REVIEW – Claiming Their Racy Sub by Tara Rose



When submissive Alexa Monahan moves to Racy, Indiana, from Manhattan, she knows the abusive Dom she left behind might find her, but she can’t help falling in love with Doms Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez.

Luke Rodriguez was always the man whom women wanted as a friend, but never as a lover. He’s met his soul mate in Alexa, but can he help her overcome the abuse she suffered so she can love him in the way he craves?

Chase Taylor’s wife left him years ago and now he’s afraid to give his heart away, until he meets Alexa. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But what is she hiding in her past, and can he protect her from it?

The three soon find themselves battling not only Alexa’s demons from her abuse as a teen, but a very real threat in the form of her ex-Dom who has somehow found her…

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Alexa Monahan is broken in ways that the world cannot see. She hides those pieces of herself behind the walls she has erected to protect what little of herself that is still whole.  Trust is not something she knows much about, and there is only one person the world that she trusts with everything and that’s her best friend Kari.  

Trying to be normal, she starts dating Luke Rodriguez, a local bar owner as well as Chase Taylor, the zoning commissioner for the city of Racy.  She feels safe with them, but as much as they deny it, she knows they must be frustrated because she hasn’t had sex with either of them.  She’s scared.  Scared of the past, of being hurt and hurting the two men who make her feel safe.
Surprised when Chase asks Luke to accompany them on an afternoon drive, Alexa agrees to go and during the trip, she realizes she doesn’t want to choose between them.  Neither Chase nor Luke had considered a menage before but they will do whatever it takes to make Alexa happy.
As Alexa’s past begins to throw roadblocks in her path to happiness, she instinctively pushes everyone away.  She collapses in on herself, seeing herself as the broken young girl who doesn’t deserve happiness, onlyasking for help and comfort when she hears noises coming from downstairs during a snowstorm.
Trying to be the woman she wants to be, Alexa slowly lets Chase and Luke into her heart and mind, but she is always waiting for something that will show them that she’s not worthy of the feelings they have for her.
Tara Rose has created a very complex character in Alexa.  Alexa has many demons to face, the most important of which is her inability to love herself.  Alexa believes that in some ways she caused the bad things to happen to her, either as a direct result of her actions or inability to make a decision.  
By chosing to try again, Alexa give hope to all the readers that its okay to put yourself out there, to try again, that there are still good guys left in the world.  She should know, she found two in Chase and Luke.
4 Stars
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New Release – Midnight Fantasy (The Doms of Sybaris Cove) by Tara Rose



Doms Javier Durante and Garrett Raleigh each dated Renata Fontanette before she left for college, but she never planned to return. Her plans changed, and now Renata is back and working at Phoebe’s Playthings. The men are only too happy to pursue her again.

But their first outing with her reveals disturbing news. A Santeria practitioner has come to Sybaris Cove to help lift the curse on the Raleigh and Durante families. But there’s a catch. A descendant of Faith Fontanette, the woman who was sacrificed as a boon when the original curse was cast, must die. Renata is Faith’s only living descendant.

When the moment comes to summon the demons and ask for the curse to be lifted, Javier and Garrett offer an alternative solution. They would rather be cursed for eternity than give up the woman they love.

Will it be good enough to finally end the curse, or have they sealed the fate of both families forever?


Renata caught Garrett’s frown, and the way he cut his gaze toward the rearview mirror for a second or two. If he noticed the icy coldness, at least she knew it wasn’t her imagination. She swallowed hard. Six weeks of silence was long enough. Either he really hated her and she hadn’t known it until now, or there was another reason he was acting like such an ass. Either way, she was sick of it. She’d admitted her mistake and asked for forgiveness from Garrett. If that’s what she had to do with Javier, then she’d do it. And if he still acted  like a jerk, then obviously breaking up with him had been the right decision, after all.

With a quick glance toward Garrett first, she moved closer to the space between the front seats. “Look, I’m sorry for the way I treated you in school. I’ve been waiting nine years to tell you that. It was shitty. And I know this has to be awkward for you both since I broke up with you to go out with Garrett. I was wrong to treat you that way. I was just a kid, but that’s not an excuse for bad behavior. However, we’re all adults now, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and…and give me another chance.”

He stared at her with such a neutral expression that she wondered if he’d heard her. Her heart pounded in her ears while she waited, and she swore that Garrett had slowed his speed. Maybe he was waiting, as well?

“A chance to do what?” Javier’s question was so soft she barely heard it.

“I don’t know, exactly. To talk again, for one thing. To see where this evening leads us. To be friends again, at the very least.”

“You’re okay with talking about what happened in high school in front of Garrett?”

“Of course.”

“All right then.” He leaned forward and moved so close to her that if there had been more light inside the car she’d have been able to count his eyelashes. His very long eyelashes. “You hurt me, Renata. A lot. I told you I was in love with you and I meant it. It wasn’t just something a horny sixteen-year-old boy said to try and get into your pants. And then you dumped my sorry ass for the quarterback.”

“Hey…that’s totally not fair.” Garrett’s voice was angry, and Renata didn’t blame him, but she spoke before he could again because she had to get this out or she never would.

“I’m sorry, Javier. I don’t know what else to say. But just for the record, my decision to go out with Garrett had nothing to do with him playing football.”

“Oh, right. Like a girl who looks like you do would prefer a cello player.”

“A girl who looks like me? What the hell does that mean? And for your information, I thought it was sexy as hell that you played a musical instrument. I still do.”

Clearly, he hadn’t expected that answer from her. He looked a bit confused for a second, and then his expression finally softened. “Okay. So why did you break up with me?”

“I don’t know. I was a kid. I’m sorry. I can’t offer you anything better than that. I had my head up my ass on the best of days. But I’m not that person anymore. I’ve missed you. Both of you. I’ve missed my home and I’ve missed this island. That’s why I’m back here, using my very expensive degree to design better bondage cuffs.”

He narrowed his eyes. “So, your decision to take the job in R&D had nothing to do with Garrett running the department?”

“Javier, for God’s sake…”

She cut Garrett off again. “No, it didn’t. It’s what I’m trained to do. My doctorate is in biomechanical engineering. I wrote my dissertation on the fetish industry. Did you know that? They almost didn’t let me finish it but I fought them, and I won. It’s as valid as the safety concerns for any other kind of equipment, after all.”

“I didn’t know that. About your dissertation, I mean.” The admiration in his voice was evident.

“I worked for a medical equipment house after I earned my PhD, and I hated it. I didn’t want to design wheelchairs, splints, or more user-friendly IV pumps. I wanted to come home and work for Phoebe’s Playthings. I’m a lot like both of you and your relatives in that respect. This is where I want to be. The job I wanted was open, it was perfect for me, and it wouldn’t have mattered who ran the department. I still would have gone for it.”

“Satisfied now?” asked Garrett as he pulled into a parking space on the street where Asa lived.

“Yeah. I guess so. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted under one condition,” she said. “That you accept mine as well, and that we bury the hatchet and start over.” She stuck out her hand. “Oh, and that you tell me what you meant by a girl who looks like me.”

Garrett chuckled and opened his car door. “I’m going to wait outside while he explains that one.”

She watched Garrett leave the car, wondering why he’d done so, and then instead of shaking her hand, Javier placed a finger on her face and gently turned it toward him again. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked into those eyes. His features, too, had angled a bit since his teen days, and just like Garrett, it made him even more gorgeous. She brushed the hair off his forehead now, and his gaze softened.

“You always did that.”

“I know. I remember.”

“What I meant was that you were out of my league. Too damn pretty. You still are.”

“Javier, I’m not out of anyone’s league. And I happen to think you’re drop-dead gorgeous, so if looks determine who is or isn’t out of anyone’s league, I’m the one who is on dangerous ground here.”

“It’s not dangerous ground.” His gaze slipped down to her sweater and back up again, and Renata had to bite back a moan at the dark lust in his eyes. He looked like he wanted to devour her in one bite, and she shivered. “Unless you consider my overwhelming urge to kiss you dangerous.”


“Any absolute limits we should know about?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t even know what to tell you. I’ve never given it any thought.”

“All right then. How about this? If we do anything, and I mean anything, that makes you afraid, uncomfortable, or that you need to talk about first, you safeword. Otherwise, we’ll just keep going.”

Oh God! “That sounds so incredibly decadent I can’t even think right now. All right. Yes. I agree.”

“Good girl.” That voice! What was it about this night that had rendered it so deliciously seductive? Had he always sounded this way?

She caught Garrett’s scent as he moved toward her, and when she glanced at his reflection in the mirror, he held up a long, dark piece of fabric. They were going to blindfold her. Renata could hardly catch her breath as Javier moved away from her and Garrett stepped up to wrap the silk around her head. As soon as he tied it, she felt her muscles relax. This was perfect. How had they known?

“Are you okay with this?” he asked.

“Yes. I love it.”

“Walk with me. We’ve got you. You won’t fall.” She anticipated being turned around and led toward the mattress, but instead Garrett’s hand on her elbow led her forward, toward the windows. She felt the coolness on her face, and was suddenly very aware of the slate beneath her bare feet, and the feel of the air up here. The room was quite large, and she swore with the blindfold on she could feel the expanse.

“Lean against the ledge here.” He guided her hands to the windowsill, and then she waited. “This faces south. Not too many homes on this side, so try to pay attention only to the sound of our voices, not where we are. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I trust you both.”

“Good girl.” She shivered at those words. Garrett’s voice, too, had taken on a sultry quality she’d never noticed before.

Soft leather brushed her back and ass cheeks, and then the back of her legs. Renata drew in a sharp breath, but not because it hurt. The sensation was exquisite, as if the leather caressed away her cares and worries each pass of the falls. All memories of what Petra had told them tonight melted away, and there was only the flogger against her skin, and the soft shuffling of Garrett’s and Javier’s shoes on the floor as they moved around her.

“Do you like that?” asked Javier.

“Yes. Very much.”

He brushed the falls over her breasts, and Renata moaned. Would they strike her with it? She’d never been so much as spanked, but her fantasies had always included kinky sex. She’d never told them that. Did they know, anyway? Could a Dom sense that in a woman?

“How about this?” asked Garrett. He moved what she swore was the edge of a wooden paddle over her arms and legs, then against her ass cheeks. “Do you know what this is?”

His voice was teasing, full of lust, and it was all she could not to turn around and just start reaching for them. But she knew why they were doing this. It was to prolong the sweet torture and introduce her to play, and she loved them both being so attentive to her needs. They had never been immature high school boys, at least in her mind, but both had grown so much since then, regardless. It was amazing just to be here with them, and she wanted to relax into this moment and enjoy everything they wanted to share with her.

“It’s wooden. I know that much.”

She caught the soft chuckle, and it was so damn sexy she almost came. “Very good.” He brushed the length of it against her ass cheeks, and Renata moaned. “It’s a paddle. Like they use in fraternities. Any of those frat boys up there in Alabama ever use one on you?”

She had to bite back a laugh. “Ah, no. And I never hung out with any frat boys, regardless.”

“Good to know.” He smacked her ass with it, not even close to hard, but the endorphins rushing through her were ridiculous. She readjusted her stance and clung to the windowsill. When the flogger falls snapped across her ass, she moaned again.

“I think she likes this,” said Javier. “We’ve hit the jackpot.”

“Oh God…” Renata tried to keep breathing as they alternated the paddle and the flogger on her ass and breasts. None of the strikes were hard enough to actually hurt, but that was okay for now. It was the sensations she loved, and the fact that she couldn’t see who was doing what. She loved being at their mercy, knowing she faced a wall of windows, naked. It was such a turn-on, and she hoped someone out there was watching.

“Spread your legs a bit,” said Javier.

Renata stepped wider, and then the flogger was aimed between them so it stung her pussy. She tossed her head back and moaned loudly. “That feels incredible. I had no idea.”

“Neither did we.” He nuzzled her neck, and when he cupped her pussy, she nearly came again. She wanted their hands all over her. She needed their cocks inside her. Every hole, all night long.

“This is a very pleasant surprise,” said Garrett. The paddle smacked her ass again, not gently this time, but Renata didn’t mind. She loved it. The harder he hit her, the more she wanted. Whoever wielded the flogger now changed to something sharp and small. It stung like crazy but that only increased her arousal. The pain and pleasure became all mixed up into one exquisite sensation, until Renata could no longer distinguish between the two. She merely knew she didn’t want it to end.

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New Release – Private Pleasures by Tara Rose


Doms Rey Raleigh and Felipe Durante let Mattie Cayenne get away. She left the island to pursue her degree in veterinary medicine, and then she married. But now she’s home again, and they have learned only part of the truth about the abuse she suffered.

Mattie Cayenne never had any intentions of returning home. She watched her uncle abuse her mother while he lived with them, and then man she met and married in Alabama, Clay Hale III, turned out to be an abuser as well. It took Mattie years to escape him, his family, and his attorneys.

Through a stroke of luck, Mattie now owns the local animal hospital on Sybaris Cove, and the two men she let get away are back in her life. But can she heal from the abuse in her past, even with Rey and Felipe’s patient, tender love? Or will her past always haunt her?


Mattie considered it a testament to their charm that she’d almost made it through the dinner without the past rushing in, and that even once it had, they’d both been able to bring her back from the ledge with a few simple sentences. She wasn’t used to that, at least not from men.

Dinner had been delicious, and even though she’d been ready to pay for her meal, Felipe had scooped up the check before Mattie could ask Neeva to separate out her portion. She hadn’t wanted to be rude, so she merely thanked him. She knew they both likely had a shitload of money. All the Durante and Raleigh men did, and not only because they worked for Phoebe’s Playthings. They all had trust funds, too.

It wasn’t their wealth that made her uncomfortable. Nothing about either of them in particular made her want to bolt right now. It was the reality of being alone with them that hit home at that moment. She wiped her damp palms on her jacket and forced her breathing to slow down. She knew these two. She’d known them her entire life. They’d never hurt her, and she knew that, too.

There were just as easygoing and kind as she remembered them. And she loved it that they’d obviously stayed such close friends. But the last date she’d been on had been with Clay, and that now seemed like a hundred years ago.

Clay had been charming, too. The few times she’d seen a hint of his temper during their extended courtship, he’d chalked it up to stress at work. Because she’d been so swept off her feet, she chose to believe his excuses.

Both psychologists here on Sybaris Cove had told her the same thing. Because of what she’d grown up with in her own home, Clay’s behavior was the norm for her. It was all she knew and understood. While Mattie could accept that on an intellectual level, she’d now reached the point where she didn’t want to accept abusive behavior as the norm, or as anything other than what it was—unacceptable. She wanted no part of it. She longed to shed her past for good and move forward.

Would that ever truly be possible? Even with a man she’d known her entire life, and who she knew would never treat her the way Clay had done?

Felipe’s home was set on one of the hills overlooking the town, as were most homes belonging to the Durantes and Raleighs. She’d expected it to be pretentious, but it wasn’t. While it was certainly large enough to comfortably house her entire extended family, it wasn’t decorated in an over-the-top way with items clearly designed to show off his wealth, the way her in-laws’ home had been.

He didn’t even offer her a tour, which she liked. To him, it was a house, not a museum or something to show off to the peasants. She’d always hated the way Clay’s family and friends had to show everyone through their homes the moment they stepped inside, as if being invited inside was a privilege.

Mattie took a deep breath. This felt like a place where someone lived, not merely a building the owners filled with possessions. It had a comfortable, peaceful, and contented aura.

“Babs is up here.” He led them upstairs and to a bedroom she assumed was his because it had his scent, and was clearly a master suite. “I keep her in what was designed to be a sitting room. I always thought that was kind of silly. The house is full of places to sit. I don’t need a special room for that.”

Mattie smiled, and she realized for the first time that she hadn’t done much of that this evening. “I love that.”

He frowned in confusion.

“What you just said about the name of the room. And I totally agree. I’ve always thought it was silly how people name their rooms using verbs. Sitting room, drawing room, gathering room, et cetera.”

He and Rey both laughed, and then she asked Felipe if he had designed and built the home.

“No, this was one of the homes that Mendo, my paternal grandfather, built for his children and grandchildren. My Aunt Beth lives two doors down.”

“And I live next to her,” said Rey, “in a home built by Bernard, my paternal grandfather.”

“My grandfather decorated it, too,” said Felipe. “I haven’t added too many things to it, but I have had the walls and flooring updated a bit since then. It was built in the sixties and still looked it when I moved in.”

“It’s a beautiful home.”

He seemed so unaffected by the splendor of it, but she imagined that was because he’d grown up like this. Babs was awake when they approached her aquarium, and wasn’t as listless as Bruce had been, but Mattie sensed her need for company by the way she moved toward them as they walked into the room.

“Hey there,” said Felipe, squatting so he was eye level with the lizard. “You’re going to have a boyfriend soon. We just have to figure out whose home you’ll be in.”

“Do you think it matters which gender gets moved?” asked Rey. “I mean, will that affect her babies at all if suddenly she’s in a different house with a male she doesn’t know?”

“I honestly don’t know. I wish I could give you both concrete information that would help with this decision.”

“Does she look okay to you?” asked Felipe.

“She’s a bit listless.”

She watched both men talk to Babs and stroke her, and suddenly the idea came to her. It was perfect, but would they go for it? “I can take them if you want.” They both turned to face her at the same time, with identical expressions of surprise on their faces, and she nearly laughed because of it. “My place isn’t big but there’s a spare bedroom where I can put a larger aquarium so they’d both have plenty of room. I have one at the clinic we can pick up. And that way I can keep an eye on them and the eggs. And you two can visit anytime you want.”


Her steps became shorter, and her palms were damp, but it wasn’t from fear. Her anticipation grew as did her arousal. The air changed, and she took a deep breath, clueless where they were. She hadn’t seen every room in his house yet, and surmised they must be in one he hadn’t yet shown her.

“You’re safe, Mattie.” Rey’s voice slipped over her, as smooth as the satin on her corset. “You haven’t seen this room yet. I had it designed for play.”

That would explain the strong odor of leather.

“There’s a chair in front of you. Felipe and I are going to help you sit in it.”

They turned her around, and then when she lowered her body into the chair, they moved her arms onto soft leather pads. Mattie’s pussy was soaked already and her clit throbbed.

“The chair is going to tilt back a bit,” said Felipe.

She was in a semi-reclining position now, and her feet were off the floor, but she wasn’t uncomfortable. It might be a reclining chair in a living room for all she knew.

“We’d like to put cuffs on you,” said Rey. “They’re soft leather and won’t hurt you. We won’t attach them to anything yet. Just wear them for a while. May we do that?”

“Yes, Sir.” Mattie whimpered softly as they placed cuffs around each wrist. She loved the feel of the leather against her skin. The simple idea of having them on meant she’d be potentially at their mercy, and her excitement grew once more. When they pulled off her shorts, she gasped.

“What color are you?” asked Rey.

“Green, Sir. I’m okay. Just surprised.”

He brushed her face with one finger. “We won’t hurt you.”

“I believe you. Thank you. Sir.”

They took off her shoes and placed cuffs around her ankles, and then Mattie moaned loudly as their hands caressed her arms and legs. Shivers ran up and down her spine as they spread her legs wide. She wanted their hands all over her, but they only touched her limbs for now.

When the sensation changed to what felt like a piece of fur, she smiled and relaxed into the chair, letting the emotions wash over her.

“This is all about sensation tonight,” said Felipe. “BDSM play covers a wide spectrum.”

She hadn’t known that until the guys started talking to her about it earlier this week. They’d all agreed that there was no way she’d be able to handle impact play right now. Perhaps never. While she understood intellectually that there were differences between spanking for pain versus pleasure, she still wasn’t ready to be struck. She wasn’t sure she could be and not associate it with abuse. She might never reach that point, and the guys understood that.

The fur was gone, and now she recognized the Wartenberg wheel on her arms and legs. When they moved it to her inner thighs and over her pussy lips, Mattie gasped at the combination of discomfort and pleasure it produced. She shook her head back and forth slowly as her need for them grew to an insane level. The tiny pinpricks sent shivers up and down her spine, and the more they used it, the more she wanted.

They even parted her pussy lips and gently rolled it over her clit and then her asshole. Mattie cried out in pleasure, surprised that such a tiny device could produce such intense sensations. She tried to analyze what it was about the slight stinging sensation that sent her into such a frenzy, and finally gave up. When they’d talked about sensation play this past week, they’d explained to her that it was best to try and simply let go and just feel it, so that’s what she was determined to do tonight.

One of them untied the laces of her corset, and she thought they were going to use the wheel on her breasts, but instead the fur was back. They also caressed her nipples and teased them with their fingers until she writhed on the chair. This was exquisite, and not being able to see what they were going to use next enhanced everything.

She heard their breathing change, and caught the scent of their shampoo and soap. She swore she could smell her own pussy juices. The blindfold had been a stroke of genius and she hoped they used it every time now.

“Mattie?” asked Felipe. “What color are you?”

“So green, Sir. So green…”

They chuckled softly. “Good girl. We’d like to try something else.”

That voice! She’d do anything to hear the rich tones in it, so commanding and persuasive. Had Felipe always sounded like this? “Anything, Sir.”

“We’d like to attach the cuffs to the chair.”

“All right.” She held her breath as she listened to the sound of metal clips. When she tried to move her arms, they were firmly in place, but she wasn’t freaked out by that. Instead, she loved having them in control now. She had her safewords, and she knew they’d honor them.

Once they did the same to her ankle cuffs, she took a couple of deep breaths. This was it. All four limbs were restrained. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t see. All she could do was safeword.

You’re okay.

“What color are you?” asked Rey. His voice was sharp, as if he sensed her uncertainty.

“I’m green, Sir. Just getting used to it.”

He caressed her right inner thigh. “We’re right here, Mattie.” His soft, soothing voice calmed her within seconds. “This is no different than before. Think of it as you keeping your arms and legs still, without having to do the work yourself. That’s all this is.”

She nodded. “I like that image, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Those words…they touched her soul. When she heard them, she wanted to please him and Felipe in every way possible.

“We’re both so proud of you right now,” said Felipe. “And we have something special I think you’ll enjoy.”

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New Release AND A GREAT GIVEAWAY- Unhallowed Redemption by Tara Rose





When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.

When Faina Andropov visits New Orleans with four college friends, it’s to honor the death of their friend, Lisette. The five have never resolved the guilt they feel over Lisette’s death, and decide to make a wish at Marie Laveau’s tomb on Halloween.

Faina and her friends become separated, and she is kidnapped by demon brothers Alexei and Konstantin Veselov and held prisoner in their mansion. As she becomes their lover, she learns that Alexei and Konstantin are bound by a contract with the devil, and she is both their key to freedom, and the love they must sacrifice to become human again.

With the help of a fallen angel, the brothers find a way out of the contract. But before they can execute it, Faina is attacked by their enemies. Can they rescue her in time, or will they be forced to make the ultimate choice?


She advanced toward Faina while the men stood, arms crossed in identical gestures. Both stared at her half-naked body as if they’d never seen a woman before. Faina wished she could stop gawking at them, but the compulsion was too strong. She’d never seen two more beautiful men in her entire life. Even as the memories from last night came back to her in living color, she didn’t want to look away from their penetrating, lustful gazes.

“Look at her. She’s terrified. And give her something to wear, for the love of all that’s holy.” The woman snatched the comforter off the bed and wrapped it around Faina’s shoulders, but all Faina did was watch the men.

“All that’s holy? Good one, Magda.” His voice was familiar, and now she remembered why. He was the one who had carried her toward the gate. He was tall, with muscles his jeans and button-down shirt couldn’t hide, and she fought the urge to cross the room and run her fingers through his hair. She’d always loved dark brown hair. He wore it to his shoulders, quite unlike most styles today. Combined with his golden eyes, it gave him a carefree look, with just a touch of the bad boy.

What the fuck was wrong with her? Snap out of it!

“Konstantin Veselov, I will leave this house and you two can find another to look after you if you don’t give this poor creature some proper clothes and food.”

Faina grasped the comforter and pulled it closer, then sat on the bed. She was hungry. And very thirsty. The smell in the room had dissipated, but now a headache threatened.

The woman patted her arm. “It will be okay. You just sit here. I’ll bring you food and drink since these two seem unable to find their way around their own house this morning.” She glared at the men. “And they will stay with you and explain why you’re here.”

Magda left the room, and Faina stared at the two, waiting. The one who hadn’t spoken moved toward her first, hand extended. “Forgive our appalling manners. I’m Alexei Veselov, and this is my brother, Konstantin.”

Faina didn’t shake his hand. Instead she stared into his green eyes and tried to make sense of all this. His hair was a shade or two darker than his brother’s, but cut in the same style. Both men had old souls. She could sense it, along with something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Something dark but not evil, disturbing but not frightening.

“You can touch me. I won’t bite.”

His grin did nothing to dispel her uneasiness, but it did make her clit begin to throb. She glanced away from his gaze. This wasn’t the time to let her emotions get the better of her. “Where am I? Why did you bring me here? Where’s my phone? I have to call my friends. They must be worried sick by now.”

“They’re not.” Konstantin sat next to her. She could feel the heat from his body, and fought an urge to move closer to him. What power did these two have over her? She should be terrified. She should be looking for a way out of here. Instead, she was fighting against lust-filled images of lying back on this enormous bed so they could both take her, over and over, until she could no longer move or even think.

“How do you know that?”

“Because we answered a text message from one of them named Dani and told her you were fine.”

“You had no right to do that.” She glanced around. Was her phone in this room?”

“It’s in a safe place,” said Alexei.

She snapped her gaze to his face. “What is?”

“Your phone.”

How had he known that’s what she’d been looking for? “Where are we?”

“Our home.”

“And where exactly is this home?” She was tired of these damn games.

“The Metairie-Kenner area of New Orleans. Don’t worry. You’re quite safe in this house.”

Pizdéť. Safe from what? What kind of game are you two playing here?”

Alexei grinned, and then he spoke in perfect Russian and repeated that she was safe, and that she needed to trust them.

Faina stood and brushed past them, gathering the comforter closer. She tried the door, but it was locked. Her body trembled, and she fought to keep from passing out. “How?” she whispered. “How is any of this possible?”

“Please come over here and sit back down.” Alexei’s voice was gentle, soothing, like one might use when speaking to a frightened child. “We aren’t going to harm you.”

She turned to face them, searching their expressions for a clue—any clue to what was really going on. If they’d wanted to rape her or something along those lines, they could have easily done so by now. Or had they already done that?

She remembered every detail of last night now, up until she’d been standing in front of the gate with them. One of them had asked her if she could climb the fence, but she couldn’t remember anything after that.

“We didn’t hurt you,” said Konstantin, his face registering disgust. “We would never do that.”

“What?” How the hell had he known what she’d been thinking?

“You’re wondering if we took advantage of you while you were sleeping. We did not.”

“Then why am I here?” Faina was suddenly so tired, and all she wanted to do was go back to sleep. When she woke, she’d be back in her hotel room and all this would have been a horrible dream.

He patted the bed. “Please. Sit down. We’ll do our best to explain what’s going on.”

She didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be back in the hotel, out with her friends, and this time they’d stay put instead of wandering around cemeteries on Halloween at midnight. But she had no other choice right now. She had to listen to them, and hopefully this would all make sense in a few minutes.


Faina took several deep breaths and then, before she lost her nerve, rose and climbed into Konstantin’s lap. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. His lips weren’t just warm. They were blazing hot, and they forced loud moans from her throat and sent waves of crazy desire coursing through her body. She’d never been so turned-on in her life.

She parted her lips to let his tongue inside and then nearly passed out from the lust that consumed her. No one had ever kissed her like this. She didn’t care that they weren’t truly human anymore. She only knew she wanted them, right here on the stones of this patio, if that’s where they ended up.

His fingers tangled themselves in her hair, tugging it just hard enough to make her squirm in discomfort, but sending her arousal to crazy heights at the same time. She’d once tried to get Bill to pull her hair and spank her ass, but he’d laughed and called her a freak. She had a strong feeling neither of these men would deny her those requests and more if she asked. Hadn’t it been Konstantin who had said something this morning about her being tied to the bed?

When he released the kiss, his eyes blazed with desire and something else. Almost like anger, but not quite. He cupped her face, his strong grip close to hurting her. “No teasing. Please don’t toy with us. If you’re not serious about this, say so now. We won’t be angry.”

“I’m not teasing you. I would never do that.”

He released her face and held her close. She could feel the relief flooding his body. When he took his arms from around her, he placed her on her feet. Almost before Faina regained her sense of balance, Alexei pulled her into a tight embrace and held her, gently stroking her hair and back. Shivers ran up and down her spine, and when he bent his head and kissed her, fireworks exploded behind her closed eyelids. His lips and tongue were just as hot as his brother’s, and equally skilled.

Loud moans escaped her throat as his hands roamed over her back and ass cheeks, then reached underneath her tank top to caress her breasts. One of the men moaned, and she wasn’t sure who, but it hardly mattered. She was out of her mind with need and hoped they fucked her all night. She didn’t care if she couldn’t walk for the rest of the week. She wanted them both, right now, rough and hard.

Konstantin moved behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, while Alexei released the kiss and pulled off her tank top. He grasped her breasts in his strong hands. “Yep. Just as I said they were.” His gravelly voice sounded like he was barely hanging on, and that sent Faina’s arousal spiraling out of control.

He fastened his mouth on one nipple, and she wrapped her fingers in his hair as jolts of electricity shot straight to her throbbing clit. Konstantin took off her shorts and lifted each foot so she could step out of them, kissing the soles of her feet. She fought the urge to giggle. No one had ever done that before.

He brushed his hands up the back of her thighs, trailing his tongue after them, as Alexei switched breasts. When Konstantin reached her ass cheeks, he gave each one a tiny smack, and she moaned loudly.

“Oh? You don’t mind that?”

“No. No, I don’t…”

Alexei released her nipple and lifted his head, grinning in a way that made her pussy even wetter. “Well. This just got interesting. I’ll be right back.”

He disappeared. Not faded away, or vanished in a puff of smoke. One second he was there, grinning, and the next he was…gone.

She whirled around to face Konstantin, who merely smiled. “Sorry about that. Force of habit. We’ll try not to let it happen again.” Before Faina could react, he pulled her close and kissed her again. All thoughts of Alexei’s magic trick faded away as her body reacted to his touch once more. He squeezed her ass and her breasts, and all she wanted was to be skin-to-skin with him.

She ran her hands over his back and then grabbed his ass. It was as tight and muscled as she’d imagined. He moaned into her open mouth, obviously enjoying what she was doing, so she slowly brushed her hands around to the front and rubbed them over his impressive bulge. Oh, how she wanted that cock inside her.

Konstantin released the kiss and planted tiny bites up and down her neck. “Be careful.” His voice was sultry, teasing. “Girls who play with dicks get them stuffed into holes.”

“And they get spanked, as well.” Alexei was back, although Faina wasn’t sure if he’d materialized or simply walked onto the patio and she’d missed it. But when she watched him place a black leather bag on the tabletop, moving aside the candle, it was suddenly difficult to breathe.

“Do you want to guess what’s in there?” asked Konstantin.

“I hope it’s a paddle.”

He and Alexei exchanged a surprised, delighted glance. “I brought along a bit more than that.” Alexei pulled out leather bondage cuffs that weren’t new. These looked worn, and they fascinated her. “They’re very old but still useful. Unlike some talk we’ve heard, this generation did not invent what’s now called BDSM play.”

She swallowed hard, her heart racing. “What did you call it?”

“Various names.” He crooked a finger at her. “Come here, beautiful. The label isn’t important. The principles behind it are.” She couldn’t have refused him if she’d wanted to.

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Review – Chasing Their Racy Destiny by Tara Rose



Chasing Their Racy Destiny”
Tara Rose
Book 14 in the “Racy Nights” Series

***Reviewed by Kenna for Nice Ladies, Naughty Books”

When NSSL researcher Kenna Bowman comes to Racy to study the weather in a partnership with Notus, she clashes with Doms and storm chasers Dale Sinclair and Tim Malloy. She thinks they’re cowboys who don’t understand the science behind meteorology, and they think she’s a lab rat who has no clue what it’s like out in the field.
When she’s forced to hide in their basement during a surprise storm, she also spends the night with both men. Thunder and lightning aren’t the only things they study.
Tim and Dale have long since given up on finding the right woman, until they meet Kenna. But Kenna had her heart broken years ago and is afraid to give it away again.
When a series of misunderstandings and lies leads Kenna to believe Tim and Dale betrayed her, she flees Racy, only to be pursued by the men, who brave a tornado to win her love.

What Worked for Me:

First and foremost, the biggest thing that worked for me is that the heroine’s name is Kenna. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to read my name and have it associated with two drop dead sexy, gorgeous
heroes. I have to admit that some of those scenes curled my toes 😉

Speaking of toe curling and sexy heroes, let’s talk a bit about Dale Sinclair and Tim Malloy. These men are the total package. Not only are they a couple of handsome Doms, they’re brilliant scientists
studying tornadoes. They work in the field and are considered “storm chasers”. They only know of Kenna through their jobs at NOTUS. She’s also a scientist studying storms. She thinks that they’re rebels, and they’re not doing any “real” work. I like the idea of the three of them starting out on a relatively even playing field. Even though their methods may be different, they’re all working toward a common goal, and that is understanding heavy storms and tornadoes.

The chemistry between the three of them is just fantastic. The sparks start to fly when they quickly had to make a run for Tim and Dale’s storm cellar. They have to pass through their BDSM dungeon to get there, and that piques Kenna’s interest. She (just like me) reads a lot of sexy books, and she’s very curious about the BDSM lifestyle, and she realizes that she’d very much like to have these two men teach her all about it. Oh, and they DO teach her! They spend their first night together simply making love and discovering each other’s bodies. It was terribly romantic, but the next night? Whew!!  Remember, this is a BDSM novel, so there are lots of fun toys like spanking benches, paddles, and floggers (Oh MY!). There is also an incredibly erotic forced seduction scene. I hadn’t really read any of those  until I started reading Tara Rose novels. I admit to being a bit afraid of them, but she writes them so well, with so much detail, and she ALWAYS makes sure that the reader is aware that, even though it’s very intense, it’s all completely consensual.

It wouldn’t be a “Racy Nights” book if there wasn’t some sort of danger or mystery. Someone has made NOTUS aware that Tim and Dale are working on their own project in their spare time. There’s also a big misunderstanding that creates just the right amount of angst to move the story along. It was fun trying to figure out who was telling tales, and it was heart pounding seeing just what our heroes would do to bring their woman home to them.

I loved this book! With each new addition to the “Racy NightS” series, I feel that Tara’s writing style progresses. Even though she’s written a lot of books, I can see that she’s growing…like she’s becoming more and more comfortable in her own skin. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. I’ve read plenty of erotic romance series’, and occasionally, they get very stale. It’s the same thing every time. Tara Rose keeps me on my toes (Hey! That’s a good rhyme for a dime!).

I suppose that “Chasing Their Racy Destiny” could be read as a stand alone, but I would absolutely recommend that you start from the very beginning with “Winning Her Racy Heart”. Racy, Indiana has a LOT of very interesting people, and they do cross over. With this 14th story, many established residents are mentioned, and they all fit together like puzzle pieces. You’ll enjoy getting to know everyone. I know I did.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

I know that I say this a lot when I write reviews, but there was NOTHING that didn’t work. Everything was great…the characters, their chemistry, the HOT sex scenes, the romance, the mystery, and the ending. It was all damn near perfect!

Would I Recommend This Book:

Star Rating:
Five sexy, racy stars.

Buy Link:

REVIEW – Captivating Her Racy Heroes by Tara Rose



When submissive Brynn Winston takes a job at Busler’s department store, trouble follows her, but she’s not the only target in Racy. Brynn knew Racy detective Sean Brennan and BDSM club owner Maddox McCree during their unsavory days in Chicago, and neither man is happy to see her living and working in Racy.

But all three have more trouble than they realize when a man they knew in Chicago who was once accused of rape and murder is spotted in Racy. As Brynn works to convince Sean and Maddox that she’s as changed as they are, and that this man is a real threat to them, Doms Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair fall hard and fast for her.

As Ryder and Hugh fight to exonerate Brynn from the rumors about her past associations, they end up as pawns in a killer’s deadly game of cat and mouse, and soon realize Brynn’s past isn’t the real danger. It’s her present.

***This Book Was Reviewed by Kenna for Nice Ladies, Naughty Books***

What Worked for Me:
Every single bit of this one worked! Tara Rose never disappoints me. The “Racy Nights” series is one of my all time favorites. I wait on baited breath for each new installment and jump on them as soon as they’re available. I’m an unashamed, screaming fangirl, and I make everyone, I mean EVERYONE, aware of it.

“Captivating Her Racy Heroes” was just wonderful. It was well written, sexy, intriguing, and sweet. Brynn, the heroine, was unhappy with what she was doing, so she moves from Chicago and takes a job in Racy. She arrives with a past, and that past includes resident Racy Detective, Sean Brennan and our friendly, neighborhood BDSM club owner, Maddox McCree.

I liked Brynn. She acknowledges what happened in Chicago, and she wants to make amends. Nobody pushed her to do it. She took the initiative when she realized that she didn’t like what she was doing for a living and took the brave step of moving away from her home to face an unknown future. Even though she is a submissive, she’s strong.

Let’s talk about Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair. I fell in love with both of them the moment that they, literally, scooped Brynn off the floor at Nan’s. They were charming, funny, chivalrous, and VERY sexy. Oh, and did I mention handsome? Yes…so, so handsome :-)They’re Doms, and they decide immediately that they want Brynn in their lives (and in their bed). Even though the three of them formed their relationship on that first day, it didn’t feel rushed or overwhelming. It seemed natural, and I do believe in love at first sight. Ryder and Hugh were intent on helping Brynn clear her reputation with Sean and Maddox. They wanted to introduce her to their friends in the BDSM/Menage community in Racy. Speaking of that, do remember that BDSM/Menage means that there are scenes of spanking, flogging, paddling, and all the fun that they entaiil. All three of them are involved in the sex (the extremely hot, HOT sex) scenes. Hugh and Ryder don’t touch each other, but they’re both touching Brynn…and boy is she happy with THAT!

As in all of Tara’s novels, there is danger and intrigue along with the romance. Someone’s followed Brynn from Chicago, and he’s not going to stop until he’s taken her out of the picture. What I love about this town is that everyone eventually does band together to help each other. Sean is on the ball with the police, and they’re right there searching for this man, ready to put him away and keep Brynn safe.

All in all, this is another winner from Tara Rose. Whether you’re an established fan, or new to her books, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Racy, Indiana, and you’ll want to buy a condo and stay forever.

What Didn’t Work for Me:
Absolutely nothing. The whole book was awesome!

Would I Recommend This Book?
Hell yes!!!

Star Rating:
Five Racy Stars!!

New Release – Captivating Her Racy Heroes by Tara Rose



When submissive Brynn Winston takes a job at Busler’s department store, trouble follows her, but she’s not the only target in Racy. Brynn knew Racy detective Sean Brennan and BDSM club owner Maddox McCree during their unsavory days in Chicago, and neither man is happy to see her living and working in Racy.

But all three have more trouble than they realize when a man they knew in Chicago who was once accused of rape and murder is spotted in Racy. As Brynn works to convince Sean and Maddox that she’s as changed as they are, and that this man is a real threat to them, Doms Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair fall hard and fast for her.

As Ryder and Hugh fight to exonerate Brynn from the rumors about her past associations, they end up as pawns in a killer’s deadly game of cat and mouse, and soon realize Brynn’s past isn’t the real danger. It’s her present.


Hugh’s home was everything she’d imagined it would be from the outside. He’d obviously hired a decorator, and as he pointed out various pieces and explained whether he’d bought them or if they’d been handed down in his family, she understood why certain career paths had been expected of him.

With an uncle as head of the ER and an aunt the local charity event queen, the Sinclair name in Racy was almost as famous as the Malloy family name. Maybe even more so. His brother worked at Notus, his cousin was the fire chief, and everyone else he mentioned were either CEOs of companies in cities like New York or LA, or were noted physicians and other leaders in health care.

He didn’t need to explain to her why certain things had been expected of him. With a family tree like his, it was self-explanatory. And it made what he’d decided to do simply because he loved it all the more admirable. She liked both men for that reason. They went their own ways and had chosen career paths out of a love for the work, not because someone had expected them to, or because they could make more cash or earn more prestige working in a different field.

When they finally came to his bedroom upstairs, she caught a glimpse of his true personality as opposed to tasteful décor that was more than likely as expected of him as his career choice had been. At last. She liked this Hugh Sinclair much better.

She stood in the center of his bedroom and twirled in a slow circle, taking it all in. From the dark draperies to the low lighting, it had the look of an exclusive BDSM club. And it looked nothing like the rest of the house. Bondage apparatus lined the walls, and she suspected the large armoire tucked against the far wall contained toys.

He pointed. “The bathroom is through that door.” She followed him into the most luxurious bathroom she’d ever seen. Marble fixtures and tiles, gold faucets, and a sunken tub that would easily hold half a dozen people. It overlooked an intricate window without draperies, and there was still just enough light left outside to see that the view offered nothing but trees.

“No one lives behind me. And when the trees have all their leaves, even if you stood out there, you’d need a telescope to see inside this room.”

“It’s beautiful. Thank you for showing it to me.”

She turned to face him, and nearly gasped at the look of hope and lust in his eyes. It was a crazy thought, but tonight was full of crazy thoughts. Ryder’s eyes held the same emotions, but his also contained trepidation, as though he wasn’t quite sure how she’d react to the unspoken questions on both their faces.

“What would you like to do now?” asked Hugh, his voice soft but full of meaning. She wasn’t stupid. She knew what he wanted to do. She knew what they both wanted to do. And she knew that it was likely obvious on her face and in her body language that she felt the same way.

But she’d just met them. And after everything that had been revealed tonight, why would they want to start a physical relationship with her? Or was this simply about a one-time thing? Just a bit of fun, and the hell with what happened tomorrow? She had to know before they went any further. Either way was all right with her, but she had to know up front what they intended from this night, if anything.

Brynn had never had casual sex, and certainly not with two men at the same time. But she was drained and raw right now, and she needed their physical comfort as well as the emotional connection even casual sex with them would bring. She’d been more attracted to these two from the moment she’d first glanced into their faces than she’d ever been to anyone. But so much was uncertain right now, starting with her future here in Racy. It wouldn’t be fair to her or to them to assume anything right now, so she had to speak up. “This isn’t my usual MO. I’ve never done this. And I’ve never had sex with two men at once.”

Hugh shook his head. “We don’t do this either. We’ve never even topped a sub at the same time.”

“Then why me? Why tonight?” Even her voice trembled. Every nerve ending was on fire. She wanted this so badly but at the same time, she didn’t want to be made a fool of.

Hugh stepped forward and cupped her face. She stared into those beautiful gray eyes, so full of emotion. “Because something in your eyes calls to me. Because I love the color of your hair, and the smokiness in your voice. Because my heart melted a little at the look on your face when Maddox told you that he’d seen Eddie in town. For all those reasons, and because I believe you. I believe your story. And I want to get to know you better, Brynn. Much better.”

She could hardly breathe. As Ryder stepped forward, Hugh released her face and allowed Ryder to move in close enough to take her hands. He had the most beautiful blue eyes she’d ever seen. Right now, they were as dark as sapphires. “I don’t understand my reaction to you, but I don’t want to analyze it. I’ve always believed in going with my gut, and my instincts tell me you’re telling the truth. I like you, Brynn. I like you a lot. You’re pretty, intelligent, and passionate. You believe in honorable things like honesty and integrity. I want to make love to you. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but this isn’t a one-night thing for me.”

He cut his gaze toward Hugh for a brief second. “It’s not for either of us. We aren’t going to hurt you. I promise you that.”

How could any girl say no to that?


Brynn’s ass was on fire, and her nipples and pussy were close to being so as well, but she loved it. Every single second of it. She hadn’t played with two Doms before, and she’d never had even one treat her so respectfully during impact play. These two would never hurt her. She could trust them implicitly, and she knew that as sure as she knew that the damn leather strap Hugh now wielded hurt like a bugger.

But when Ryder started smacking her nipples with what felt like a riding crop, she cried out. She’d found a new toy to love and hate at the same time.

“Was that a safeword?” His voice was a combination of humor and dominance, and her already soaked pussy grew wetter still at the tone in it. She’d give these two anything they wanted tonight. Absolutely anything.

“No, Sir. I like it, but it really burns.”

He kissed her nipples, then licked them, while Hugh continued punishing her ass with the leather strap. Brynn moaned loudly and slipped into a peaceful state where pain and pleasure ran together like water colors in the rain. She hadn’t been there in a very long time, and she’d missed it so much.

Every happy emotion she’d ever felt coalesced into soft light inside her mind. She gave over to it, letting the soothing sensations wash over her. The burning on her ass cheeks, pussy, and nipples became a brighter light that fused with the soft one, until she was floating in a sea of light and colors. Nothing could harm here in this space, and she never wanted to leave it. It pleased them. She knew this. And this was where she wanted to stay.

It took a while for her to realize that both men had stopped hitting her, but even that realization only partly pulled her from the space she’d been in. Their tongues were all over her at once. Her sore ass cheeks, her wet pussy, and her sensitive nipples. They kissed her neck and the backs of her thighs, and then she heard the sound of condom wrappers opening, and that finally snapped her back to the present.

Ryder’s breath was warm against her ear. “We’d love to fuck you in the ass. What do you say? We’d use condoms for this, of course. And plenty of lube.”

“Right here on the bench, Sir?”


“Oh…how decadent and dirty. I love it. Yes, please. Please, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

Oh, that did it. She melted at those words. She always had. And this time, since they’d been spoken so gently and after such delicious play, her heart fluttered and she had to blink back tears. Why couldn’t she have met these two instead all those years ago?

A warm, wet finger slipped into her asshole, stretching the tight walls and sending shivers up and down her spine. When another one slipped into her pussy, she cried out in pleasure. She wasn’t entirely sure which man was behind her, easing his dick into her ass, but she didn’t care. The other one played with her clit, and both men whispered words of encouragement, and told her how beautiful and special she was.

No one had ever taken such care with her or shown her such gentle respect, while still giving her the pain she craved. These two were a gift. An amazing gift she’d been blessed to run into today. And to think it had all begun with her falling on her ass in a grease spot. She must remember to thank Nan and Charlie.

* * * *

Brynn relaxed every muscle she could so that she’d enjoy the ass fucking. Their cocks were big, but they’d used so much lube that it only burned at first. Once she grew used to their size, and the way it felt when they’d switch, she loved it. They continued to pay attention to her clit and her nipples, and consequently it didn’t take long for another climax to wash over her.

Was this three now, or four? And did it really matter? She’d stay here all night, tied to this bench, letting them fuck her if that’s what they wanted. She never wanted this to end. Reality could go fuck itself.

When they finally stopped, they untied her and Hugh picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. They’d removed their condoms, and they took turns gently holding her and whispering how amazing that had been. She knew they hadn’t come yet, so was hoping they weren’t done.

Ryder rolled on top of her, grinning in a way that made her pussy wet all over again. “Ever had two cocks in you at once?”

She shook her head. “No, Sir.”

“Want to try? We’re talking about your pussy and your mouth. We don’t want to hurt you, and you took a lot of anal just now.”

Had she? She must really be out of it not to think it had been a lot. “That sounds wonderful, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Ryder sat back on his heels and scooted closer to her face until his swollen, red cock was inches from it. She reached for it, but he caught her wrists in one strong hand, sending shivers up and down her spine. “We’d like your arms restrained for this, but only if you’re all right with that.”

“More than all right, Sir.” She loved the idea of being totally at their mercy for a blow job. She wanted to please them, and she wanted to give them everything they wanted tonight. Hugh brought over leather bondage cuffs and slipped them around her wrists, then clipped them together. She raised her arms over her head and smiled at Ryder.

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