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Featuring stories by: Caitlyn O’Leary, Daisy Philips, Elle Boon, Fiona Archer, Holly Roberts, Jenika Snow, Lori King, Lynne St. James, Sherri Hayes, and Sydney Lea

What’s better than an Alpha man in uniform?

Ten of them. Turn up the heat with ten BRAND-NEW law enforcement stories from some of the hottest USA Today, Amazon, and International best-selling romance authors around. These commanding men in uniform will fulfill your every sinful fantasy, and leave you panting for more.


All the proceeds from this 5 STAR read will go to support the families of Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty!



Delta Rogue by: Elle Boon


Hailey’s tired of seeing men she considers her brothers nearly killed. The Navy was the one place she considered home, until now.

Maddox is used to playing cat and mouse, his job is to keep the United States safe from terrorists. However, the ends always outweighed his own needs. Only this time, with Hailey’s life hanging in the balance it wasn’t the same.

As threats escalate, and Hailey is placed under his care 24/7 will he be able to keep things professional? Or will it all fall apart as secrets are uncovered and the threats are closer than either thought?

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Arresting Submission by: Daisy Philips


Cat Conroy had fallen for a bad boy before and it hadn’t ended well. Scott Weston was trouble with a capital T. He claimed to be a CPA but in Cat’s experience, accountants rarely carried guns to work.

Undercover FBI agent Scott loved Cat from the moment he met her. Unfortunately, the lies he had to tell were driving them apart. Would she be able to forgive him when the truth finally came out?

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

In His Custody by: Fiona Archer


English teacher Mercy Jones has sworn off men, especially the edgy ones. So why does the new substitute history teacher have to be dangerous, raw, and challenging—on every level? His uncompromising masculinity and questioning mind captivate Mercy, tempting her to risk her heart.

Detective Aidan Shaw is a cynical bastard. But when working undercover to eradicate a high school drug network, Aidan meets an intelligent, feisty blonde. Mercy’s warmth and generous spirit awaken a part of him buried deep for too long.

But as he closes in on the criminals manipulating innocents for profit, the stakes grow ever higher.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Street Justice by: Holly Roberts


Street Justice combines a sexy alpha cop, a bohemian woman with a heart of gold, and a half-Shepard half-Poodle mix with a leg-humping need to prove who’s top dog in the neighborhood. With suspense, humor, and steamy romance Street Justice will have your alpha-cop fantasies on full alert.


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Yes, Sir by: Jenika Snow



I had no choice but to come back. I knew I’d run into Law, my bear-shifting ex, and the man I still loved. I thought I could move on.I was wrong.


Brittin is the only woman I will ever love. She is it for me, even if she broke it off. I screwed up when I lost her, and I spent the next two years regretting it. Now she’s back, and it’s my chance to show her I can be the man she deserves.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

The Lawman’s Lover by Lori King


A divorcee whose broken dreams are buried so deep she can’t remember where she put them.

A Deputy Sheriff with a mountain of responsibilities weighing him down.

A fling. No strings attached. No plans for the future.

Until someone’s heart gets broken.

Find out how Deputy Colby Bricker and waitress Elizabeth Newcomer take their shared past and build a new future, in this sister story to the Crawley Creek Ranch Series.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

House Arrest by: Lynne St James


Ethan Price thought a job as a small-town police detective in Willow Haven would be easy after five years as a pilot in the Air Force. Then a rash of break-ins puts the entire department on alert and the woman he loves at risk.

Anna Taggart is smart, stubborn, independent, and doesn’t think she needs anyone. Having her heart broken before, she refuses to give in to her feelings for Ethan no matter how hard he pursues her.

Will Ethan be able to convince Anna life is too short not to love?

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Seducing the Detective by: Sherri Hayes

sherri-1When Detective Janey Davis is sent to the small town of Liberty to consult on a recently discovered John Doe, she’s paired up with Deputy Kyle Reed. She’s run into his type before—handsome, overly confident, and he has the ladies fawning all over him. It should be easy to resist her attraction to him. If only someone would tell that to her heart.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Dirty Liars by: Sydney Lea

sydney-1Undercover FBI agent Nikolai has been treading a fine line between right and wrong for the last few years and everything he has worked for is thrown into utter chaos the moment he risks it all to save Harper. Harper’s life has just been turned upside down, and now she must rely on the one man who has been lying to her from the moment they met.

Can they overcome all the dirty lies told between them?

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Her Hearts Protector by: Caitlyn O’Leary

caitlyn-1It’s the worst case scenario for David Sloane as a Military Policeman. An earthquake has rocked Las Flores, leaving devastation in its wake. The local government leans heavily on David to lead the manhunt to recapture the escaped convicts.

In the midst of the chaos, former army nurse Sarah Kyle arrives with the International Aid Workers. As David comes face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten, danger continues to escalate as the desperate prisoners do anything they can to leave the island.

When conditions deteriorate will these former lovers survive, let alone have the happily ever after they deserve?

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞


New Release – Animal Instincts by Jenika Snow



Danika is too young and innocent, but also the daughter of Damien’s best friend. He should stay away, but he’s imprinted on her, and that means he has to have her. 

Danika Harrison has loved Damien Locke since she knew what the emotion was. He might be older than her, but she doesn’t care because she wants him. When they share one night together and he tells her he has imprinted on her, she knows she is lost for the older man. 

Damien, a lion shifter, and friend of Danika’s father, forced himself to leave his mate behind for four years. He’s imprinted on her, and that means he can’t walk away again. Now that his animal has awakened for her, he is obsessed, possessive for Danika, and can’t let her go. She is his and she’ll wear his mark to prove it.

Be Warned: rimming


She tried to move closer to him, to press her breasts even harder against his chest and alleviate some of this ache that settled in the stiff buds. Still kissing her, still thrusting in and out of her mouth with the muscle, he pressed his erection further against her pussy. He thrust against her over and over, dry humping her as he groaned against her mouth. He suddenly broke the kiss. They both panted and stared at each other. She may be a virgin, but she wasn’t a prude, but had never felt this kind of arousal move through her before.

“Danika.” His voice was gravelly and hoarse. “I meant to tell your father about the imprinting, about what you are to me, but things took a different turn.”

Yeah, she knew he was referring to her leaving her dad’s house when she couldn’t control her emotions.

“Doing this without telling your father is wrong.”

She knew he was right, knew that if her father ever found out he would never look at her the same again, and would probably break ties with Damien. But then again, she didn’t know that for sure, didn’t know if he’d feel a sense of relief because Damien was surely the only man that would protect her as fiercely as her dad did. She should have stopped, told him they would talk to her father, but she felt like she was losing her mind. She felt like this was right, like there was absolutely nothing wrong with being with him.

“I want this, Damien. I want you to be my first.” That sounded so cliché, but it was the truth. The few guys she had dated had never made her feel a sliver of the arousal she felt right now with Damien. It wasn’t as if she had been waiting until she was married, but more so she had been waiting until the time had been right. This moment, right here and now, was so right.

He rested his forehead on hers, closed his eyes and breathed out. “I’m a strong male, Danika, but when it comes to you I have no control, no reasoning telling me I should stop this. I just can’t because I’ve waited so fucking long to be with you already.” He cupped her face with his hands, leaned back, and said in a fiercely animal voice, “I will be your first, and the only male that will ever know how sweet and good you feel right here,” he placed his hand between her thighs. A gasp left her when he applied pressure to her panty-covered pussy.

“This is mine. Only mine.”

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New Release – Nothing But Trouble by Jenika Snow



Lilly Winters gave her virginity to Court Devlin—her brother’s best friend—at the age of eighteen. Losing it in the back of his pickup truck hadn’t been romantic, but it didn’t matter because she loved him. But afterwards Court distanced himself from her and Roan, and she knew it was because he felt like he betrayed her brother.

Court Devlin is a bear shifter and a member of the Grizzly MC. After turning his back on the two people he cared about, he immersed himself in the biker life. The MC is violent and dangerous, but he embraces it.

After Lilly is attacked, Court delivers retribution to the man that hurt her in the most grisly of ways. He realizes he can’t let Lilly go again, not when his bear has already claimed her.


“On your knees.” His hand landed on her shoulders, and he gently pushed her down. Lilly couldn’t lie and say his demand didn’t make her even wetter. Court knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was her. That thought alone was empowering.

The cold, hard wood beneath her knees sent a flash of discomfort and pleasure up her body. His erection was right in front of her face, straining against the material, insistent on being free. Good God, she wanted his cock in her mouth, wanted to taste the pre-cum at the tip that she would know would be covering the bulbous head.

“Christ, Lilly. I could come just looking at you on your knees right now.” He cleared his throat and dropped his hands so they hung at his sides. “Go on, baby. Take my cock out and suck it. Suck it like you’re fucking starving for it.”

She lifted her hands and undid the rest of his jeans until the material fell off of his lean hips and pooled around his feet. His cock sprang free, and she was so close that the slickened tip actually brushed along her mouth. Lilly licked her lips, and Court groaned above her. His gaze was heavy lidded, and his face was a little flushed. His pupils were fully dilated, and she swore she saw the flash of his inner animal right there below the surface.

“Go on, baby, hold onto the root of my dick and suck it into that lush little mouth of yours.”

Her pussy so soaked that her cream slid down her inner thighs, Lilly did exactly that. He grunted when she gripped him around the base of his cock. When his erection was free and she got the first look at it, she knew her look was one of surprise. “God, can we skip the foreplay and go right to the fucking?” The words tumbled out of her mouth. Court grabbed a chunk of her hair behind her head and yanked her head back. A gasp left her at the pleasure/pain that radiated within her.

His cock was just as tanned as the rest of him, and the bulbous head was flushed red with a drop of pre-cum dotting the slit at the tip. Her mouth watered, and she leaned forward and engulfed the crown into her mouth. She moaned at the salty, musky flavor that covered her taste buds. He groaned and tightened his hand in her hair, his nails digging into her scalp. She sucked in more of his length and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. Lilly tried to get even more of him into her mouth until she felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat. The gag reflex was there, but she didn’t care. She continued to take as much as she could, bobbed her head back and forth until her eyes watered, and held onto his thighs as he started fucking himself in her mouth.

Christ, Lilly.” Court groaned and jerked in her mouth until he hit the back of her throat once more. He fucked her mouth slow and easy at first, and she found herself moving her tongue along his flesh, tasting a burst of saltiness as his semen coated her tongue. She wanted him to come in her mouth, wanted to swallow every last drop until she smelled and tasted like him.

“Yes. Oh fuck, yes.” His hold on her hair tightened, and he started thrusting hips more franticly in his need for release. “Take it all, baby. Take all of my fucking cock and drink my cum.”

“Mmm.” Closing her eyes she focused on getting him off. They could have sex later, Right now was about pleasing her biker.

She still gripped his strong thighs, and she then moved her hands behind him until she felt the firm, taut cheeks of his ass. They flexed while he pumped his hips back and forth. Lilly knew when he was close, and she dug her nails into his flesh. He pumped forward once, twice, and stilled on the third time. He buried his cock all the way in her mouth until she felt his balls bump her chin and his cum slide down the back of her throat. She could smell the residual scent of grease from when he had been working on Harleys at the clubhouse, smelled the faint aroma of clean sweat on him, and moved her hand down between her thighs. Rubbing her clit with her finger back and forth while Court still pumped shallowly inside of her, she knew she would get off in a matter of seconds.

His orgasm had been powerful, and it had all been because of her. But right before she came Court had his cock pulled free from her mouth and was helping her to stand. Her legs were wobbly, and this sense of euphoria gripped her tightly.

“I’m going to be the one that makes you come, Lilly.” He had her in his arms and was striding toward their bedroom. Once inside he strode to the massive bed and set her on it, but before she could move he gripped her legs and pulled her so her ass was hanging off the mattress. There was no waiting with Court. He pushed her legs apart almost forcefully and buried his face between her thighs.

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REVIEW – The Outlaw’s Dirty Dancer by Jenika Snow



Brick, a bear shifter and the Sergeant at Arms for the Grizzly MC, is a recluse and bastard by all accounts. With an ugly past, and a scar to match, he is content with using club whores to pass the time. But then he sees Darra, a stripper and the only female that makes his cold, dead heart beat again. Darra Strand has a past filled with emotional and physical pain, but she is stronger because of it. When someone threatens her, a savior comes in the form of an angry, scarred, and heavily muscled biker named Brick. But when the MC has to go on a run out of state to help another charter, Brick is forced to leave Darra behind. A club rival decides the time for retaliation toward the Grizzlies has come. But Darra is Brick’s and anyone that hurts her is as good as dead. 

What Worked For Me:

I was extremely excited to read the second installment in the Grizzly MC Series and I have to say, Jenika did not disappoint. Brick was an enigma to me, with what little I read about him in the first installment of this series, but he fascinated me none the less. I love men who have scars with stories who find love despite what they feel to be their physical imperfections and Brick is no exception. And when Brick meets his mate, Darra, the gloves come off. We find Darra working in a strip club (let me make it clear, she is dancing only, not doing any behind the scenes extracurricular activities, if you get my drift). She just wants to work and make a better life for herself after having such a horrendous life so far. Brick intervenes in a precarious situation Darra finds herself in and become her self-appointed savior, unsure and uncomfortable about and with the feelings she provokes in him. Chivalry be damned, he wants her truly and madly and when an even more violent attack is made against the woman he learns is his mate, blood will be spilled to soothe the ravage beast inside of him. Darra is smart, courageous and beautiful. She is not a skin and bones kind of girl and I love that she is a real woman and embraces who and what she is, lumbs, bumps, and perceived imperfections. Their love and passion is instantaneous and I enjoyed watching Brick try to go slow and court her and Darra taking the reigns and letter her man know that it’s ok to give her what he needs; that she can, will, and is ready to take it all. They are the perfect pair for each other and I got goose bumps just reading how well these two connected both in and out of the bedroom. Jenika Snow can write some panty dripping love scenes and these are flawless and beautiful with the perfect amount of raunchy and dirty bedtime theatrics I love. I’m on pins and needles for the third book in this series. Well done Jenika. This series just gets better and better, and I didn’t even think that was possible. 

What Didn’t Work For Me:

While illicit drugs did not feature in the story, there was mention of marijuana use, while very minor and, while not playing a part in the overall storyline, it did make me slightly uncomfortable. But, stepping outside of one’s comfort level is not always a bad thing and worked in this series. It also works well with the MC storylines since these are just your simple cut-and-dry romance. It doesn’t distract from the story, it’s just not something I’m used to reading about but I’m sure my comfort level will adjust.

Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes isn’t the appropriate word for my recommendation. I suggest you run out and buy this book for your e-reader immediately. It’s got a sweet love story and some wicked hot passion.

Final Star Rating:

5 of 5 stars

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REVIEW – The Outlaw’s Obsession by Jenika Snow



Tallin “Jagger” Landon isn’t a good man. In fact, he isn’t a man at all but a bear shifter and the president of the Grizzly MC. When he takes in the wounded female of a rival MC, retaliation from that club is inevitable. But Jagger doesn’t expect to be so territorial of a female that isn’t even his. Sonya White is desperate for a way out, and will do just about anything for her freedom. Taken as a teenager by Trick, the Wolverine MC president, she has been the sexual plaything for the sadistic shifter for years. But the drama keeps unfolding with the dominant and possessive Jagger declaring Sonya is his, and a jealous club whore and Trick coming back to settle the score. Sonya can either run from the MC life or let Jagger claim her fully like he demands. 

What Worked For Me:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect mixing shape shifters with a motorcycle club but I was extremely pleased with the outcome.   Sonya, out heroine, has lived a violent and tragic past and has not let that defined who or what she is. Having brazenly escaped captivity of a depraved MC, she is taken under wing by Jagger and the members of his MC. They nurse her back to health, all the while Jagger is feeling things for the woman that he has never felt before, not even realizing at first that this is his mate. So the battle begins. Her for independence and freedom for the first time in her young life and Jagger, fighting his natural instincts to shelter, protect, and cherish the woman who has become his future. The butt heads with their different attitudes yet their passion and chemistry are not to be denied by either of them and I was on pins and needles watching these two come to realize just how important they are to each other and the lives they will lead. The love scenes were erotic and well written and I couldn’t get enough of dirty talking Jagger. There was some angst, a completely over-the-top club-skank who creates a serious situation within the club. I also loved getting a peek at other members of the club and can’t wait to read their stories. Over all this was a highly enjoyable read and a wonderful start to a brand new series. 

What Didn’t Work For Me:

While illicit drugs did not feature in the story, there was mention of marijuana use, while very minor and not playing a part in the overall storyline, it did make me slightly uncomfortable. But, stepping outside of one’s comfort level is not always a bad thing and worked in this series.

Would I Recommend This Book:

Yes and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Final Star Rating:

5 of 5 stars

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New Release – The Outlaw’s Dirty Dancer by Jenika Snow



Brick, a bear shifter and the Sergeant at Arms for the Grizzly MC, is a recluse and bastard by all accounts. With an ugly past, and a scar to match, he is content with using club whores to pass the time. But then he sees Darra, a stripper and the only female that makes his cold, dead heart beat again.

Darra Strand has a past filled with emotional and physical pain, but she is stronger because of it. When someone threatens her, a savior comes in the form of an angry, scarred, and heavily muscled biker named Brick.

But when the MC has to go on a run out of state to help another charter, Brick is forced to leave Darra behind. A club rival decides the time for retaliation toward the Grizzlies has come. But Darra is Brick’s and anyone that hurts her is as good as dead.


Brick slammed Darra against the wall of his apartment and took her mouth in an all-consuming kiss. They had left dinner behind at the bar. After the kiss she had given him, and her words of how they needed tonight to forget about the pain and their past, Brick had taken her back to his place.

He speared his hands in her hair, tugged at the strands hard enough that she was forced to tilt her head back and accept his hard kiss. But she gave as good as she took, and the sting of pain from her biting his tongue and lips, and the burn of her nails digging into the bare flesh of his biceps, had his cock getting so damn hard that it hurt. He groaned against her mouth, and a grunt left him when she bit him hard enough that the metallic flavor of his blood slammed along his tongue. He pulled back, and took in the sight of her mouth. Her lips were parted, swollen and lightly colored with his blood. He leaned in and swiped his tongue along the bottom swell of her lips to lick it off.

“I should go slow and easy with you.”

She was shaking her head before he even finished talking. “I don’t want slow and easy. I want it rough and hard, and I want to feel like I am the only one for you. I want my memories to be consumed by the sight, smell, and feel of you.” She leaned in this time and tugged at his bottom lip with her teeth. “I want to forget about everything that doesn’t concern what is happening right now.” She pulled back, and the hard look in her eyes told Brick that his female was strong. “I want to replace my nightmares with memories of you. Can you give me that, Brick?”

They were both breathing hard and fast. He moved away only long enough to reach behind her, curve his hands under the crease of her ass, and lift her so she was forced to wrap her legs around his waist. But he wanted her naked, now, and under him on his bed.

Brick turned around and strode down the hallway and toward his room. Once inside he slammed the door closed with his foot and set her on the ground. His bear wanted out, paced back and forth, clawed at his insides, and needed to feel Darra to writhe beneath them. He was a hungry bastard, but the only thing that would sate his appetite was her. He was about to fucking have her in every way imaginable. But before he could even tell her to take her clothes off, she was stepping up to him and pulling off his cut. Before it fell to the ground he grabbed it and set it on the dresser. Then she went to work on his shirt, and as much as he wanted to rip their fucking clothes off and plunge his cock right into the hot depth of her pussy, he let her take this one moment of control. And that was all it would be, because once they were naked and she was on his bed, Brick was going to devour her.

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New Release – A Beautiful Prison by Jenika Snow



WARNING: This is a Dark Erotic story. This is not a traditional love story. This book is fiction and contains material readers may find offensive. There is very disturbing content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language, but does end with a HEA.

She was his. Irrevocably. Undeniably.

Ruby Jacobson was going to have a new life, but it seemed fate gave her a twisted version of it. She is taken from her bed and sold like an object. Death is a far better outcome then what fate has in store for her. Or so she thought.

Gavin Darris has always desired the darker pleasures in life. Not one to have to purchase his playthings, he needs a female that will bend to his will, and derive pleasure from it too. He sees Ruby, one of the many females for sale, and he wants her like he has never wanted anything else before. She has a fire in her eyes, and a determination not to yield. She’ll be a fighter, and exactly what he is looking for.

He is ruthless in what he wants, and what he wants is her.

The dark desires Ruby has felt inside of her are about to be tempted in the most horrifying of ways. She should hate Gavin, and fear everything he represents, but she also can’t deny that her body aches for his touch.

Ruby is faced with the ultimate decision: escape to gain her freedom, or stay with Gavin, the monster whose delicious punishment makes her yearn for more. Both are frightening.


“You do realize how wrong this is?” He thought about what she had just said, but all he could do was smile. “You do realize I was kidnapped, drugged, and sold like cattle?” She had stopped crying, and once again he saw that flash of fire behind her eyes.

“None of that matters, Ruby, because you are here now, and I have no intention of letting you go. But if it makes you feel better you are more than welcome to tell me your dreams and aspirations.” He smiled wider as he saw the way she bunched her hands into fists on the table.
“It doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh, but it does. I’d like to know about you, Princess.”

“Stop calling me that.”

His former easygoing attitude started to fade at her words. “You don’t make the demands, I do.” His voice was low and he slammed his fist on the table once again. She jumped, and he liked that she was frightened of him. “I’ll call you anything that pleases me. You are here for my enjoyment. If I choose to give you pleasure, then you greedily accept it, say thank you, and hope I am generous and give you more.”

She stood quickly, knocking her chair over in the process. She was shaking her head and glancing around the room for an exit, but she wouldn’t get far. She took off toward the door that led into the kitchen, but he was already out of his seat and striding toward her. He pushed the kitchen door open with so much force it slammed against the opposite wall. She cried out and spun around, and in her fear and haste to get away she knocked over the serving wear that was on the marble island. It fell to the floor, shattering into little porcelain pieces. She had picked a simple sundress to wear, but was barefoot, and when he saw that she was about to turn and run again, and therefore step all over the shards beneath her, he moved swiftly. He had her up and in his arms seconds later, and set her on the counter. The sound of crunching under his shoes was loud, but not nearly as loud as the sound of her frantic breathing.

He took a step forward, parting her thighs even further. He placed both hands on the counter and leaned in until there was only an inch separating their mouths. “The sooner you realize that you’re mine, Ruby, the easier this will be.” He lowered his eyes to her chest, saw her breasts rise and fall violently over the top of her dress, and looked back at her face. “I like the fight in you, and love the chase as much as I get hard from the capture.”

A small noise left her.

“You’re terrified right now, but I bet if I slipped my hand under your dress your pussy would be wet.”

She parted her lips but didn’t say anything.

“You can act like you’re frightened, even be scared to death of me. That would be the smart reaction.” He moved his hand to her dress, slipped the material up her thigh, and moved his fingers down her inner leg. He felt the heat from her cunt instantly. Pulling her leg even further out, he touched her pussy lips lightly, spread his fingers through her slit, and grinned. “Fighting me only turns me on more, and gauging by how fucking wet your cunt is, it has the same twisted reaction in you, too.”

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