New Release – Kira’s Warriors by Elle Boon



Kira lived the life of a pampered princess of a wealthy Japanese man who mourned the loss of his son and missing wife. She’d been given everything a girl could want, but nobody was allowed close enough to love or hurt her. All that changed when her life was threatened and he hired the Ravens as her security.

Thane and Garrick never expected to find their Fated, let alone that she’d be touched by a god. The legend of the Kitsune was steeped in mystery, but they’d need all the help they could get to save their Fated from the god who possessed her brother.

They’d need to travel into the deepest levels of hell and fight the Shinigami to save her and her brother. Kira realizes Thane and Garrick would give up their own lives to give her the family she’d never had. She would fight to hold onto the best things she could ever ask for, her warriors.


“Why are you two still following me? I told you to leave me alone.” Kira turned to face the two men who she’d been unable to shake no matter what she did. Even when she’d went into the restroom at LaGuardia, switched her clothes, pulled her hair up in a bun and covered her head with a stupid ball cap that said ‘I love NY’, they still fell in line behind her.

“Sweetheart, I hate to break it to you, but where you go we follow.” Garrick Theon flashed his pearly white teeth at her.

If Kira could, she’d gladly punch him in the mouth just to see if she could loosen a few of his perfect teeth. His lips tilted up in a grin she was beginning to hate and love in equal measures. Both men appealed to her, but that was truly a dangerous path to go down. The last man she’d thought she loved…Kira shut that train of thought off before the memories could resurface, bringing back the shame and heartache she’d worked so hard to bury.

“Hey now kitten, what put that look on your face?” Thantos Odysseus asked. His large hand curled into a fist, almost making her flinch as he raised it to her cheek, only to gently run it down in the softest caress.

Thane and G both looked at her, waiting on her to answer, and it took her a moment to figure out what it was that was asked. The look of hurt on Thane’s features made her want to reach out and apologize, but they were the ones who were invading her space.

“I just don’t understand why you insist on continuing to be my bodyguards, when clearly I can take care of myself,” Kira said, throwing her hands up in the air. She could see there was no changing their minds. However they didn’t know her, or her country as well as she did. Nor did they have two loyal Akitas. Her pets didn’t like anyone but her, she smiled imagining the look on their faces when they saw her four legged best friends.

“Thane? I don’t like the look in her eyes.” Garrick took a step closer to where she stood on the porch of her home.

Being back in Osore-Zan Japan where her mother was from, Kira felt a stronger connection to the woman. “There is nothing in my eyes except contempt for the both of you. Now, if you’ll both excuse me I’m going inside, alone. If you insist on guarding me, you can keep watch from out here.”

Kira turned on her heel to march inside, coming to a stop as Garrick, or G to his friends, materialized in her path. “You can lie to yourself, but not to Thane and I, Neko-Chan.”

“Did you just call me kitten in Japanese?” She held up her hand. “No, don’t answer that, just get out of my way.” She knew they treated her with kid gloves because she was so much smaller than them. At five-foot-three to their six-foot-six and six-foot-seven if she was to guess, okay if she was being honest she knew exactly how tall they were. Having studied them whenever they weren’t looking, Kira could give a detailed description of each man down to every visible scar.

“You can bitch all you want Kira, but it won’t change the fact that you aren’t stepping foot inside until Thane and I check it out.”

A sense of danger had the hair on the back of her neck standing on end. She took a step closer to Garrick, placing her hands on each of his biceps. “Do you feel that?”

Thane stepped up behind her. “What is it?”

A shiver stole up her spine. “Something is out there.” She didn’t turn to look out toward the towering trees in the distance, choosing to focus on G’s light blue eyes. He and Thane’s were almost identical and changed colors depending on their emotions.

“Is it secure?” Garrick asked Thane.

Kira wanted to protest his going over her head, literally and physically. The eerie feeling of being watched, marked for death by something evil wouldn’t go away. When she placed her hands on G, and then had Thane at her back the oily touch recoiled.

“I just scanned the interior and other than two beasts that are ready to bite our heads off, yes it’s secure.” Thane answered.

Garrick wrapped one arm around her, placing his body on the outside. “Do you want to let us in?” He indicated the handprint scanner by the door panel.

She wiped her sweaty palms on her ass, hearing Thane murmur something that sounded like he’d like to be her hands made her smile.

Once inside, the two beasts as Thane called them, came running to greet her. Garrick tried to push her behind him, but Kira had missed Taji and Hoshi her two Akitas, and slid under his arm. They were a beautiful breed of canines that were very protective, and usually didn’t get along well with others. She hugged the two dogs, letting them lick her face in greeting before standing back up.

With her back to the two Ravens who refused to leave her alone, Kira expelled a tired breath. She wasn’t ready to spill her guts, or her life story to them. Why did her father insist on hiring men who weren’t like the rest of his hired goons? Ones she could easily dismiss.

“We can stand here all day and night, or you can just spit it out, kitten. I think you know we have more than enough stamina to outlast you,” Thane said.


She turned her face up to his, love emanating on her glowing features. “I can see we will need to compromise then. Unless you plan to tie me up each time you leave.”

Possessiveness shot straight to Thane’s groin at her whispered words. “Oh, I think we could practice tying you up, only we will be with you when you are all tied up and at our mercy.”

“I like how you think, Thane.” Garrick didn’t look away from a kneeling Kira.

Their Fated took each of their hands and placed one on each of her breasts. The erect little nub stabbed into Thane’s palm. He let her control how much pressure he used, knowing she was doing the same with Garrick’s hand. He itched to use his fingers to twist her nipple into an even harder point, but wanted to see what she did next. She brought first Garrick’s hand up to her mouth, sucking his index finger in between her lips. His best friend’s groan turned to a moan, and then it was his turn for the same treatment. By the time she brought their wet fingers back to her breasts, her shirt was gone. Kira had used her new abilities to not only make her clothes disappear, but Thane was shocked to see he and Garrick were also naked.

She trailed their wet fingers around her nipples, her eyes rolling backward as Thane plucked at the one she’d given him access to. A soft cry escaped her lips when Garrick did the same on the other side.

Thane leaned forward, needing to taste her lips. He strummed his thumb over her nipple one more time, inching down the length of her body with his palm. Little shivers of need arced from her to both him and Garrick. He stroked her lower stomach, watching her eyes dilate, her muscles quivered beneath his fingers. Tracing an erotic pattern down her mons he heard her breath catch. Thane inched his hand toward her pussy, stroking down her thigh and back up before delving between the cleft, inserting one finger. “Damn, you’re so fucking wet.” He circled her clit, teasing softly. His head dipped toward her breasts, pausing when Garrick leaned forward and claimed her kiss-swollen lips. His eyes flared with joy and lust.

The easy, teasing movements of his finger over her clit nearly sent her over the edge, but Thane wanted to draw her pleasure out. Her hand moved over his, pulling on his wrists, trying to force his movements faster.

She moaned above him, the sound one of wanton need.

Thane released her breast with a loud pop. “You need to come, Kitten?”

“Yes, Thane, please.”

“Please what?” He continued to tease her clit while pumping one finger in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Her eyes flashed emerald fire. “Don’t forget two, or in this case three, can play that game.” Kira locked eyes with him, licked her lips and began undulating her hips, beginning an erotic dance that would surely set any man aflame.

A shudder racked his body. Her hips rolled, and with his fingers on and inside her, he could feel her inner muscles working. He let loose a groan. He added a second finger alongside the first, pumping them in tandem to the flicks of the one teasing her clit.

“Yes! Don’t stop. Please, Thane,” Kira said.

“He’s not going to stop, Neko-Chan,” Garrick said, claiming Kira’s lips in another deep kiss.

Thane shoved the couch away from him, replacing his finger on her clit with his lips and tongue, sucking the bit of flesh into his mouth. His eyes closed to half-mast as her flavor burst in his mouth. Her body shook at the approaching orgasm, but he trusted Garrick to keep their Fated from falling. He lapped at her, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out and then moved to licking her slit. Another long, slow lick and he was rewarded with her cry of surprise. She was close to coming. From his estimation it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge.

He sucked the bundle of nerves into his mouth once again, letting her feel the edge of his teeth.

“Oh, fuck, Thane. What the hell are you doing to me?”

He rumbled against her flesh, knowing the vibrations would be an added stimulation.

Garrick knelt behind Kira, his dark head bent, nibbling along the side of Kira’s neck. Thane shared with him the way Kira tasted, the way she tightened on his fingers. “Why, Kira. I do believe he’s eating you, love.” Garrick whispered wickedly.

Kira’s moan came out breathlessly. “Oh, all righty then.”

Thane smiled. Her thighs shook slightly. Looking up he saw Garrick holding her breasts, playing with her nipples, pinching them into hard peaks once again. His cock was like a steel pole at the sight of his best friend and his Fated enjoying her body.

She was gasping, panting with need, her body shuddering between them. Kira was on the verge of climax, her expression almost pained.

He took mercy on all three of them, sucking on her clit with purpose, using a small amount of power he hummed, allowing the vibrations to flow into her entire body. Her inner muscles clamped down on his fingers, screaming his name as she came. Her hand flew down to hold him to her, her fingers digging into his scalp, and she continued arching against him.

Kira moaned, whimpered, coming down from such an intense climax, her mind completely open to both he and Garrick. Thane kept up the gentle laps and licks, pulling his fingers out when the final pulses of her pussy stopped. If he didn’t fuck his Fated soon he was going to explode all over the hotel suite floor. He was so damn hard he hurt, and Garrick didn’t look like he was in any better condition.

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New Release – Midnight Fantasy (The Doms of Sybaris Cove) by Tara Rose



Doms Javier Durante and Garrett Raleigh each dated Renata Fontanette before she left for college, but she never planned to return. Her plans changed, and now Renata is back and working at Phoebe’s Playthings. The men are only too happy to pursue her again.

But their first outing with her reveals disturbing news. A Santeria practitioner has come to Sybaris Cove to help lift the curse on the Raleigh and Durante families. But there’s a catch. A descendant of Faith Fontanette, the woman who was sacrificed as a boon when the original curse was cast, must die. Renata is Faith’s only living descendant.

When the moment comes to summon the demons and ask for the curse to be lifted, Javier and Garrett offer an alternative solution. They would rather be cursed for eternity than give up the woman they love.

Will it be good enough to finally end the curse, or have they sealed the fate of both families forever?


Renata caught Garrett’s frown, and the way he cut his gaze toward the rearview mirror for a second or two. If he noticed the icy coldness, at least she knew it wasn’t her imagination. She swallowed hard. Six weeks of silence was long enough. Either he really hated her and she hadn’t known it until now, or there was another reason he was acting like such an ass. Either way, she was sick of it. She’d admitted her mistake and asked for forgiveness from Garrett. If that’s what she had to do with Javier, then she’d do it. And if he still acted  like a jerk, then obviously breaking up with him had been the right decision, after all.

With a quick glance toward Garrett first, she moved closer to the space between the front seats. “Look, I’m sorry for the way I treated you in school. I’ve been waiting nine years to tell you that. It was shitty. And I know this has to be awkward for you both since I broke up with you to go out with Garrett. I was wrong to treat you that way. I was just a kid, but that’s not an excuse for bad behavior. However, we’re all adults now, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and…and give me another chance.”

He stared at her with such a neutral expression that she wondered if he’d heard her. Her heart pounded in her ears while she waited, and she swore that Garrett had slowed his speed. Maybe he was waiting, as well?

“A chance to do what?” Javier’s question was so soft she barely heard it.

“I don’t know, exactly. To talk again, for one thing. To see where this evening leads us. To be friends again, at the very least.”

“You’re okay with talking about what happened in high school in front of Garrett?”

“Of course.”

“All right then.” He leaned forward and moved so close to her that if there had been more light inside the car she’d have been able to count his eyelashes. His very long eyelashes. “You hurt me, Renata. A lot. I told you I was in love with you and I meant it. It wasn’t just something a horny sixteen-year-old boy said to try and get into your pants. And then you dumped my sorry ass for the quarterback.”

“Hey…that’s totally not fair.” Garrett’s voice was angry, and Renata didn’t blame him, but she spoke before he could again because she had to get this out or she never would.

“I’m sorry, Javier. I don’t know what else to say. But just for the record, my decision to go out with Garrett had nothing to do with him playing football.”

“Oh, right. Like a girl who looks like you do would prefer a cello player.”

“A girl who looks like me? What the hell does that mean? And for your information, I thought it was sexy as hell that you played a musical instrument. I still do.”

Clearly, he hadn’t expected that answer from her. He looked a bit confused for a second, and then his expression finally softened. “Okay. So why did you break up with me?”

“I don’t know. I was a kid. I’m sorry. I can’t offer you anything better than that. I had my head up my ass on the best of days. But I’m not that person anymore. I’ve missed you. Both of you. I’ve missed my home and I’ve missed this island. That’s why I’m back here, using my very expensive degree to design better bondage cuffs.”

He narrowed his eyes. “So, your decision to take the job in R&D had nothing to do with Garrett running the department?”

“Javier, for God’s sake…”

She cut Garrett off again. “No, it didn’t. It’s what I’m trained to do. My doctorate is in biomechanical engineering. I wrote my dissertation on the fetish industry. Did you know that? They almost didn’t let me finish it but I fought them, and I won. It’s as valid as the safety concerns for any other kind of equipment, after all.”

“I didn’t know that. About your dissertation, I mean.” The admiration in his voice was evident.

“I worked for a medical equipment house after I earned my PhD, and I hated it. I didn’t want to design wheelchairs, splints, or more user-friendly IV pumps. I wanted to come home and work for Phoebe’s Playthings. I’m a lot like both of you and your relatives in that respect. This is where I want to be. The job I wanted was open, it was perfect for me, and it wouldn’t have mattered who ran the department. I still would have gone for it.”

“Satisfied now?” asked Garrett as he pulled into a parking space on the street where Asa lived.

“Yeah. I guess so. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted under one condition,” she said. “That you accept mine as well, and that we bury the hatchet and start over.” She stuck out her hand. “Oh, and that you tell me what you meant by a girl who looks like me.”

Garrett chuckled and opened his car door. “I’m going to wait outside while he explains that one.”

She watched Garrett leave the car, wondering why he’d done so, and then instead of shaking her hand, Javier placed a finger on her face and gently turned it toward him again. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked into those eyes. His features, too, had angled a bit since his teen days, and just like Garrett, it made him even more gorgeous. She brushed the hair off his forehead now, and his gaze softened.

“You always did that.”

“I know. I remember.”

“What I meant was that you were out of my league. Too damn pretty. You still are.”

“Javier, I’m not out of anyone’s league. And I happen to think you’re drop-dead gorgeous, so if looks determine who is or isn’t out of anyone’s league, I’m the one who is on dangerous ground here.”

“It’s not dangerous ground.” His gaze slipped down to her sweater and back up again, and Renata had to bite back a moan at the dark lust in his eyes. He looked like he wanted to devour her in one bite, and she shivered. “Unless you consider my overwhelming urge to kiss you dangerous.”


“Any absolute limits we should know about?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t even know what to tell you. I’ve never given it any thought.”

“All right then. How about this? If we do anything, and I mean anything, that makes you afraid, uncomfortable, or that you need to talk about first, you safeword. Otherwise, we’ll just keep going.”

Oh God! “That sounds so incredibly decadent I can’t even think right now. All right. Yes. I agree.”

“Good girl.” That voice! What was it about this night that had rendered it so deliciously seductive? Had he always sounded this way?

She caught Garrett’s scent as he moved toward her, and when she glanced at his reflection in the mirror, he held up a long, dark piece of fabric. They were going to blindfold her. Renata could hardly catch her breath as Javier moved away from her and Garrett stepped up to wrap the silk around her head. As soon as he tied it, she felt her muscles relax. This was perfect. How had they known?

“Are you okay with this?” he asked.

“Yes. I love it.”

“Walk with me. We’ve got you. You won’t fall.” She anticipated being turned around and led toward the mattress, but instead Garrett’s hand on her elbow led her forward, toward the windows. She felt the coolness on her face, and was suddenly very aware of the slate beneath her bare feet, and the feel of the air up here. The room was quite large, and she swore with the blindfold on she could feel the expanse.

“Lean against the ledge here.” He guided her hands to the windowsill, and then she waited. “This faces south. Not too many homes on this side, so try to pay attention only to the sound of our voices, not where we are. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I trust you both.”

“Good girl.” She shivered at those words. Garrett’s voice, too, had taken on a sultry quality she’d never noticed before.

Soft leather brushed her back and ass cheeks, and then the back of her legs. Renata drew in a sharp breath, but not because it hurt. The sensation was exquisite, as if the leather caressed away her cares and worries each pass of the falls. All memories of what Petra had told them tonight melted away, and there was only the flogger against her skin, and the soft shuffling of Garrett’s and Javier’s shoes on the floor as they moved around her.

“Do you like that?” asked Javier.

“Yes. Very much.”

He brushed the falls over her breasts, and Renata moaned. Would they strike her with it? She’d never been so much as spanked, but her fantasies had always included kinky sex. She’d never told them that. Did they know, anyway? Could a Dom sense that in a woman?

“How about this?” asked Garrett. He moved what she swore was the edge of a wooden paddle over her arms and legs, then against her ass cheeks. “Do you know what this is?”

His voice was teasing, full of lust, and it was all she could not to turn around and just start reaching for them. But she knew why they were doing this. It was to prolong the sweet torture and introduce her to play, and she loved them both being so attentive to her needs. They had never been immature high school boys, at least in her mind, but both had grown so much since then, regardless. It was amazing just to be here with them, and she wanted to relax into this moment and enjoy everything they wanted to share with her.

“It’s wooden. I know that much.”

She caught the soft chuckle, and it was so damn sexy she almost came. “Very good.” He brushed the length of it against her ass cheeks, and Renata moaned. “It’s a paddle. Like they use in fraternities. Any of those frat boys up there in Alabama ever use one on you?”

She had to bite back a laugh. “Ah, no. And I never hung out with any frat boys, regardless.”

“Good to know.” He smacked her ass with it, not even close to hard, but the endorphins rushing through her were ridiculous. She readjusted her stance and clung to the windowsill. When the flogger falls snapped across her ass, she moaned again.

“I think she likes this,” said Javier. “We’ve hit the jackpot.”

“Oh God…” Renata tried to keep breathing as they alternated the paddle and the flogger on her ass and breasts. None of the strikes were hard enough to actually hurt, but that was okay for now. It was the sensations she loved, and the fact that she couldn’t see who was doing what. She loved being at their mercy, knowing she faced a wall of windows, naked. It was such a turn-on, and she hoped someone out there was watching.

“Spread your legs a bit,” said Javier.

Renata stepped wider, and then the flogger was aimed between them so it stung her pussy. She tossed her head back and moaned loudly. “That feels incredible. I had no idea.”

“Neither did we.” He nuzzled her neck, and when he cupped her pussy, she nearly came again. She wanted their hands all over her. She needed their cocks inside her. Every hole, all night long.

“This is a very pleasant surprise,” said Garrett. The paddle smacked her ass again, not gently this time, but Renata didn’t mind. She loved it. The harder he hit her, the more she wanted. Whoever wielded the flogger now changed to something sharp and small. It stung like crazy but that only increased her arousal. The pain and pleasure became all mixed up into one exquisite sensation, until Renata could no longer distinguish between the two. She merely knew she didn’t want it to end.

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New Release – Their Forever Home by Marla Monroe



Vella, Carver, and Lance are traveling to find a home in a new community they’ve heard about to the west. Can they compromise and put aside possessive tendencies in order to become a family? Will they be accepted into their forever home, or will one of the men’s past ruin any chance they have at a safer future among others?

When it comes down to decisions on who is part of their family, will Carver make the cut or will he be forced to move on? And can Vella forget about Carver’s past if she does accept him into their family unit?


I’m going to die.

Vella Lockhart slowly stood to her full height of five-foot-four-inches for what it was worth and glared at the four men watching her with excitement. Lust fairly poured off of them as they looked her up and down, pausing on her breasts before continuing the journey south.

“Well looky here boys. Looks like we have ourselves a woman without a man to protect her. What do ya’ say we take care of her as ours? Like that idea, Z? I sure do,” a dirty blond haired man said. His stained teeth and unkempt appearance only made it more obvious that she was in deep trouble.

“Think she can handle four of us, boss?” a shorter man asked as he danced from foot to foot.

Vella nearly laughed when it reminded her of the kinder garden children she’d occasionally watch when their teacher had something to take care of. Before the crash, she’d been a school secretary. Now it looked like she was going to die or become a woman for four dirty, scary looking men. At this point, Vella was leaning toward dying rather than have one of them touch her.

“I think she’s a bit touched in the head, boss. She’s smiling,” the dancing man said with a frown.

“Naw, she’s just excited to find us ready to see to her needs,” the one the boss had referred to as Z said.

Vella watched the on in the back who hadn’t said anything. He bothered her more than the others. Not only was he not speaking, but his scarred up face and the way he opened and closed his fists over and over frightened her. He would be the one to worry about.

“Why don’t you come over here, sweet thing? Let’s all get acquainted,” the leader said.

“I appreciate your offer to take care of me, but I’m not interested. Several of us are heading out west to meet up with the rest of our family.” She knew it was useless to argue with them, but Vella needed more time to come up with a plan of some sort. If not, she would die fighting them.

“So where is the rest of your group, sweet thing?” he asked, cocking his head and looking around. “Don’t see no one else around.”

“They’ve gone on ahead a little ways. I just needed to sit here a bit longer. I’m not in as good a shape as they are.” Boy was that an understatement, she thought.

The truth of it was that she was in terrible shape though she’d lost a good bit of weight with the world’s demise. After the year of catastrophes where it felt as if Mother Nature had unleashed her fury on everyone. Vella had lost most of her excess weight due to poor food supplies and the never ending work to survive when she’d been part of Marcus Lemming’s community. To her way of thinking it acted more like a commune than an extended family their leader, Marcus had promised.

The one they called boss chuckled and it spread throughout the little group until he stopped. His eyes held an unhealthy light that left her wondering if they’d somehow gotten hold of some loco weed or found a stash of drugs somewhere. It worried her even more than she was already worrying.

“Don’t look out of shape to me,” said the pee dance man, still shuffling from foot to foot.

“Me either,” Z said with a crooked smile.

“I want her,” the silent till now, scary dude said in a deep harsh voice.

“Stand in line, Bear. We all want her. You’ll get your turn,” the leader said with a sick smile.

“No. I want her now,” he said pushing through the others as if they were just weeds in his way.

For the first time, Vella stepped back. She might have been able to fight the others off, well maybe not. But there was no way she could handle this guy. He was built like a freaking gorilla on steroids. He’d crush her if he got hold of her.

He kept coming.

“Look. No disrespect or anything, but I really don’t want this.” She saw the determination in his eyes and added, “Please.”

She looked over her shoulder and groaned. The only way she had open to her was to jump into the freaking deep stream or river or whatever it was and pray she didn’t drown or maybe freeze. It was barely spring. She doubted all the snow had melted off the mountains so the water was bound to be icy.

The other men scrambled to stop the big guy from grabbing her. They all argued and punched each other like some Three Stooges comedy of errors. The one called Bear didn’t seem to even register their attempts to thwart his efforts to get at Vella. He would rape her and probably kill her while he did it. It was there in his eyes. For a few precious seconds, she froze at the stark reality of her situation.

Then the curses of the men as they pretty much hung on to him in an attempt to stop his advance snapped her out of it.

The one thing going for Vella in that moment was that they didn’t bother looking at her face as they struggled with Bear. If they had, they might have noticed her will to survive and caught on to her plan to jump. Whether that was an actual will to survive or a choice between methods of death, she wasn’t sure. All she was sure of in that moment was that she didn’t want the mountain of a man called Bear to touch her.

She sucked in a deep breath and let it out. Then again, only this time she held it and turned around to jump off the short ledge to the water below.

I’m going to die.



“No more talk, guys,” Lance said as he settled between her legs once more. “I’m hungry and she’s lying here spread open like a feast before me. I’m not wasting one second of this.”

She gasped as Lance’s tongue flicked over her clit in rapid movements that had her digging her fingers into the blankets to the hard cave rock underneath. He sank two fingers into her cunt this time and as he pumped them and sucked on her clit, pressure built deep in her womb, yet the friction wasn’t quite enough. Vella lifted one hand and scratched down the center of Carver’s chest.

“Please. I need something. I’m so close already,” she pleaded.

Carver growled before taken one of her nipples in his mouth while squeezing the other with his fingers. His teeth worried the swollen nub even as he twisted the other nipple between his fingers. Vella exploded all over them.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Lance, so good. Carver. God, Carver!”

“Give it all to us, babe,” Carver demanded.

She couldn’t stop the tremors that racked her body as she slowly came down from the best orgasm of her life. If that felt that amazing, how much better would actual intercourse be? She was almost too worried to find out. Almost, but not quite enough to put a stop to their play.

Vella lay panting with her eyes closed. She didn’t have the energy to open them until someone covered her body with theirs. They snapped open at the barely there weight to find Carver staring down at her.

“I want a taste of you before Lance fucks you. That little taste wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me, babe. I can see I’m going to spend a lot of time buried in your sweet pussy, Vella.” Carver claimed her mouth as only he could do.

The aggressive way he took control of the kiss from the very beginning turned her own in so many ways. The soft growl ramped up her arousal even though she’d just had an orgasm worth writing home about. Carver almost forced her to accept his tongue and the desperate attack it waged in her mouth. No spot was unclaimed as he slowly withdrew only to nibble on her lips before he pulled back to stare at her again.

Before she managed to ask him what he was looking at, Carver kissed and bit his way down her body until spread her legs even farther apart than Lance had. If he ate her pussy anything like how he kissed, Vella was pretty sure she’d come again. The man didn’t do anything half way or slow and easy.

“Fuck me, you smell like heaven,” Carver snarled just before he ran his tongue from slit to clit and back down again.

“Oh. My. God!” It was all she managed to get out before he’d stabbed her pussy with his thick tongue, fucking her with it like a battering ram.

Even as he penetrated her cunt with two fingers, Carver growled against her clit, sending sharp zings straight to her center. Vella was sure she was leaking her juices faster than he could lap them up. Her thighs felt wet from his mouth and her cream. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten so turned on. She wasn’t even sure she ever had.

“So damn good, babe. I could lick your sweet juices all day,” he said in a growly voice.

“Come on, Carver. That’s enough. You’re going to have her so swollen I won’t be able to get inside of her without it being uncomfortable for her,” Lance said.

Vella sighed when Carver released her clit in both disappointment and dread. Lance was right, much more stimulation and she’d be too swollen for either one of them to get inside her. She really wanted that to happen. All three of them needed that connection to get started bonding.

Who am I kidding? I want to feel them inside of me. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will feel like to take them both at the same time.

If she were honest with herself, Vella would admit that she was a little frightened of trying that. She had no doubt that they would understand and go slow with her. She was sure Lance would and Carver would follow his lead.

“Damn you’re addictive, woman,” Carver said on a huff just before he moved back.

Vella wasn’t sure what to expect next. When Lance took her face in both of his hands she wanted to rub her cheeks against the callused palms. This felt right to her. The feel of his rough skin and the heat of his now nude body pressed against hers, skin to skin was nearly her undoing. The intimacy of the moment choked her up and without thinking about it, she reached out to Carver, needing to touch him as well.

For a second she didn’t think he would take her offered hand, but then his much larger hand enclosed hers. In that moment, a spark seemed to travel through them where they touched, linking them together just as Lance pressed his cock inside her wet slit.

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Summer Series Showcase Week 1 – Who’s Who in Racy, Indiana



You’ve read an overview of my Racy Nights series and taken a closer look at each book. Now let’s get inside the main characters.

Winning Her Racy Heart introduces us to Kari Tye, a native of Racy who left at the age of 18. Kari has been back in Racy about six months when the story begins, and has brought along her friend Alexa Monahan. Together they restore an abandoned and dilapidated Queen Anne on Lawnview Drive to open Racy’s first fetish shop, Tye Me Up.

Kari’s Dom in New York let her go when she turned 30, and she was devastated. She took a job in Chelsea at a fetish shop called What’s Your Pleasure, and that’s where she met Alexa.

inspirationforAdisonKincaidThis sexy hunk was my inspiration for Adison Kincaid, Kari’s old boyfriend. Adison is head of security at Notus. He took Kari’s virginity in high school and introduced her to BDSM play, but then when Kari moved away, he married someone on the rebound. The marriage didn’t last long, and Adison has always regretted letting Kari go. Now that Kari is back home, Adison hopes to make amends for the way he treated her, and win her heart all over again.

NoahKari’s other Dom, Noah Wells, is an R&D specialist at Notus. He and Kari grew up together but unlike Adison, he didn’t date Kari. Noah was in with a rough crowd in his younger days, but now that Kari is back and Noah has turned his life around, he hopes to make a new life with her as well.

alexa with someone maybeClaiming Their Racy Sub is Alexa’s story. Alexa has a sad past that includes abuse as a young teen. She came with Kari to Racy, and has had no trouble settling in as a Racy resident, especially when Luke Rodriguez and Chase Taylor pursue her. The pic on the left was my inspiration for Alexa with Chase, and the one below and on the right is Luke.

inspirationLukeRodriguezLuke owns Luke’s Bar on Market Street, which eventually relocates to Riverfront Drive after the tornado damages it. He’s the guy who women loved as a friend but never anything more. Until Alexa, that is.

Chase’s wife left him years ago and he’s afraid to give away his heart again, until he meets Alexa. As Racy’s building commissioner, Chase is instrumental in revitalizing Lawnview Drive in later stories.

Julie Carruthers was always a shy, withdrawn person and makes a perfect shrink. She’s a top-notch professional that guards Racy’s secrets close to her heart. When she attends Alexa’s surprise birthday party at the end of Claiming Their Racy Sub, Maddox McCree flirts with her.

InspirationMaddoxMcCreeIn Tempting Their Racy Shrink, we learn not only about Julie, but enigmatic Maddox McCree. That’s him on the left. He’s one of Racy’s wealthiest residents, and as such there’s an air of mystery surrounding his life. He runs the BDSM club from his mansion on Birch Lane, and has a checkered past in Chicago.

SeanPart of this past includes long-time friend and Racy detective Sean Brennan. This sexy hunk is on the right. We first meet Sean in Claiming Their Racy Sub when he helps capture Alexa’s ex-Dom who came to Racy to find her. In this story, however, Sean and Maddox put their past differences aside and become Doms to Julie.

In Sharing Their Racy Fantasies, we get to know newcomer Annalise Kerr, who works for Luke in his bar as the story opens. Annalise’s ex-husband used BDSM as an excuse to cheat on her, so she’s a bit reluctant to try it again. She also left her high pressure PR job in Cincinnati because her husband was having affairs with co-workers. She loves the small town life of Racy, but misses what she was trained to do.

Annalise_Chad_DustinMy inspiration for this triad is on the left. Veterinarian Dustin Alexander and Racy detective Chad Bristol have always been close friends, and Racy residents are used to seeing them together. It’s only natural they fall into sharing Annalise as a sub.

Dustin is a loner who has never found true love… until he meets Annalise. Chad has a horrible past that includes abuse from his father. His sister committed suicide as a teen from the abuse. Annalise helps each man realize that love is possible for everyone, and they in turn help her realize that not all men are out to hurt women.

In Taming Her Racy Ways, court reporter Marisol Santiago finally gets back together with Rafe Rodriquez, Luke’s older brother. Their parents forced them to break up when they were much younger because Marisol was still in middle school, but they never got over each other.

raferodriguezperhapsRafe isn’t certain about the whole BDSM lifestyle, but he gives it a try to be with Marisol. He works as a mechanic for his father at Racy Auto Repair, but is trained to be an accountant. With Marisol and  Ellis’s help, he fulfills his dream by finding work in the Comptroller’s office at City Hall. Rafe is on the right and Ellis is below on the left.

ellismccreeEllis McCree is Racy’s building inspector, and once he sets his sights on Marisol, there’s no turning back. Ellis is Maddox’s cousin and is just as wealthy, but also as unaffected by his financial status. He only wants Marisol to be happy, and he longs for true love.

Cherilyn Barker, the heroine of Pleasing Her Racy Doms, lost her husband in Afghanistan eighteen months before this story opens. One of the men who served with him is AWOL, accused of giving military secrets to the Taliban, and he targets Cherilyn in a deadly game that has the Racy police stumped.

EvanThayer Denning and Evan Rydell have been friends all their lives. They designed and built The Fit Bod, Racy’s gym. Shortly after the tornado, they give a benefit to help rebuild the downtown area, and on that same night they fall under Cherilyn’s spell. My inspiration for Evan is to the right.

In Sharing Their Racy Fantasies, feisty heroine Gina Santori is drawn to two Racy Doms. Gina is Vito’s brother, and Vito owns Gino’s Ristoranti. This is a well-known restaurant in Racy that features fabulous Sicilian food and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s been in their family for three generations.

zach and ginaZach Kincaid, Adison’s cousin, is a councilman in Racy and eventually becomes its mayor when Bernie Crumb is indicted on murder charges. Zach loves Bugs Bunny cartoons and lives on Dogwood Trail, near Birch Lane. His father, Phil, owns Phil’s Corner Drugstore on Market Street. That’s Gina and Zach on the left.

Harrison Kelly eventually becomes one of Racy’s detectives, and in this story he’s shot while pursuing the man police believe has been setting fires set in Racy. With Gina’s help, both his wounds and his heart heal.

cameronmaybeObeying Her Racy Firemen wraps up the backstory of arson, murder, and construction fraud in Racy. Heroine Olivia Kelly, Harrison’s sister, becomes the target of an arsonist. She, along with Gina and Annalise, form Giolanna Design Solutions in this story, fulfilling a dream for all three women.

storminohrfFire chief Cameron Sinclair is a member of one of Racy’s infamous families, and he’s on the right. In this story, we’re introduced briefly to his parents, who make Oliver and Barbara Rose look like Ward and June Cleaver. Cameron is afraid to love because he believes he will repeat his father’s mistakes, but Olivia’s love helps him realize he is his own person.

Fire inspector Storm Jamison, up there and to the left, loved once and lost. Now he buries himself in his love of model trains and his work. Storm finds fulfillment in sharing his life with Olivia, and her love helps heal him from a past that includes the death of his parents at the hands of an arsonist.

Trent and Wyatt RohanRacy Nights returns after an eight month hiatus with Awakening Her Racy Passion. This story finally wraps up the loose ends left between Marisol and Ria Rodriguez. What the reader didn’t know in Taming Her Racy Ways was how useless and lonely Ria felt her life was. She couldn’t keep a job at Busler’s Department Store because of her gossipy ways, and she feels like nothing working for her brother, Luke. She wants to change, but doesn’t know how. When she shows great courage under pressure after a homeless man is shot in the alley behind Luke’s Bar, paramedic Trent Rohan takes a closer look at this stunning woman.

Trent and Wyatt are identical twins, and there is one of them up to the right. Trent has come back to Racy after living in Indianapolis for three years, where his former sub made a fool out of him. He’s as reluctant to take a chance again as he is to share a sub with Wyatt, but Ria’s charms help him overcome this.

Wyatt is an attorney in the public defender’s office who is married to his work, until he gets to know Ria. Together with his twin, they formulate a plan to help Ria mend her gossipy ways, and return to school to fulfill her own dreams.

Jake MalloyIn Schooling Their Racy Teacher, we get to know cellist Ava Harmony. Ava was used for years by her Dom, a famous musician and conductor. She flees Chicago and comes to Racy after remembering Kari sing its praises when Ava attended college in Boston, and her Dom introduced her and Kari at a party in New York.

Jake Malloy, to the left, is part of the family who owns Notus. But Jake coaches high school track and teaches English because he loves it. He’s suspicious of Ava, thinking she’s in Racy to try and divert money into music programs for the schools, which would mean it being taken away from less popular sports, such as track and field.

Gary ReedGary Reed, to the right, is a musician who never got his big break and now teaches health in the school system. He’s found a kindred spirit in Ava, but when budget cuts affect him and Jake, they must find new common ground to help Ava confront her past, and her ex-Dom.


Lee ParkerEngineering Her Racy Pleasure returns us to Notus where we meet marketing specialist Harper Montgomery from Michigan. Harper is the target of her ex-boyfriend who takes cyber stalking to a new level when he shows up in Racy.

mason sinclairLee Parker, on the left, and Mason Sinclair, to the right, are R&D specialists at Notus. Lee loves Yosemite Sam, and Mason is Cameron’s cousin.


Carson DeckerCollaring Their Racy Runaway tells the story of Luke’s absent sister, Teresa. On the run for years from a man who abused her, Teresa longs for solace in Racy. But before she can have it, she has a lot of issues to work through.

Garrett AmatoPolice sergeants Garrett Amato, on the left, and Carson Decker, to the right, are sworn to protect Teresa, but they take it further by becoming her Doms as well. They also help set her on the path to recovery, while healing from their own checkered pasts as well.

The current Racy Nights book on pre-order and releasing June 9th is Captivating Her Racy Heroes. Brynn Winston comes from Chicago to work for Claude Busler as his new HR rep at the store, and she brings Sean and Maddox’s past with her.

not named yetDoms Hugh Sinclair and Ryder Dayton, on the left, must not only convince their good friends Sean and Maddox that Brynn isn’t the same person they knew in Chicago, but they must also protect her from the one person in their shared past that ties them all together.

Ryder is a line tech for Notus. Hugh is Mason’s brother, and he’s a financial analyst for Notus.


Tomorrow, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the town itself in pictures. To order my Racy Nights series, click HERE.

New Release and Giveaway – Her Wilde Marines by Chloe Lang

me-cl-wn-herwildemarines3140116_0324Happy Release Day Chloe Lang!  To celebrate, we are giving one lucky commenter an e-copy of Her Wilde Marines!


The deaths of her sisters and mother continue to trouble Emma Grant. The tragedy of her family has left her lost and alone. She fears she might be losing her mind just like her sisters and father. Hoping to quiet the voices haunting her at night, she returns to her hometown of Wilde, Nevada, a place that holds fond memories for her. Emma wants to start fresh with her two girls, away from their deadbeat father.

Also coming home to Wilde from their multiple tours of duty in the Marine Corps, identical twins Bane and Adam Taylor find Emma, a former high school classmate who has grown into a gorgeous woman. They remember that she left Wilde in a cloud of mystery when she was only sixteen.

The more time Emma spends time with the brothers the deeper her feelings grow for them. Whenever she’s in their presence, the voices are silent. Why?


Emma felt the heat in her face and knew it had to be as red as her hair. She turned to her friend, who was about to become a new mother. “Oh my God, Shelby. I can’t believe your brother just said that about me to everyone here.”

“Adam is the vocal one, but seeing how Bane is looking at you, I know he’s just as interested.” Shelby grinned. “You better run or get ready for a double Marine attack from my brothers, Em.”

She Emma remembered Adam and Bane quite well. Shelby’s brothers had been the big men on campus at Wilde High when she had been a freshman. She’d secretly had a crush on them, like every other girl in school. Of course nothing had ever happened between her and the Taylor twins. She’d only been a freshman.

Life after that year had taken a completely different turn. A summer romance while visiting her grandparents’ farm had ended in her getting pregnant at sixteen. She’d run off and married Larry, though she’d never loved him, thinking it was the right thing to do. When she’d returned to tell her mother and grandparents, she’d seen the look of concern in their eyes, but they’d still been so loving and supportive of her decision.

“I think running might be the best choice.” But before she could turn to seek out the nearest exit, Shelby’s two brothers approached her.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, miss. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Adam Taylor.” He grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips, as if he were from the Victorian age. Just as she remembered him. Adam oozed of charm that was making her weak in the knees.

He and Bane were identical in every way. She even recalled their scam back in school. Adam was better in history and English. Bane was a master at math and science. Since none of the teachers could tell them apart, they would switch classes. They had incredible grades because of the deceit, but were eventually caught and forced to make up all the work.

Devils. Beautiful devils.

I need to remember Adam is wearing the red shirt and Bane the white one.

Six feet five inches of pure muscle. Light brown hair, Marine cut. Dark brown eyes that reminded her of chocolate candy.

“Milady.” Bane bowed in front of her, took her other hand, and kissed it just like his twin had done. “How may I make up for my brother’s faux pas?”

“That won’t be necessary. I was just taken a little aback by the attention.” She smiled but wanted to find a quick exit from these overly attractive soldiers. “Again, it was nice seeing you. Thank you for your service to the country. I’m sure you have lots of people who want to talk to you. If you’ll excuse me.” She turned back to face Shelby.

“Please hold on, miss.” Bane touched her elbow, and she felt electricity shoot up her arm. “We didn’t even get your name.”

“Besides that, this is our party.” Adam moved to her other side, offering his arm. “We are the guests of honor. We get to choose who we talk to, and tonight we choose you.”

“I can’t believe you two don’t remember her.” Shelby shook her head. “Typical. Guys, this is Emma Harris.”

“Emma. Yes. I remember. The cute freshman that just disappeared.” Bane’s stare gave her a little tremble.

“I remember, too.” Adam winked. “So cute. What happened to you? Where did you go?”

She’d never returned to high school, to the two boys whom she continued to dream about until this very day. Now, Adam and Bane Taylor were men, soldiers, standing right next to her. “North Dakota. I got married and had kids.”

“Married?” Bane asked, his face clouding with disappointment.

“She’s not married now.” Shelby seemed to want to play matchmaker. “Hasn’t been for over ten years. Maybe the three of you should find a quiet corner and get reacquainted.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“You’re right, Emma.” Adam smiled. “It’s not a good idea. It’s a fantastic idea.”

Bane nodded. “How about we grab some drinks and sit and talk for a little while.”

That does sound wonderful.


“My God, Emma, you are perfect.” Bane removed his shirt and jeans. The two men were mirror images of each other in every department. She couldn’t help but look between their legs. Their long, thick cocks were erect.

“So are you and Adam. In every way.”

Bane and Adam moved onto the bed, one on each side of her. They caressed her gently, each massaging a breast. Adam pinched her nipple, delivering a sweet sting, as Bane kissed her deeply. Tingles started swirling inside her. Their touches were overwhelming. Lost to her desire, she reached down and took hold of their cocks, which were massive and warm.

“Yes, baby. That feels so good.” Adam growled.

“Squeeze our cocks.” Bane kissed her neck, delivering a delicious shiver throughout her body. “Tighten your pretty little hands around our shafts.”

She obeyed, rubbing her hands over the head of their cocks. She felt the slipperiness of their tiny liquid pearls on the tips of her fingers. Her need to have them inside her body grew and grew.

Bane placed one of his hands over hers, slowing her strokes on his dick, and moved the other one to her pussy. He threaded his thick fingers through her swollen, dampening folds. Her pussy ached and her clit began to throb. Adam swallowed her nipple, capturing the tingling bit of flesh between his teeth.

She didn’t realize that sex could be so wonderful. Bane and Adam were tender, forceful, and attentive. She was amazed how her body was responding to them, reacting to their touches on so many levels. Heat rolled through her and she squeezed her legs together, trying to find relief from the growing pressure, but none came.

She’d never experienced real release. Would she climax tonight? Could I actually have an orgasm? With Bane and Adam, she thought she might.

Bane shifted down the bed, coming up between her legs. She could feel the heat of his breath on her pussy. He grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders.

Oh God. No man has ever done this to me before.

He kissed her inner thighs, and she got even wetter.

She wanted his mouth on her pussy, needed his most intimate kiss there. “Please, Bane. Please.”

Adam laved her nipples until they were throbbing like mad. “Baby, keep begging like that and you’ll get anything you want.”

“Nice and wet with sweet cream.” Bane sent his tongue through her moist folds, licking her into a state of delirium.

Her body had never felt like this before, so on fire. She lifted her hips off the mattress, needing to feel more of his hungry mouth on her pussy.

“You’re so fucking hot, baby.” Adam reached under her and fingered her ass.

“Oh God. Oh yes. God. So good.” Her breaths were so shallow, coming faster and faster. The pressure grew and grew.

Bane continued lapping up her juices, driving her to the edge of sanity.

“That’s it, baby.” Adam’s hands and mouth expanded the crushing need inside her. “You’re almost there.”

Suddenly, she reached a peak she’d never experienced before. Every cell tingled in her body.

Something amazing occurred, something she’d only imagined, something she’d believed would never be hers.

It’s happening. Oh God. I’m having an orgasm. Oh my God, so this is what it feels like.

Her entire body united into a giant explosion of release. Shivering sensations shot through her, and her pussy began to spasm again and again. She clawed at Bane’s shoulders, lost to the climax he and Adam had given her.

She had uncontrollable trembles, something she’d never felt before. Her body wouldn’t quiet down. “Am I going to be okay?”

They laughed and held her tight.

“Yes, baby.” Bane sat up and put on a condom. “We’ll make sure you’re okay.” He crawled up her body.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her pussy. “I can’t believe this. It’s so incredible.”

“Yes, it is, sweetheart.” Adam kissed her shoulder.

“But it’s amazing. Don’t you understand?”

They laughed again.

“We do, honey.” Bane smiled.

Suddenly, the pressure returned, but now it was twice the intensity as before. “Oh my God.”

“What? Are you okay?”

“I know this might sound crazy, but I’m feeling things that are completely new to me. Can we do this again? Right now?”

Bane nodded. “Before this night is over, we’re going to pleasure you over and over, darlin’. You’re going to experience things that will blow your mind. I’ve got to get inside your gorgeous body. I need to feel your pussy on my dick.”

Adam rolled a condom down his shaft. “And I must send my cock into your pretty, sweet ass.”

Their lusty words were like gasoline on the fire already burning inside her. “Can we start now?”

“Yes, baby, this is all about you,” Adam ran his hand down her body and stopped just above her pussy.

“You’re starting the tingles to come again.”

“That’s what we intend to do. Just let your body go and enjoy each and every touch.”

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Facebook Fan Page:


Happy Release Day Tara Rose. Protected by Two Jaguars is Available NOW!

Tara Rose is one of our favorite guests and she has joined us again today to share her latest release Protect by Two Jaguars.  To celebrate, we are giving away one e-copy to one lucky commenter today who can tell us how they spent their Thanksgiving yesterday.  Good luck!

me-tr-tal-protectedbytwojaguars3131118_0237 Blurb:

When jaguar shifter Valerie Bellecote witnesses her father and uncle murder a woman for taking a leopard for a mate, she runs away. She’s given shelter in Jargonian village, and is smitten with brothers Micah and Stephen Jargonian. But Valerie’s sense of safety is shattered when her father finds her and tries to kill her.

Doms and jaguar shifters Micah and Stephen Jargonian are looking for a special mate to share them, not only as their wife but as their submissive. They believe they have found her in Valerie, but first they have to save her life.

After Abby, the woman who gave Valerie shelter in her home, is killed by Valerie’s father, Micah and Stephen embark on a mission to trap him and block the magic he is using to evade capture by the jaguars. Can they stop him in time, or will they lose the only woman they have ever loved?


Valerie closed her eyes and smiled into the darkness. Stephen and Micah were Drake and Emme’s two youngest sons, and Valerie had had a major crush on both since she’d first laid eyes on them. Stephen was eight years older than her and Micah was nine, but neither man was mated. They lived a mysterious but intriguing lifestyle that Valerie would love to explore further, if only she could get past her shyness to do so.

Then again, Abby didn’t make it easy for her to do that. She didn’t approve of the BDSM lifestyle that the Jargonians and a great many residents of the village lived, so she had tried to keep Valerie from going to the Jargonian’s house as much as possible. Valerie was constantly caught between her unrelenting curiosity and lust for the brothers, and her sense of duty to Abby who had given her a home and now treated her like a cherished daughter.

“Valerie, are you asleep again?”

Abby’s whisper sounded so hopeful, Valerie didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, so she kept silent. The woman leaned over and kissed her hair softly, and then she left the room. Valerie waited until she’d heard the door to Abby’s bedroom close, and then she adjusted her comforter and curled up on her side, the way she preferred to sleep.

She let her thoughts turn toward Stephen and Micah. Each time she went to the house, the two didn’t miss the opportunity to either draw her into the conversation they were having, or offer to answer her questions about their lifestyle if she brought it up. And she almost always found a way to bring it up.

They’d never made her feel as if she were an intruder in this village, or in their home. And although she was much younger than them, they didn’t treat her like a schoolgirl, or as though she had no intelligence. They asked her questions about her village, and seemed to know exactly how far to go, watching carefully for signs she was uncomfortable talking about home or about why she’d run away that day.

There was no way they could know, of course, that the murderer was her father, and each time they backed off on the questions or changed the subject, the guilt she felt at not telling anyone the entire truth was all mixed up with their concern for her, and their instinct in knowing how far to go.

Were they like that as Doms, too? Did they know exactly how far to push a sub? Valerie squirmed as she imagined being tied to a spanking bench or a St. Andrew’s cross in their dungeon, and having both Stephen and Micah flog her. Would that ever happen? Would they even want to play with her, or were they only being nice because of what she’d been through?

A sound outside caught her attention, but she was afraid to get out of bed again and look out the window. Had what she’d seen truly been a dream, or had her father found her and was watching the house, waiting for his chance? Should she tell someone that she’d seen him three separate times in the past two weeks? No. They’d say she’d imagined it. They’d tell her that there was no way a jaguar shifter could enter this village undetected.

But each time she’d seen him had been after the dream had woken her, and each time she’d seen him at night. When she’d walked away from the window and returned a few minutes later, she could no longer see him. If anyone had told her that same scenario, she’d have believed it was a dream or the result of an overactive imagination. So why then would anyone think otherwise hearing this story from her lips?

She’d been here three months. Why would he come now? And how would he have found her? And if he had, why hadn’t he simply marched up to Drake Jargonian’s house on Overlook Drive and demanded that his daughter be allowed to return home? The jaguars here had no quarrel with him. Her father may be a murderer, but he wasn’t mixed up in the League of Exitium.

She was of age now, but that didn’t mean the same thing in her world as it did in the human world. The Jargonians, who were the law and order in this village, might very well tell her that she was still her father’s property, no matter her age, since she was unmated. That was the law in her village, and Valerie had no reason to believe it wasn’t the same here.

But she knew she couldn’t return home. She simply couldn’t. And even if she told Drake and Emme about the things her father and uncle had done, they might not believe her. Valerie had heard rumors in this village that there were shapeshifters who didn’t believe in mixing the species, but she’d never heard tales of jaguars murdering one of their own because they’d taken another cat as a mate. Her father, her uncle, and their “business associates,” as both referred to the men, had been doing that for so long that Valerie found it difficult to recall a time in her life when that hadn’t been her day-to-day reality.

But did the jaguars in this village have any real power or authority over the men in her village? The jaguars here had no issues with the species mixing, but their main focus was ridding the shapeshifter world of the League, not interfering in the day-to-day life in obscure villages around the country. She might be inviting trouble to the very people who had given her food and shelter, no questions asked.

Just because they’d taken her in didn’t mean they had any interest in stopping what went on in her village. They might not agree with it, but if they wanted to stop it, surely they would be fighting that cause as well. Valerie had one other idea, but she didn’t like it. She could run again, but where would she go?

She rolled over and tried to clear her head so that she could sleep, but scenes from her childhood played over in her mind. No matter what happened, she knew she couldn’t return home. If he had found her, she’d have to run again. She had no other choice.


 Stephen held up the silk. “We’re going to blindfold you, Valerie. You won’t be alone, and we’ll tell you what’s going on. But some subs find this helps them relax more into the moment.”

“All right. Thank you, Sir.”

She couldn’t see a thing through the blindfold, including what little light was inside the dungeon, but she didn’t mind that as much as she’d thought she would. She took a deep breath and caught the scent of their combined colognes, the smell of the snow on their boots, and the odors of vanilla and leather in the room. She hadn’t noticed any of those before. The music filled her head and made her a bit woozy. This had been a great idea. Stephen and Micah had obviously done this before.

“Better already,” said Micah. “Her aura is entirely different now.”

“I had a feeling it would work.” Stephen brushed a finger along her left breast, and Valerie groaned. “You will have three safewords from now on, Valerie. ‘Green’ for go, just like on a traffic light. It means you like what we’re doing and you want us to keep going or up the intensity. You will use ‘yellow’ for anything that makes you afraid, or if you need something adjusted like a limb. Also use that one if you need water or a bathroom break. ‘Red’ stops the scene immediately, no questions asked. Do you understand these words and their uses?”

Even his voice quality had changed, or perhaps she hadn’t heard the subtle tones before he’d blindfolded her? It almost lulled her to sleep. Valerie felt completely safe and secure. She was totally under his and Micah’s protection now. “Yes, Sir. I understand.” Her voice sounded breathy and far away, as though she was in a tunnel or underwater.

“Good girl.” He took her hand. “Take small steps. We won’t let you fall.” She had no idea where in the dungeon they were. It wasn’t that big, but she also hadn’t studied the layout the few times she’d been here before, so she had no points of orientation as they walked. “I’m sitting, Valerie, and Micah is going to help you drape yourself over my knee.”

She sighed out loud as the image of that floated up. Her breathing grew rapid and her pulse began to race. This was really happening. She was positioned over Stephen’s right thigh, and she could feel his muscles tense through the fabric of his pants. Hands caressed her ass cheeks, teasing, and she began to moan and squirm against him because the lust was overwhelming. One of them clasped her wrists and gently brought her arms behind her back. She felt leather cuffs wrap around each wrist and heard them clip together.

“What color are you, Valerie?” asked Micah, his voice soft yet full of command.

“Green, Sir.”

“Good girl. We’re so proud of you. Remember your safewords. Are you ready for your spanking?”

Oh stars… “Yes, Sir. I’m ready.” Was she? Too late now. This was it.

Four hard smacks were delivered to each ass cheek in quick succession, and Valerie cried out in surprise. It really fucking hurt, but the stinging also sent shock waves of desire straight to her soaked pussy and throbbing clit. Hands caressed her again, and she could actually hear them each breathing, harder now than before. Even their touch was different, but she wasn’t sure whose hand was where, and that made it more exciting.

Her arousal spiraled to crazy heights as the man she assumed was Stephen delivered six blows to each ass cheek this time. Valerie moaned and writhed against his leg, but her mobility was limited because of the cuffs around her wrists. Her ass cheeks were on fire already, but at the same time, she didn’t want him to stop.

When hands caressed her again, this time they also brushed across her asshole and her wet slit. She whimpered with the need to come, but she had a sneaking suspicion it would be a long time before they let her do that.

“What do you think?” asked Stephen. “Has she had enough from me for her first time?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a round or two with this, and then I’ll take my turn.”

“Oh stars,” she whispered. How could she take more, and then the same from Micah, and still walk later?

“Excuse me?” Micah’s voice was hard, and it sent shivers down her spine. “Was that a safeword, Valerie?”

“No, Sir.”

“All right. Just checking.”

The next sensation felt like a leather strap or perhaps a soft paddle. Whatever it was, it stung like fucking crazy. He struck her ten times in a row with it, and Valerie wasn’t sure she could hold on. But when he finished, her nipples tingled and she knew all she’d have to do was flex her Kegel muscles and she’d come. She’d never been so damn turned on in her life, and she craved more.

“I am so proud of you.” Stephen’s voice was filled with awe, and as he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, tiny contractions coursed through her body. There was no way to stop them.

“Sir…I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop it.”

Stephen chuckled, and pulled his fingers out. He reached under and brushed them over her clit as the orgasm continued to tease her, not quite there, but definitely noticeable. “It’s all right. I love that your first real spanking made you that aroused. But it’s not over yet, Valerie. You know that, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

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REVIEW – The Greatest Fight of All by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Their Greatest Fight of All


Amelia Jennings fights for a new life. All alone, after losing her brothers and father to the consequences of war, she evades an abusive relationship. She fears military men, dominant men, and especially men who like to fight for a living, just like her ex-boyfriend. As she tries to adapt to her new life, she attempts to avoid her best friend’s brothers, who turn her on in a way she definitely isn’t used to. Menage relationships are common, but these particular men scare her and remind her of the past she is trying to forget. The Haas brothers, Murphy, Waylon, Brody, Ricky are tough, set in their ways, and now interested in their sister’s friend. Amelia is the only woman to get under their skin. She fights them tooth and nail, evades their every attempt at seduction, and makes them want things and feel things they never thought they would. They want her in their bed, and their claiming ownership. Standing in the way of happiness is her past, and one man who vows to get her back.

What Worked For Me:

Everything about this book clicked for me in big ways.  Amelia, our heroine, is smart, stubborn and a total sweetheart when she gives in to her feelings for the Haas brothers.  She is also damaged and has been abused by an ex, which turns her off of all fighters completely.   This makes understanding why the Haas brothers are involved in underground fighting almost impossible for her to accept.  The Haas brothers; Murphy, Waylon, Brody, and Ricky are absolutely lickable.  Really, I spent majority of the book wanting to eat them up.  They are passionate and careful with Amelia and eventually all of them fall ass-over-tea kettle in love with Amelia.  They are protectors, but fighting some of their own demons from the war and Amelia heals them, in ways they didn’t imagine they needed healing.  Their love was true and passionate and Ms. Dywer did an outstanding job in making sure that each man was his own person, not one unit.  They each had their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses and how they each interacted with Amelia showcased each individual man in his own light.  When they all come together…WOW!  The combination is a knockout!   The plot was entertaining, flowed smoothly, easy to follow along with, and kept me interested the entire time.  My heart wept for Amelia as she faced her demons then cheered for her when she accepted the Haas brothers and their love.  The ending was perfect with no cliffhangers and the ends were tied up with a pretty pink bow.  One of the best books I’ve read this year.

What Didn’t Work For Me:

Everything in this book worked.  I have no complaints and after reading this book, I think it’s well worth twice the price than what I paid for it.  You get way more than your monies worth.

Would I Recommend This Book:  Absolutely, 100% yes, to any and all readers of erotic romance

Final Star Rating:

5 of 5 stars

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