Book Blitz – Now and Then by Dorothy Kollat

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Sophia Matthews has made a habit of pushing away romantic endeavors in favor of delving into long work hours at her Los Angeles office. But when she’s offered the chance to spend a pleasure filled weekend at the exclusive Oasis Resort with no strings attached, she decides to accept. What she never imagined is that she would come face-to-face with her deepest desire of all, a man she hasn’t seen in nine years, the gorgeous Brent Taylor.Playboy turned businessman, Brent Taylor has never gotten over his missed chance to be with Sophia Matthews, the petite little priss he worked with at a diner he managed while in college. Once Brent has her at his luxurious, hedonistic resort, he doesn’t plan on letting her go. Over the course of the weekend Brent reignites their chemistry. The romance that couldn’t be then unleashes with a long overdue passion in the now.


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Dorothy Kollat lives in California. She is a bookworm, a traveler, coffee drinker, and mediocre crossfitter. Her love affair with reading began in the third grade when she was assigned the poem “My Shadow” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dorothy spends a lot of time planted in cafés in the Los Angeles area either catching up on reading books or plotting ideas for her next steamy romance novel.

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New Release – Crossroads 6: Love Undercover by Dixie Lynn Dwyer




Sacha Smith is out for justice. They killed her partner and half of the undercover team. The rest are being held hostage and are about to be executed but she escapes with a microchip that can help take down the terrorists’ entire operation. She’s running for her life and needs to find someone she can trust to help her get these things to the United States, but she’s injured and stuck in a foreign country with no backup. She can’t trust anyone, not even her commander or her government because this mission was strictly off the books, unknown to anyone but her team and two other men. So she contacts the only man she knows she can trust, her brother Franco. She has a feeling she knows who he’ll call but she doesn’t have time to think about past emotions and a love triangle gone badly. She needs to survive, and saving the Unites States of America from another terrorist attack has just become priority number one.

When someone she thinks she can trust tells her that the three men who saved her are really working for the bad guys, it becomes a game of love undercover. She never expects to lose her heart or to love so deeply, but will she have to lose her life to save them?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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New Release – The Uniformed and Blazing Hot Collection Vol. 1 by Tonya Ramagos


Happy Release Day, Tonya Ramagos!!!

In Scorching Research, struggling erotic author Lesley Davenport is looking for the plotline that will send her career soaring, so she moves to Cherish, a city bursting with ménage relationships. Leslie sees a bestseller in the making, but she’ll need a couple of willing research subjects to make her book a hit. When hunky firefighters Ryder Cox and Blaine Ellis save her cats from a burning building, she knows they’re the men for the job. But when business and pleasure mix, she wonders if a happily ever after ending is possible.

In Beneath Their Uniforms, Sierra Matthews has sworn off men, especially ones who wear a uniform. Then she has a brush with death and finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with a super-sexy paramedic. But her self-destruction doesn’t end there. Two days later, a devastatingly handsome firefighter makes it his mission to end her self-imposed celibacy. There’s no doubt about it, her hormones are definitely out of whack and, when the men team up, her no-men-in-uniform vow is burned to ashes.

In More Than a Fling, the house Alyssa Kinney inherited needs repairs, the accompanying dog hates her, and her job at the newspaper isn’t as glamorous as she’d dreamed. Stack on a couple of smokin’ hot neighbors that would rather snicker than lend a hand, and her new life in Cherish isn’t off to a great start. Then a multi-car accident creates a hazardous scene and her boss’s star reporter is MIA. But the story will do more than prove her worthy to her boss when it ignites a fire in Cherish even two drool-worthy firefighters can’t put out.

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REVIEW – Claiming Their Racy Sub by Tara Rose



When submissive Alexa Monahan moves to Racy, Indiana, from Manhattan, she knows the abusive Dom she left behind might find her, but she can’t help falling in love with Doms Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez.

Luke Rodriguez was always the man whom women wanted as a friend, but never as a lover. He’s met his soul mate in Alexa, but can he help her overcome the abuse she suffered so she can love him in the way he craves?

Chase Taylor’s wife left him years ago and now he’s afraid to give his heart away, until he meets Alexa. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But what is she hiding in her past, and can he protect her from it?

The three soon find themselves battling not only Alexa’s demons from her abuse as a teen, but a very real threat in the form of her ex-Dom who has somehow found her…

My Review – Review Provided by Mary Jo for Nice Ladies, Naughty Books

Alexa Monahan is broken in ways that the world cannot see. She hides those pieces of herself behind the walls she has erected to protect what little of herself that is still whole.  Trust is not something she knows much about, and there is only one person the world that she trusts with everything and that’s her best friend Kari.  

Trying to be normal, she starts dating Luke Rodriguez, a local bar owner as well as Chase Taylor, the zoning commissioner for the city of Racy.  She feels safe with them, but as much as they deny it, she knows they must be frustrated because she hasn’t had sex with either of them.  She’s scared.  Scared of the past, of being hurt and hurting the two men who make her feel safe.
Surprised when Chase asks Luke to accompany them on an afternoon drive, Alexa agrees to go and during the trip, she realizes she doesn’t want to choose between them.  Neither Chase nor Luke had considered a menage before but they will do whatever it takes to make Alexa happy.
As Alexa’s past begins to throw roadblocks in her path to happiness, she instinctively pushes everyone away.  She collapses in on herself, seeing herself as the broken young girl who doesn’t deserve happiness, onlyasking for help and comfort when she hears noises coming from downstairs during a snowstorm.
Trying to be the woman she wants to be, Alexa slowly lets Chase and Luke into her heart and mind, but she is always waiting for something that will show them that she’s not worthy of the feelings they have for her.
Tara Rose has created a very complex character in Alexa.  Alexa has many demons to face, the most important of which is her inability to love herself.  Alexa believes that in some ways she caused the bad things to happen to her, either as a direct result of her actions or inability to make a decision.  
By chosing to try again, Alexa give hope to all the readers that its okay to put yourself out there, to try again, that there are still good guys left in the world.  She should know, she found two in Chase and Luke.
4 Stars
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New Release – Slave Gold 2: Cardinal Warriors by Becca Van



Annie Strident is whipped away from Earth when she finds and tries on a gold slave bracelet. When she wakes up she thinks she’s dreaming. Sharm, Baro, Mott, and Riek Tammock, rulers and warriors of the planet Cardinal, have been searching the galaxies for their bound. They never expected for her to appear out of nowhere in the control room on their battleship, Reason.

As they try to convince her to mate with them, their hated nemesis infiltrates their ship, and since the Sytax use their mind to battle they think all is lost. That is until their mate saves them. But there is a traitor in the midst who is hell bent on getting rid of them to take over the rule of Cardinal. They need to find their conspirator before he kills them and Annie. However, before they can put their plan into action to catch the quisling, the Sytax invade. Can they defeat their enemy or will they all die?


She turned about, trying to decide which way to go, and turned right when she couldn’t remember where they told her where the control room was. Annie just hoped she was going in the right direction. When she got to another intersection, she saw a sign on what looked like a plaque on the wall with weird-looking symbols and realized it was a map with writing on it. Since she couldn’t read what it said, she took a guess and turned left.

The air whooshed from her lungs, and she would have fallen to her ass if the big, scary warrior hadn’t reached out and grabbed her arms.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

The warrior snorted and shook his head. He looked her up and down, and then he let go of her and stepped back. He glanced over his shoulder and sighed with relief when he realized no one was watching them.

“What’s going on? Where are Shar, Baro, Mott, and Riek?”

“They are commanding,” the warrior replied. “You should not be here. We are being attacked. Go back to your quarters.”

“Attacked?” Annie’s heart flipped in her chest, fear making it difficult to breathe. “Why would someone—ˮ A loud bang sounded, and then the ship began to tilt. Annie fell to her knees and slid across the floor until she hit the wall.

The warrior was about to reach for her, but then his eyes began to glow brighter and turned a darker red hue, and then he roared so loudly her eardrums reverberated, hurting her ears.

She looked up at him with fear, but he wasn’t taking any notice of her. He was staring down the corridor she just came from. She turned her head and whimpered. Four huge, gangly, green reptilian creatures were rushing toward them. They made hissing and clicking sounds, and when she looked down, she saw they had webbed feet with very long, sharp-looking talons. Their skin was covered in green scales, and the smell coming from them was so bad she gagged. The closer they came, the worse the smell got, and she felt sick to her stomach. Their scales looked wet, like they were covered in oil, and she knew that secretion was what smelled. How she knew that, she had no idea.

The warrior roared again, and then he ran toward the green, scaly aliens. He slashed at them with his claws, bit with his long fangs, and fought like a martial artist. If she hadn’t been so scared, she might have been impressed. Two of the green things stood watching while the other two fought her men’s warrior.

Annie wasn’t sure if she’d made sound or moved and drew their attention, but all of a sudden, the two green dudes watching the fight pinned her with their frightening silver eyes. One of them blinked, if she could call it that. A thin membrane covered those silver orbs for a moment before sliding back. It was weirdly eerie.

What happened next scared the shit out of her. The warrior was lifted from the ground, flung back against the wall, and pinned there, but none of the green things were touching him. The man pinned to the wall was struggling furiously, but he couldn’t get free and was barely moving.

Annie caught movement from her periphery and turned to look back at the four green things. They all looked the same, but one of them was much bigger than the other three, and he took a step toward her. She whimpered and pushed herself back against the wall, glad that she hadn’t been pinned to the wall and was still on her feet, but it was useless endeavor, because they were blocking the corridor and there was nowhere to go. For one crazy moment, she wished the wall would open up and swallow her whole. That would be better than having to face whatever those things wanted with her.

When her head started buzzing, she shook it, but the noise got louder, and no matter how hard she tried to dispel it, she couldn’t. Then her head began to ache, and it felt like a vise was clamped around the top of it, squeezing harder and harder until she thought her head would be crushed or explode from the brutalizing pain. She hadn’t even realized she’d closed her eyes, but when the air around her moved, she opened them again. The biggest green thing was standing so close he could have touched her.

Annie was so scared she felt like she could pee her pants, but then she began to get pissed off. How dare these things try and kill her men and their warriors! How dare they board this ship without permission!

With slow deliberation, Annie pushed up from her ass to her feet to face the creatures. She wasn’t about to cower on the floor with fear. If she was going to go down, she would fight with every fucking thing she had. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she clenched her fist and swung as hard as she could. She cried out with pain when her fist connected with its face, but she smiled with satisfaction when its head turned to the side. It turned back without a grimace of pain or change of expression and looked into her eyes.

The pain in her head intensified until she was worried she would throw up, but she couldn’t give in to it. She pushed it to the back of her mind and tried to think. She was obviously no match for this thing in the strength department, but she had brains. She could use her mind to get out of this situation.

She gagged when its stench drifted to her nose and her eyes began to water, the tears rolling down her face. It blinked again and seemed fascinated by the moisture and watched as it trailed down her cheeks. That was when she noticed the pain in her head had lessened. It seemed that when the thing looked into her eyes, it hurt. Did that mean it was in her head? Able to see what she was thinking and feeling?




“You are so soft,” Shar rasped as he splayed his humungous hand across her belly.

“You smell so sweet.” Baro lay down beside her and placed his nose against her neck before inhaling.

“I want to taste you everywhere.” Mott had moved up to her other side. He cupped a cheek and turned her head toward him. She barely had time to take in a breath before his mouth was on hers.

Annie gasped and then moaned when Mott’s tongue tangled with hers. He tasted so good. Like sugar and spice all mixed together. She was drowning in sensation and lust as their hands began caressing, kneading, pinching, and cupping. Juice leaked from her cunt continuously, and she felt it dripping down to her ass and onto the sheet beneath her.

“She smells so good,” Riek groaned. His, or maybe it was Shar’s, breath wafted over her wet folds, making her shiver.

“I need to taste that sweet honey,” Shar said in a growly voice.

Annie bowed her hips up when her legs were spread wide and then mewled at the first swipe of a rough, wet tongue. If Mott and Baro hadn’t placed their hands on her breast, she may have shot up off the bed and onto the floor.

Having Shar’s tongue laving at her pussy was mind blowing. He made growling sounds in the back of his throat, and then a deep rumble emanated from his chest and out of his mouth. The sound reverberated against her clit, enhancing the pleasure of his rough tongue as it lapped over her clit.

She cried out when Mott and Baro licked at her nipples and then sucked them into her mouth. Sparks of fiery pleasure shot straight down to her pussy. The bed shifted near her legs, and she mewled when a finger rimmed her sopping hole. And then she was being breached. The skin of her pussy stretched, and the heated friction intensified as Riek pushed his finger deeper inside of her.

“What does she taste like?” Baro asked after releasing her nipple.

Shar lifted his head and wiped the juices from his chin with his fingers and licked them clean. “Like the sweetest acca fruit.”

Riek withdrew his finger from her pussy and shoved it into his mouth before sucking it clean. He closed his eyes and moaned. “Better than an acca fruit.”

Annie’s mouth opened on a soundless cry when they all lowered their heads again. This time Baro was kissing her while Mott suckled on a nipple and Riek tasted her pussy. Shar gently penetrated her with a thick finger and her cunt clenched around him.

“So wet,” Shar growled. “I need you, Annie. I can’t wait any longer.”

Riek lifted his head and moved off to the side. Baro removed his lips from hers and started kissing his way down her neck. Shar shifted onto his knees between her splayed thighs and then shoved at Mott and Baro, who moved away from her toward the edge of the massive bed.

Sharm loomed up over her on his hands and knees, his eyes locked to hers. He bent his elbows and lowered until his forehead was pressed against hers, their breaths mingling as they panted.

“Have you been with a male before, Annie?”


“I will be gentle, but let me know if I cause you any pain.”

Annie nodded, and then she was once more floating as Shar kissed her. His tongue rubbed along hers, over her teeth and inner cheeks before coming back to duel with her tongue.

And then his body was pressing against hers. He was so warm and hard with muscle, but he didn’t put all of his weight on her. His cock felt huge against her thigh and very wet. She just hoped he would be able to penetrate her without too much pain. Then his penis was at her entrance, and he pushed up onto his hands and knees. Annie looked down, and her breath caught in her throat when she saw how big he really was. She’d thought Baro, Mott, and Riek were huge, which they were, but Sharm looked even bigger. His size put her in mind of a baseball bat, and she gave a nervous giggle.

“Do not fear me, Annie. I have natural secretions that will ease my way.”

Annie held her breath as he began to push in. Although she could feel his cock stretching her, there was no pain, only pleasure. She felt the broad, bulbous head pop through, but instead of stopping like she had expected him to, to give her body time to adjust to his intrusion, he kept right on going until she felt like he was lodged in her throat. Her internal muscles were tight, but again she didn’t feel uncomfortable or in any pain.

“You are so hot, tight, and wet.” Shar panted. “Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Annie moaned her answer. “You make me feel so full. Do something.” Annie normally wouldn’t demand anything from anyone, but she was so achy and hot she needed more. Needed him to relieve the throbbing heat deep inside of her. Her muscles clenched, and she wiggled her hips.

“By the Cardinal suns,” Shar rasped, and then he began to move.

He eased his huge cock back out, making her moan again as the friction caused a pleasure so intense she wasn’t sure she would survive it. Her head tossed back and forth on the pillow, and her mouth hung open as she panted heavily. He stroked back inside, the tip of his cock butting up against her cervix, causing more cream to form and coat his big dick.

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New Release – Violet’s Protectors by Honor James



Violet King has only had two major goals in her life, keep from being killed from those who want her throne, and avoid her mates at all costs. The first is easily achievable, the second is heartbreaking and will leave her to forever walk the Realms alone. There is a problem, though. If she never meets her mates than an entire Race will die out.

Given a task by their new king to bring a friend to the throne home, Viper and Ladon never expected to find their mate at the same time. With trouble coming for her there is only one option, do whatever is necessary to get her beyond the Veil to safety. What comes after will forever alter everyone, and everything—forever.

A prophecy speaking of death is now in play, turmoil between Earth and the Realms has reached an all-new level, and time is beginning to run out for them all.


September 30, 2035

There was a movement, the slightest flutter of a curtain which told the secrets held within. There was life, there was movement, and that meant that there was a chance that there was a person or persons inside of the home who might be able to shed some light on the mystery.

When the curtain fell back into place, however, there was no dawning knowledge, there was no blinding accuracy in simply knowing. Instead there was silence.

Frustration was the name of the game at this moment, and it was not something that she enjoyed. At all. Frustration was a bitter pill to swallow and one that more often than not got stuck in the craw of one’s throat.

Rubbing the back of her neck, Violet turned away from the conundrum that was before her. She leaned back in the seat she took outside of a cafe and sipped at the cocoa that she had been given and tried to think of what was going on.

Pulling out her old ratty notebook she fished out a pen from the bottom of her backpack and wrote her notes into the old-fashioned notebook.

While there was a presence inside of the home, there wasn’t a response when the bell was rung, nor was there when a delivery arrived via courier. Suspiciously there was another person who arrived to let the delivery in, however from where the party came from I don’t know.

Vi chewed her pen cap and then tapped it to her lip before she continued.

The being inside of the home is not a human. I can tell that much from the sidewalk. I’m not certain just exactly what the race is for this being, however I have to be honest here–the feeling is malevolent and the malcontent that is all but pouring out of the home is nearly blinding.

She had to shiver. She didn’t like it at all. There was something more about this job than just trying to figure out exactly who or what was inside of the home, she didn’t like that.

I keep finding myself questioning this assignment. I keep finding myself wanting to walk away from it, and if not for the plea from the woman on the other side of this equation I would have walked away by now. If a major change doesn’t occur within the next two days I am walking away. I have found nothing as of yet and can’t shake the feeling that I’m being set up for some reason. I just wish that I knew what it was that I was being set up about.

I think that it’s time that the discussion is had with the bosses. I’m ready to turn in my notice and walk away from it all. I think that the ones that hunt me are starting to get close again and that’s why this assignment feels off. I think that it’s time to disappear again.

Words she quickly scribbled out and then pulled the page out to tear into small pieces so that she could dump them into her coffee cup to toss away. Violet sighed and closed her eyes. God, she was not in a good place right now. Not with this assignment and with anything.

Quickly Violet shoved her pink and blue hair back behind her ears. The short hair in the back, long in front, a far cry different from what she was born with. The only thing Violet couldn’t change was her eyes. Eyes that denoted exactly who she was, the status and hierarchy that she held. If she wanted it. But she knew that to take the position that she was born to take would mean her death.



I believe that this being that I’m chasing, this Luhpyne that is supposed to be harming children and women, is not an actual person, but a set of persons. I don’t truly believe that the being in the home is a human, but I don’t get the feeling that they are Luhpyne either. I truly believe that whatever, whoever is inside of that home is evil and therefore it’s time to turn this case over to the AEDA. I just hope that I can turn this into them without whoever I talk to realizing just what, and worse, who I am.

She hesitated and bit her lower lip. Yeah. That would not be good. She had come to Earth far before the Veil fell. She had hidden when yet another attempt on her life was thwarted. An attempt that had cost the life of one of her oldest and dearest friends. A Draygon.

It was when that happened that Violet went to the only being she could trust, Drakos. King of the Draygons, he realized just who and what she was and realized that she held a secret. One that she kept close. No, Drakos was an honorable and good man and helped her to disappear onto Earth. A land that the Races viewed with disdain from afar.

Violet, however, lost herself on Earth. She had flitted from city to city and watched the humans as they learned, as they grew, and as they finally began to make advances into technology.

“Shit,” Violet grumbled and shoved all of her stuff back into her backpack.

She knew that it was time to turn her files over to the AEDA and disappear. She hadn’t talked to Drakos since he helped her to hide the first time but now that the Veil had fallen, perhaps she should reach out to him again. Maybe it was time to lose herself in one of the Realms since someone had obviously found her here on Earth.




“Fuck.” She all but moaned that singular word when the new angle of her body opened her fully for both of their rather large hands to tease and worship her skin. “That feels so damn good.” It had been far, far too long since she allowed herself to feel anything like this, and even then it felt nothing like this was feeling, because no one had been her mate until now.

Ladon rubbed his fingers over her pussy, between her folds and through the moisture there. Sliding his fingers back, he spread her juices to her anus. Over and over he did the same, each time he rubbed more to her ass, pressing in a little each time until he breached her with a finger. “Gods, you’re so fucking tight,” he growled out next to her ear.

“More,” was all that Violet could say in reply. She was tight because she had never, ever allowed anyone to touch her there. None had ever felt right but she knew that these men were right. They were hers and she was theirs, for now and for the rest of time. She belonged to them as they did to her. “Again,” she begged him. “More, I want everything with the two of you. I finally want to feel whole.”

The sensations were amazing, the feeling of these men touching her as they did. It was perfect, and their hands seemed to move in perfect harmony. Violet finally looked up at Viper and her breath caught in the back of her throat. This was what she needed. Him. Them. Everything. “God yes,” she moaned. “Perfect.” She whimpered. “Please, kiss me?” She requested of Viper. She needed more, needed that connection and was desperate to forge it with them.

Dipping his chin, he brushed his lips to hers slowly. He nipped at her lip right when Ladon pressed his finger in deeper, slowly stretching her. Viper captured her moan with a deep kiss while Ladon began to slowly stroke his finger in and out of her ass.

Violet shivered and jerked, her body was moving in desperation and need. When she parted from Viper her eyes were glowing, the need was there just as it was on her Draygon. “Please.” She whispered that singular word for him and Ladon alone. She would never beg another being, only these two men.

“Hold on,” Ladon said next to her ear. “We still have to stretch you more, you’re so fucking tight, sweetheart. You cannot come, though, no matter what, you can’t come without us. Remember that, and if it becomes too much, say something, we’ll take a breather until you’re balanced again.” She felt him stretching her more. “Working two in now, Vi.”

Vi nodded and let her forehead drop to Viper’s chest. She was clenching her hands on his arms tightly. “I won’t come without the two of you, I need you both far too damn much for that.” She needed that connection to them both, had to have it, or she knew she wouldn’t be able to continue on with this life.

Viper slid his hands up, one on her arm, the other to the back of her neck. “Keep breathing,” he said softly. He nipped at her ear gently before he rested his cheek to hers, the stubble on his cheeks lightly scraping her skin.

The tactile sensations of Viper nuzzling and teasing her skin and the stretching and teasing that Ladon was doing to her backside had her gasping for air. “Gods. That feels so good.” They hadn’t even touched her clit and already she was about to go off like the proverbial rocket. She saw stars behind her eyelids, she was gasping for air but forced her orgasm under control. “Hurry,” she demanded instead. “Not going to hurt me, not when I was made for you both. God, please hurry.”

“You’re too tight, Vi. I don’t want to hurt you,” Ladon growled.

“She’s on edge, Ladon. We can’t risk having her go over. Take it slow, but we need to do this now.”

“Shit,” he muttered. “I really wish we had some lube.”

“Check the bedside table, knowing Drake there’s likely some in there,” Viper said.

Violet’s eyes were closed as she clenched her fingers against Viper’s shoulders. She leaned in and bit his shoulder, she couldn’t seem to help herself. She was desperate and she damn well needed and wanted both of them to be right there with her. She wanted to shake that indomitable control that Viper had on himself, she wanted to see the Draygon that was hers. Dammit.

“Behave,” he said, his voice taking on a sharp edge.

“Got some,” Ladon announced triumphantly. “Vi, hold on, sweetheart. This is likely to be damned cold. But I need to work some up your gorgeous little ass before we start. Try not to clench too hard if you can.”

“Working on trying, but then Viper tells me to behave.” She looked up at said mate and grinned. “Do it, Ladon,” she said, but her eyes never left Viper’s, she was utterly mesmerized by him. “Hurry, don’t care how fucking cold it is, because soon we will be burning hot.”




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New Release – Sapiosexual by Tymber Dalton



Chelbie Larson’s turned on by intelligence, but the creative, snarky, feisty woman knows she’s too much for any one guy to handle. The picky sapiosexual refuses to settle for less than what she wants, which is why she’s still single. Her parents have a solid marriage, and she knows that’s the quality of love she yearns for.

Enter Nick and Rich Hurst, fledgling kinkster twins. One is a computer expert, the other a talented musician. And they’re no stranger to showing a woman a good time. Chelbie’s not bashful about showing them what she wants. Just when Chelbie had given up on finding a guy, they show her maybe dreams can come true.

But when Chelbie’s attacked out of the blue, the truth about the triad’s relationship doesn’t make her parents happy. Now she faces a difficult choice between appeasing her parents…or deciding to follow her heart.

One thing’s for sure—her life will never be the same.


They’d just gotten her settled in a room when she heard her mom’s frantic voice from somewhere down the hallway.

“Prepare for the mompocalypse,” Chelbie snarked, not sure if that was really funny or only funny in her head because of the painkillers.

“What?” the men said.

She didn’t have time to explain, because then her parents were rushing through the door.

“Chelbie!” her mom practically screamed, racing over to the bed and nearly knocking Nick out of the way.

“Hey, easy with the manchandise there,” Chelbie said, snickering. She looked up. “See what I did there?” she asked Rich.

He smiled. “Yes, I saw.”

“Are you all right?” her dad asked.

“I’m fine. See?” She held up her left arm, the one with the bandage and IV. “Sorry.” She dropped that arm and picked up her other one. “See? Fine.”

Nick moved around to the other side of the bed. “They gave her a dose of painkillers,” he said.

“Good shit, too,” Chelbie said. “Really good shit.”

“Who are you?” her dad asked.

“Gee, and I’m the one on the meds.”

“He means us, Chel,” Nick said.

She pushed herself up on the bed. “Oh, them. Mom, Dad, this is Nick and Rich Hurst. They’re twins. And they’re mine.”

“Your what?” her mom asked.

Rich patted her shoulder. “Chelbie, you’re kind of out of it—”

“Mine!” Chelbie said, knowing this wasn’t the best idea, but unable to stop herself. Plus, she figured the painkillers were giving her an IV dose of courage. “You know, like we’re together.” She smiled up at her guys, who now looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Nick raised his hand. “Hi,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”

“That’s Nick,” Chelbie said. “They’re twins, but here’s a secret.” She leaned in. “They’re not identical.”

“She’s really doped up,” Rich said.

Her dad started to say something when the detective who’d responded and questioned her at the house walked in. “Miss Larson, I need to ask you a few more questions.”

“Did you talk to that fucking rat bastard with the restraining order?” she asked. “He fucking broke my goddamned car window to use the clicker for the garage door. I want his head on a fucking platter!”

“Restraining order?” her dad asked.

“Whoops. Heh. Yeah, creepy guy last year. Don’t worry, I toootally handled it on my own.”

Her mom’s mouth opened and closed a few times. “Chelbie, what’s—”

“So, did you talk to the rat bastard?” Chelbie asked the detective.

He looked uncomfortable. Then again, it could have been the drugs skewing her perceptions. “Yes, ma’am. He has an alibi. He was at home, with three other people.”

“Shit. Oh, these are my ’rents,” she said, pointing to her parents.

Nick, who’d walked around to stand next to Rich, patted her shoulder. “We can go.”

“That would be best,” her dad said.

Hell, no.” Chelbie groped for and finally grabbed Rich’s arm on the second try. “They’re here because I called them. They stay. And how do you know that rat bastard wasn’t lying?” she asked the detective. “I’ve seen him twice at the coffeeshop. Muerto Pillow.”

“Puerto Mellow,” her guys corrected.

“Yeah, that.” She giggled. “The Dead Pillow. That would be kind of funny, huh?”

The detective looked at his notepad. “You told the responding officers your attacker was about your height, slender build, and had a higher pitched voice than the average man.”

She tried to process that. “Yeah? Oh. I guess the rat bastard doesn’t fit the description.”

She thought the detective might be smiling because he was amused at how she was acting. She wasn’t sure. They were pretty good drugs. “No, ma’am.”

“What happened tonight?” her dad asked, practically yelling.

Chelbie laid back and waved at the detective. “Can you please tell them?”

He pulled them aside and started talking to them while Chelbie looked up. “I love you guys.”

Rich brushed the hair from her forehead. “We love you, too, Chelbie.”

“You can’t leave.” She pointed at Nick. “Promise me. If you leave, I’ll scream, then they’ll drug me and put a psych hold on me and it’ll be all your fault.”

“I’m thinking you might need a psych hold now,” Rich joked.

At least, she hoped he was joking.

Her parents returned to her bedside.

“Well,” her dad said. “Thank you for coming to help her, but you two can go—”

“Uh, no they can’t,” Chelbie said. “They’re staying.”

Her mom tried. “Honey, you’ve been through a lot—”

“And they’re staying.” She looked at her guys. “Am I not speaking coherent English? Is it the drugs? Because I swear it sounds like English in my head.”

“You’re speaking English, babe,” Nick assured her.

“Good.” She looked at her parents. “They’re my boyfriends. Both of them.” She held up two fingers. “Did I mention they’re twins?”

Her mom looked like she was trying to find the words to respond.

Her dad looked like he’d swallowed a sour goldfish, and not the cracker kind, either.

The live, slimy, wiggling-on-the-way-down kind.

“Well? Say something.” Then Chelbie spotted the detective standing by the door. “Oh, hey, you’re still here.” She pointed at Rich. “The place he works? Best. Garlic. Knots. Ever. Evvveerrr.”

“You guys really should go,” her dad said.

Chelbie sat up in bed. “Okay, they said I was speaking English. If anyone’s going to go, it’s you two.”

“We’re your parents.”

“And they’re my significant others.” The room spun a little, so Chelbie laid back against the bed. “And I say they stay.”

Her mom finally exploded. “This is not the time or place to discuss this, young lady.”

“It tooootally is, Mom. Because I’m drugged to the gills and no longer scared of admitting what’s going on. I nearly got my skull beaten in, but don’t worry. I got some flesh on the asshole. Literally. They’re going to do the whole CSI thing on it and run tests and shit.”

“You can’t have two boyfriends,” her dad said. There was a vein standing out on his forehead Chelbie worried a little about. She started to reach out to poke at it when she refocused.

“No, I obviously can,” she said. “Because Ido. And they’re damn good boyfriends. They even yelled at me when I called them first instead of 911.”

“What?” her dad asked.

Nick had covered his face with his hand and was slowly shaking his head.


The men’s willing acceptance to wait on sex if Chelbie wanted to meant, ironically, that Chelbie didn’t want to.

But she didn’t tell them that.

Not at first.

She waited to reveal that little fact to them after they’d gotten their test results back. It was a Tuesday night, not yet the two-week mark since they’d got Rich to the club.

And she didn’t want to wait anymore.

She went over to their apartment to cook dinner for them in cuffs and collar, since Rich had the night off. Only when they were getting ready for playing after did she break the news to them.

“I have an idea, guys,” she said.

“What?” Nick asked.

“How about I’m dessert?”

Rich looked understandably confused. “Huh?”

She knelt in front of him, where he stood in the kitchen after helping her clean up the dinner dishes. She unfastened his shorts and fished his cock out of his briefs. It immediately came to life, and before he could react, she looked up into his eyes and swallowed him to the root.

He let out a groan.

Nick walked around the counter. “You saying what I think you’re saying?”

She waggled her eyebrows at him in reply and didn’t release Rich’s cock while she crooked a finger at Nick to call him over.

With his help, she got his cock free, too. She kept one hand on Rich’s cock while she moved over to Nick’s and deep-throated him.

Then, with her hands around both their cocks, she sat back and said, “I don’t think we need to wait six months to have sex-sex.” She smiled. “I don’t think I can wait that long. You guys have proven to me that you’re trustworthy. With everything we’ve done, you would have been pressuring me before now if you were jerks.”

The men exchanged a glance before identical smiles filled their faces. They each grabbed a hand, carefully peeling her fingers from their cocks, and pulled her to her feet. They started leading her to Nick’s bedroom without further discussion.

She giggled as they tossed her onto the bed. She’d half expected them to pounce, but here they pleasantly surprised her, too. Nick got between her legs first, burying his face in her pussy, his talented tongue spearing her, flicking her clit, making her moan.

Which was okay, because Rich stretched out next to her, put her hand back on his cock, and then proceeded to fuck her mouth with his tongue, kissing her deeply.

Then he moved down to her breasts, going back and forth from one to the other, licking, sucking, biting.

They knew what she wanted, and were obviously willing to give it to her. Why would she want to be an idiot and not take them up on it?

She didn’t want to be an idiot.

It didn’t take Nick long to get the first orgasm out of her, especially when he inserted first two, then three fingers in her pussy and slowly finger-fucked her.

The men immediately swapped places, Rich now eagerly eating her out, sucking on her clit and rolling her eyes back in her head.

And those talented musician’s fingers…


“So what do you want tonight?” Nick asked. “You want us both in you at the same time like with the stunt cocks? Or do you want a little more traditional?”

She actually wanted them one at a time this first time, but wasn’t quite in possession of the brain cells to verbalize it while Rich was blowing her mind with yet another orally induced orgasm.

She held up one finger.

Nick smiled. “One at a time it is. Rich, why don’t you do the honors since you’re down there already?” He slid a hand down her body as Rich sat up, finding her clit. “I’ll keep you distracted.”

Rich’s hair fell forward and brushed against his cheeks as he carefully positioned the head of his cock at her entrance. “I honestly don’t know how long I’ll hold back,” he hoarsely said. “So apologies if this one is fast. I know I can get it up a second time, don’t worry, and I’ll make it up to you then.”

Chelbie stared up into his blue eyes as he slowly slid his cock deep inside her pussy, reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek as he began fucking her.

“Yesss!” she hissed, the feeling way better than the stunt cocks. They were okay, but they were no substitute for a warm, living, loving cock.

Especially these two warm, living, loving cocks.

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