cock to her pussy and she closed her eyes. She felt that sense of fear, the bit of anxiety suddenly appear. But then Hunter stroked her cheek.

“Look at him. Open your eyes and see all of us, loving you, caring for you, putting you first.”

She did, and the emotions and expressions in their eyes, in Justice’s eyes, did her in.

He pressed deeper, easing his thick, hard cock into her pussy stroking, thrusting inch by inch until he filled her.

“Sweet mother, you’re tight. Oh God, it’s too much.” Justice grit his teeth and moaned as he pulled out and then stroked back into her.

“Oh!” She moaned louder and then felt Mace caressing her hair, Seno kissing along her neck and shoulder on the left side, and Hunter on the right. A surge of emotions and feelings consumed her. Their licks and sucks caused chills to erupt over her body. Justice’s thick, hard cock felt as if it stretched her inner muscles in a combination of ache and pleasure. It had been so long since she’d had sex. There were so many emotional and physical barriers, yet these four men broke all of them down and gave her the peace of mind, the trust she needed to let them in.

“Oh God, Justice, you’re so big. It feels incredible.”

Her encouragement seemed to turn him on as he increased his thrusts all while his brothers explored her body and watched him make love to her. She never in her life would have thought that an audience turned her on, but with one this attractive and sexy, she would allow them free access to her whenever they wanted.

Justice began to set a nice pace, grunting and pushing into her pussy, causing her to lose her breath.

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New Release – Hearts on Fire 1: Serefina by Dixie Lynn Dwyer Available NOW!



Serefina Martelli headed home with hopes of healing her heart. After losing her first and only lover, a firefighter, in a fire, and sustaining burns herself as a survivor, it’s been difficult. Coming back to a family of first responders and a supportive community by the ocean seemed perfect. She didn’t expect to become the desire of three men, or the obsession of one serial arsonist.

Ace, Ice, and Bull, firefighters with Ladder 19, have been at a loss since losing their brother Marco in a fire. They did everything together, including serving in the Marine Corp.

But now, they are drifting apart, and the hopes of finding a woman to complete them and keep them close seem impossible. They meet Serefina at separate times and instantly know she is the one. They failed to protect their brother from an arsonist, but given a second chance, can they protect Serefina from one?


The bright sun was blocking her view of the man’s face. He was huge. Not just big, but wide like a linebacker, filled with muscles and tall. Taller than her brothers by inches.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

“You’re bleeding.” He leaned down and reached for her leg. The moment his fingers touched her skin and she locked gazes with his big blue eyes, she gasped. He was gorgeous to boot.

She pulled her leg away, and attempted to get up. He touched her shoulder, against her skin. She was shocked at her body’s reaction. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” he stated.

She swallowed hard. “I’m fine. I didn’t see that damn wooden stick in the sand.”

He helped her get up, his hand was big enough to wrap around her arm and then some. Where the heck was he from anyway? She had never met a man so muscular, good looking, and tall. It was intimidating to say the least. She placed her hand over her eyes to shield away the sun.

“Thanks. I’m fine, really.”

He looked at her ankle. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s not the first time, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Thanks again.” She started to walk away, thinking that she would head down to the water, take off her socks and shoes, and let the saltwater run over the cut and wash away the blood.

“They have a running track, you know. It’s a lot safer.”

She thought he sounded full of attitude. She glanced over her shoulder, and he followed her.

“Listen, I grew up around here. I ran this same route for years before there was a track. Thanks for the advice.”

She knew she sounded snappy, but what the heck? It was like the man was reprimanding her. He did look older with dirty-blond hair, big blue eyes, and lines etched in his forehead. He had to be about thirty, and he had tattoos on his arms. Was that a Marine Corps tattoo?

Her ankle was stinging as she looked at how far of a walk it was from where she stood to the water’s edge.

She trudged onward.

“You’re going to wash it off by the water?”

“That’s the plan,” she said over her shoulder. He continued to walk with her and she looked down seeing more blood drip from her ankle. As the sand hit the cut it burned.

“Let me help you. I know first aid. I think clean water would be best. She looked up toward the top of the beach from there she would still have to walk to the nearest water fountain or washing station set up to clean off feet before exiting the boardwalk.

“This stinks. I was really enjoying my run.” She debated what to do.

“Allow me. You can’t keep getting more and more sand in that cut.”

He scooped her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing at all, and she gasped, grabbing onto pure steel.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to carry you up to the top. There’s a water station there where you can wash off this cut instead of getting more dirt and sand into it. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“Well, I don’t even know you. I don’t appreciate you just scooping me up and carrying me.”

“Sorry. It’s force of habit. I know first aid and I’m used to carrying things long distances including up several staircases, although I can hardly even feel you in my arms you’re so petite.”

She stared at his tattoos, the bulging muscles, the smell of soap and sweat. The man was definitely good looking and her body reacted. Then her mind kicked in with guilty thoughts. I can’t be attracted to him. What about Matt? So easily I can forget about him?

“So you said you’re from around here, where do you live?”

“Not far from here, how about you?”

“Not far from here either.”

They were both holding back information. Well it was better that way. After he got her to the top of the beach, she would never see him again.

“I’ve never seen you running this route before? First time?”

“Running?” she replied.

“Hell no, honey, I can tell that you run. You’ve got great legs.”

“Maybe you should put me down?” she asked, feeling a bit more uncomfortable yet still highly giddy at the fact that he noticed her toned legs. She kept in great shape and worked out with Matt a lot. She swallowed the lump of emotion in her throat.

He tightened his hold. “Can’t do that, miss. I’d hate to think that you could make that cut worse. Remember, I’m a professional.”

The stairs to the boardwalk and the water station were in closing distance to where they were.

“Professional what?” she asked, and he chuckled, climbing the steps with ease and bringing her to the water station. He set her down gently on the small bench. She began to untie her sneaker, and cringed at the blood-soaked sock.

“I’m a firefighter.”

She stopped what she was doing. Her eyes widened and she had to turn away. What were the chances that the first guy she bumped into who flirted with her wound up being a firefighter?


She was overwhelmed at the amount of skin, muscles, and sex appeal surrounding little ole her. She covered her eyes with her hand and started breathing heavily.

“Easy, baby. Slow down and just breathe. We’ll go slowly.”

She uncovered her eyes.

“You’re all so gorgeous, so muscular and big. Then there’s all the tattoos. It’s intimidating,” she admitted.

Ace chuckled and so did Ice and Bull.

“Don’t be intimidated, just think how well protected you’ll be in our arms,” Ice stated.

“And well loved,” Bull added.

“And filled up in every hole,” Ace said.

Her eyes widened and he smiled.

“Grab the condoms,” Ice said to Ace, and then they moved her lower on the bed so that she was closer to the edge.

She didn’t tell them that she was on the pill. She couldn’t even speak she was so aroused and needy. She was going to have sex with three men. Three outstandingly handsome, sexy men who individually could rock her world. She must have had a death wish, because she knew that once they made love, she would never be the same again. In fact, nothing would ever compare to these three men wanting her.

“Nice and easy, love. Are you ready for me?” Ice asked.

She nodded her head as she reached up and ran her hands up his chest. Her fingers touched the steel skin and she trailed a finger over the Marine Corps symbol and then the firefighter helmets. There were four firemen’s helmets together, each representing his brothers and him.

“I need you so, baby, Serefina. Your body is incredible, your sweetness amazing, and I want all of you. Give me all of you.”

“Yes,” she whispered, holding his gaze as he pushed the head of his cock between her wet folds. Serefina widened her thighs as he sunk in deeper. He felt so hard and thick, and there was an inch of pain. “Oh,” she moaned.

“Easy, baby,” Ice whispered as he tried pushing deeper. Then Ace was there manipulating her breasts, tweaking her nipples and then pulling the buds until they were as hard as pebbles. She moaned as a gush of cream lubricated Ice’s cock, sending him deeper into her cunt. He pulled back slightly as he ground his teeth and then shoved in all the way. She moaned again, holding on to his shoulders as her sensitive nipples scraped against the dusting of hair on Ice’s chest.

“That’s it, Serefina. God, you’re gorgeous, and so giving,” Ace stated, reminding her that he and Bull were present and that they would want her next. Another gush of cream released from her body and Ice thrust faster. He kissed her deeply as their bodies slapped against one another in the heat of passion. Over and over again, he would pull out and thrust back into her before stealing another deep, sensual kiss.

“Ice.” She called out his name as she counterthrust up and Ice growled her name.

“Serefina.” He grunted and then thrust three more times before exploding inside of her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her skin, her neck and collarbone, and then her cheeks and lips.

She grabbed his face between her palms and kissed him back, feeling his cock soften inside of her. Slowly he pulled out and smiled.

“Amazing. You’re amazing.”

He pulled her against his side and lay there holding her until Ace began to caress her back.

She looked at him and he smiled.

“We’ve never done anything like this before. We only dreamed about meeting someone we felt comfortable with and someone who pulled us together again. It’s you, Serefina. I need you now, too.”

Ace caressed her thighs and then lifted her hips so that she was on all fours on the edge of the bed. She knew what he was going to do. She wanted them any way they wanted her.

“I want you, too,” she told him, and he pulled her hips back so that her ass hit his belly and she could feel his thick, long cock under her pussy. He rubbed back and forth, causing her pussy to lubricate itself and then she felt his fingers there. Ace plunged two fingers into her from behind making her grip the sheets as her legs shook with anticipation and uncertainty.

Then she sensed Bull in front of her and when she looked up, she saw the seriousness in his brown eyes, the tattoos across his chest and shoulder and of course the thick, long cock he held in his hand and was bringing toward her lips.

She gulped.

He caressed a hand over her hair as Ace pulled his fingers from her cunt.


“Never sucked cock before either?” Bull asked, sounding out of breath.

“No,” she moaned just as Ace began to push his cock into her cunt from behind.

“Easy now, let me in, and don’t fight it. I know I’m thick and big, and you’re a tiny thing, but I’ll fit. We’re meant for one another. Isn’t that right, baby?” he asked, petting her back and then her ass as he pushed his cock deeper. She felt the tip of Bull’s cock by her lips and a hunger like no other came over her. She wanted to give them everything they wanted. She wanted to please them, to let them into her heart and damn it, she wanted into theirs, too.

“I need it,” she said, and then licked the tip of Bull’s cock making him grip her hair tighter.

The feel of him restraining her aroused her. She suckled part of his cock in and twirled her tongue around the base before drawing him in deeper.

“Oh fuck, Serefina. Holy shit.”

The slap to her ass cheek came out of nowhere, causing her pussy to explode and her to moan loudly, dropping Bull’s cock with a plop.

“Fuck,” Bull repeated and then Ace thrust into her balls-deep. She gasped and sought out Bull’s cock again as she thrust her ass backward against Ace’s cock.

In and out Ace stroked her pussy with his cock as she sucked Bull’s faster. Bull gripped her hair to pull from her mouth when Ace thrust into her again and again.

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New Release – Goddess of Unity by Dixie Lynn Dwyer



Maya McFey is quiet, keeps to herself, and has never left the Venificus property. When she is attacked by rogue wolves while enjoying a run in the woods, the last thing she expects to find are her mates, Saxton Lemark, Tango Grey, and Kedar, Alden, and Caton Crimson. Two of them are ready to fight one another, and there are five of them to battle.

An evil Demon is on the hunt for the goddess of unity. Maya is not exactly goddess material, but she will do anything for her pack. As her wolf accepts her fate as mate to five Alpha males, she begins to reinvent herself, finding power in their love and desire.

As the Demon reveals his plan and captures a favorite Fey Knight, Maya and her fellow goddesses must do whatever it takes to destroy the Demon. If they fail, the were population will be destroyed.


“You two can leave now. We’ll take care of our mate,” Kedar said to Saxton and Tango as Kentra asked them all to leave the examining room. It wasn’t even large enough to fit two of the five overlarge men. Plus, they had been arguing since entering the main office. Kentra wondered what the hell was going on, and then realized that they were all Maya’s mates. She felt bad for Maya. She was a woman who kept to herself, was independent with her own business, and she worked with were public affairs. Considering that she dealt with Annabelle on a regular basis, Maya had to be tough as nails.

Kentra caught sight of Ariella and her mates right before she closed the door. Ariella waved her hand and bypassed the men who were about to take their verbal argument to the physical. Orion raised his voice.

“This is not acceptable. Take it outside or shut up while Kentra looks over Maya. This is a public medical facility.” He looked around at the very fearful expressions on a few patients waiting in the waiting area.

Kentra couldn’t see what happened next as Ariella entered the examination room and closed the door.

“So, what the heck happened?” Kentra asked, as her assistant covered Maya with blankets and began taking her pulse and checking over her injuries.

“She was attacked in the woods by rogue wolves.”

“Well, she did the right thing by shifting back to her human form. There are just a few bruises, and considering what happened, she looks fine.”

“Then why is she unconscious?” Ariella asked as Kentra continued to examine her.

“Okay, Maya, you can open your eyes now,” Kentra said.

Ariella gasped. “What do you mean she can—”

Maya blinked open her eyes and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. “Are they gone?” she asked.

Ariella realized that Maya had played possum on purpose. The poor woman was downright scared out of her mind.

“They’re in the waiting room.”

“They’re going to hurt me, or one another. I need to get out of here.” Maya started to sit up. She swung her legs over the side and stared at Ariella and Kentra.

“You have to help me. Both of you. I can’t be their mate.”

“Honey, you are their mate,” Kentra said and then leaned back against the side table and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She was practically laughing, yet she felt Maya’s concern and anxiety. The problem was, Maya was mate to five very dominant, intelligent Alpha wolves. There was no way she would get out of here without them knowing.

“Oh god, I can’t be. It has to be a mistake. They are wrong.”

Ariella moved closer and touched Maya’s  hand.

“There’s no mistake. But I understand your fears and concerns.”

They could hear the commotion going on beyond the door and it didn’t sound good at all.

“They hate one another. They’re going to fight and kill each other, and I won’t be part of that.” Maya jumped down and looked around for something to wear. “Do you have any clothes? Please, anything to cover me up so I can leave through the back door?”

The yelling got louder and even Ariella looked worried.

“Here. Take this sweater, and these scrubs,” Kentra offered. Maya took them and stepped into the clothing.

“Kentra, she must face them. What are you doing?” Ariella asked.

“Giving the woman some time to digest this. She was attacked in the woods by two rogue wolves and then saved by her mates. Now two of the mates are fighting with the other three over who knows what. I would need some alone time to in order to digest it all. She can deal with them later. They’ll find her soon enough.”

“Thanks, Kentra. I owe you.” Maya hugged Kentra.

There was a knock at the door and then they heard Kedar’s voice.

“We want to see our mate. Now,” he demanded.

“Go.  We’ll stall them,” Ariella said and Maya smiled, hugged her and then exited the side hallway that led to the back door. Kentra looked at Maya.

“Too bad Siena’s at the courthouse working. She would be loving this right now.”

“She sure would be. But I’m not sure this is right. They need to be with their mate. Maya has to face them.”

“She will, Ariella. In fact, she may wind up with some company in that hot shower I suggested she take when she gets home.”

Ariella chuckled. “You are too much. Just wait until your mates come along.”

“That may never happen, but if and when they do, I’ll be sure to make them work for this body and soul, just like you made your mates work for it and so will Maya.”

The door crashed open interrupting their conversation.

“Where is she?”


There was magic around them, strong and invigorating.

Alden pulled his tongue from her pussy and used his finger instead. Maya moaned louder, and reached for his hair, and head to hold on to. He thrust deeper, then pulled out, and added a second digit before stroking inside her again and again.

Her pussy wept with desire as she cried out her release only for him to pull his fingers and go back down on her with his mouth.

“I need to taste her,” Kedar stated, as Alden slurped and nipped her pussy. He let his tongue glide down along her crack and anus then back up again. Images of what was to come, and having more than one lover inside her together aroused her body even more.

Just because she was a virgin didn’t mean she was clueless.

Their hands were everywhere. Along her inner thighs, her breasts and she wanted more.

Alden stepped up and out of the way, and Kedar took his place. He inhaled deeply as he used his palms to caress her inner thighs.

“You smell incredible mate.” It was all he said before plunging his wolf tongue deep into her cunt.

“Oh!” She moaned aloud, tilting her head back and then thrust upward against his mouth. She felt the whiskers of his gruff chafe her inner thighs and pussy, adding to the pleasure.

He held her under her knees, spreading her wider as he suckled, nipped, and plunged his wolf tongue in and out of her channel. She moaned and pleaded for mercy and then pleaded for more.

When she felt his tongue move over her anus then back up teasing her, she growled at him. Her wolf had a mind of her own, and it seemed that these men understood what she needed.

Kedar continued to use his tongue to bring her pleasure and then she felt his digit by her anus, right before he pressed through the tight rings.

Maya exploded again, thrusting and rolling side to side as the men held her and kissed her everywhere their lips could touch.

“Fuck, she’s incredible. So damn perfect.” Caton growled out.

“That’s right, baby. Pretty soon you’re going to have a cock in your sopping-wet cunt and in your tight virgin ass,” Kedar told her as he lifted up and slowly pulled his finger from her ass.

Saxton took his place and immediately pulled her legs over his shoulders before plunging his tongue against her pussy lips, swirling, suckling, and devouring all he could. It was erotic and wild as she moaned and growled low.

Caton laughed, and Kedar cheered Saxton on as he explored her pussy.

When Maya reached up to run her fingers through Saxton’s short crew cut hair, Tango grabbed her hair and cupped the back of her head bringing his mouth down onto her own. Her hips were tilted sideways as she counterthrust to Saxton’s strokes. He alternated fingers and tongue bringing her body more pleasure and tiny spasms of release.

She was oversensitive to their tactics. The feel of knuckles and digits thrusting into her pussy made something wild and carnal surge forward from deep within her soul.

She grabbed onto Tango’s blonde hair and kissed him back just as wildly as he was kissing her.

“My turn,” Caton said, sliding out from under her back and moving to the floor. She wanted to protest at the loss of his bulky presence and warmth, but they were in charge, and she was desperate for whatever they would do to bring her more pleasure.

Tango released her lips and moved his mouth along her shoulder and exposed breast. Saxton kissed her pussy and then her belly before standing up and allowing Caton to take his place. Caton’s blue eyes sparkled as he inhaled her scent and then pressed a thumb to her clit. He used his other hand to play with her breast and nipple, pulling and tweaking the hardened bud as he held her gaze. She didn’t shy away, instead she held his gaze with a firm expression of her own before he thrust his fingers into her cunt.

She suddenly realized she wanted anything and everything they could give her. She didn’t know that she could feel like this , and react this way. Five Alpha males. Five, were her mates.

She reached for his hand, and then Tango pulled it back and began to suck the digits into his mouth. Caton removed his fingers and pressed his mouth to her pussy, as he moaned and growled against her flesh. He was humming and causing vibrations against her pussy lips making her release more cream. Licking, sucking, and then plunging his wolf tongue deeply into her. Maya moaned another release.

“My turn,” Tango whispered, as he slid down off the couch. Caton kissed her pussy then trailed more kisses from her belly over her tattoos to her breast and then her lips. She ran her fingers through his shoulder-length hair and felt the muscles beneath her palms. “Later.” He smiled and then moved out of the way. Tango took his place.

Alden and Caton held her thighs open by caressing them and kissing her skin. Tango closed his eyes and inhaled her scent, sending her wolf to near surface. She reached down and moved her own fingers over her pussy lips until Tango pushed them aside and pressed a digit up into her.

“Oh.” She gasped, then moved her finger over her coated pussy and Tango’s finger that thrust in and out of her. She stared down at where their fingers met, mesmerized by the glistening cream, the way his long, thick digits disappeared inside of her.

“That’s right, baby, you know we belong together. All of us,” he whispered and then added a second digit. Maya spread her thighs wider, thrust her hips forward. She wanted more.

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